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Inglorious is looking to expand into Warlords of Draenor or possibly even sooner, our guild is very centered around having fun while we raid but also to be able to get serious when there's a job to be done.
Like so many other 10-man guilds we are also in the process of preparing to make the transition to 20-man raiding; for the time being this means that whilst we are actively trying to fill out our roster before patch 6.0 hits, we are still a 10-man raiding guild. We hope therefore that all new recruits (and current members) will realise that during this time of transition we will each need to be flexible in our expectations, and may not necessarily get as much raid time as we each might like. We will of course try and accommodate the larger roster as best we can: This will mean trying to put together a 25-man raid and rotating people in and out until this becomes reality, we’ll review the situation regularly and try to be as fair as possible in making sure everyone gets a reasonable amount of raid time before 6.0. However, as soon as 6.0 hits this situation will obviously change and we will be in a great position to move forwards and reap the benefits of our preparation, with an immediate move to the new 20-man raid size for Mythic raiding, and more, and more consistent raid time for everyone.

at the moment we are looking for a tank and several dps but good healers are always appreciated if you're interested please do apply at our website http://www.inglorious.org.uk/

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