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Warning: Be Careful With the Brokers in Twisting Corridors

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So, an old issue from the beta is back in the Twisting Corridors, as the original layout of Torghast had many more floors than it does now, the design of which was then moved to the new challenge mode.

While it was always somewhat pointless to do, players have been using the Ravenous Anima Cell Ravenous Anima Cell to turn the broker into the 300 Phantasma anima power in the regular Torghast wings without any consequences, but in the Twisting Corridors this is a particularly BAD idea. Apparently there are only two unique brokers (as pointed out by JaredLiwet), same as in regular Torghast, but in the Corridors they alternate after the usual 6 floors. The Twisting Corridors layout is the same as usual, with a broker on floor 3 and broker + boss 3 after that. This means that if your turn one of them into an anima cell, they will not respawn 6 floors later and you will lose half of the anima powers available for purchase.

Again, it was never really a good idea to do this even in the standard wings, as the Ravenous Anima Cell Ravenous Anima Cell can provide much better boosts is used on specific mobs, but it's a definite 100% no-no in the Corridors, so you have been warned!


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