Guide to Torghast, Tower of the Damned in Shadowlands: Anima Powers, Phantasma, Legendary Items, etc.

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This page goes over the information currently available about Torghast, Tower of the Damned, a new game-mode in the Shadowlands expansion, and will be updated as more information becomes available.


What is Torghast?

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a new game-mode in Shadowlands, which allows players to progress through a multi-floor, ever-changing dungeon. Each floor is randomly generated, with various enemies, NPCs, and challenges, ensuring your runs will never be the same.

Torghast has 6 wings with 6 floors each and an endless mode called Twisting Corridors.

You will farm the individual Torghast wings mainly for Soul Ash, a currency needed to forge Legendary items that can be used in the open world. Please refer to our Runecarving guide for more details about crafting Legendary items in Shadowlands.

Twisting Corridors reward you with a currency that can be turned in for cosmetics.


How to Unlock Torghast

You will gain access to Torghast after completing an introductory questline in The Maw that revolves around Broker Ve'nari.

Access to Torghast is unlocked on an account-wide basis.


How to Enter Torghast

Once you complete the introductory questline, an entrance to Torghast will appear at the far back of Ve'nari's Refuge.


Torghast Layout

As you queue up for Torghast, you will find yourself in the main room area with all the portals called the Torghast Antechamber or the Central Room. From here, you will be able to enter:

  • the individual 6 wings, where Legendary materials drop (for Runecarving);
  • Twisting Corridors, the endless mode to get cosmetics;
  • and an area called Runecarver's Chamber, where you forge Legendary items.

You can freely swap your specialization, gear, and Soulbinds while inside the bubble located on the right side of the Central Chamber entrance.


Torghast Wings

Torghast has 6 wings and you will need to clear them all as part of The Maw questline. Two wings will be available each week with each wing having 6 floors.

The main reason to clear the wings is to farm Soul Ash, the Torghast-acquired legendary material that you get from chests at the end of each layer once per week (see the game modes and difficulties section for more information about what layers are).


Twisting Corridors

Torghast's endless mode is called Twisting Corridors and the floors are themed after all 6 wings. You can farm it for a currency that can be turned in for cosmetics.


Game Modes & Difficulties

You can play through Torghast solo or in a group of up to 5 players, with both difficulty and rewards increasing as you reach higher floors.

When you enter a wing, you will find Wayfinder on the ground, which lets you select from up to 8 layers of difficulty, with each granting you rewards from all lower difficulties.

Completing a higher layer rewards all uncollected rewards from lower layers. Drop amounts are not final.

When in a party, your highest accessible layer will be defined by the party member with the lowest layer unlocked.

You must defeat the previous difficulty to unlock portals to higher difficulties.


Deaths and the Tarragrue

Torghast is not time limited and no keys are required to enter, so you can take as long as you need to complete each floor. However, each floor is death limited, based on the number of players in the group and shared between them.

  1. 1 Player: 3 Deaths
  2. 2 Players: 5 Deaths
  3. 3 Players: 7 Deaths
  4. 4 Players: 9 Deaths
  5. 5 Players: 11 Deaths

Upon reaching this death limit, you will have 30 seconds to escape the floor before a mighty creature called Tarragrue spawns and starts chasing you to kill you and block progress to the next floor.


Floor Layouts

The Tower of the Damned has a randomized layout with different enemies, environmental hazards, and objectives.

The first few floors are straightforward and easy to navigate. Later on, the floors will contain more mazes and dead-ends, making it increasingly more time-consuming to advance to the next floor.

You must find your way to the exit and defeat an Empowered Guardian before advancing to the next floor.

Empowered Guardians are affected with The Jailer's Influence Icon The Jailer's Influence, a buff that makes them more powerful.

Every third floor is a break room and every sixth floor will be a boss room.


Break Rooms

Every third room in the Tower will be a break room, which allows you to exchange Phantasma for various items. This floor is short and usually contains Tormented Souls and Anima Cells.

You can change your specialization, gear, or Soulbinds near the friendly brokers.


Boss Rooms

Every sixth floor will be a boss room, where you must defeat the enemy boss to advance to the next floor. You will be able to buy items from friendly brokers before engaging the boss.

Boss loot is currently placeholder, but you will find a Resonating Chest when you defeat a boss before advancing to the next floor. The chest contains Soul Ash needed to craft Legendary items.



Climbing Torghast revolves around completing a series of objectives. You must kill enemies and destroy Ashen Phylacteries to collect Phantasma and exchange the currency for Anima Powers that make you more powerful.

Completing quests, puzzles, killing Rare Elites, and looting chests will also provide you with Anima Cells, but all these objectives are optional and not mandatory.


Ashen Phylacteries

These destructible objects can be destroyed by right-clicking on them, or you can cast a spell on them. They usually contain Phantasma and Anima Cells.


Tormented Souls

If you set them free, they will grant you a stacking buff called Soul's Blessing that increases your Primary Stat by 1% per stack and persists through death.

These include Partially-Infused Souls, Tormented Souls, and Boiling Souls.


Bonus Objectives

You will often find various Covenant members on certain floors. If one is nearby, the Runecarver will notify you of their presence. They may request help with defeating an enemy, finding a lost companion, or item, and upon completion, give you an Anima Cell.

Completing bonus objectives on a floor rewards an Anima Cell.


Freed Souls

Freed Souls are a currency which you must collect to advance aspects of your Covenant Sanctum.


Rare Elites

Occasionally, you will find more powerful enemies on some floors that grant you an Anima Cell when defeated.


Rune-Locked Vaults

To unlock Rune-Locked Vaults in Torghast, you must click on the skulls until all four have the same rune above them. Opening Rune-Locked Vaults grants you an Anima Cell.


Lever Locked Chests

Sometimes, you will come across Lever Locked Chests and you must pull all the levers until you find out the correct combination to open it. Opening the chest grants you one Anima Cell.


Other Locked Chests

You will also come across various locked chests that are unlocked by finding keys on the ground or pulling a lever on the same floor.


Anima Powers

As players make their way through the dungeon, they will obtain powerful upgrades exclusive to the activity to help them meet the continually increasing challenge.

Anima Powers are the major form of power progression found inside Torghast, obtained through various means including defeating enemies, destroying objects, helping Covenant-themed NPCs by completing bonus objectives, or unlocking chests. Each Anima Cell the player finds typically presents a choice between one, two, or three powers, which empower the player in various ways.

The Anima Powers available to players are separated by rarity, between Common and Epic quality, and various pools; there are universal powers available to all players, class-specific powers, and rare mob/encounter-themed powers. What Anima Powers are offered at any given time is largely random, though a few choices will be drawn from specific pools, such as defeating a rare Frost Elemental giving players a choice between two of its Frost-themed powers.

You can find more information on all of the universal and class specific powers available within Torghast below.


Environmental Hazards

Levels will also become more complex the higher you climb — the first few floors will have a simple layout, but higher up, you will be dealing with traps such as spike pits, scything pendulums, or cauldrons which spawn endless waves of exploding skeletons.


Torghast Currencies

You will farm Torghast mainly for Phantasma, used to buy various items and Soul Ash, needed for Legendary item crafting.



Phantasma is a currency obtained within Torghast, primarily looted from destroyed objects and defeated mobs. It is used to purchase various consumables and semi-permanent upgrades from friendly Shackled Broker NPCs which spawn in break and boss rooms.

The currency cannot be used outside of Torghast and cannot be carried over between runs, so there is no real reason to stockpile the resource.

Precisely what items the Broker sells are randomized, but typically include access to extra Anima Powers, healing and temporary buff consumables, and semi-permanent buffs which last the rest of the dungeon run. You can find more information on the specific items purchasable in the page linked below.


Soul Ash

Soul Ash is a currency needed to craft Legendary items. You can loot it from Soul Ash Reliquaries found in Torghast. The higher the item level of your crafted item, the more Soul Ash will be required to create the item.


Gear Swapping and Respeccing in Torghast

The Jailer's Chains Icon The Jailer's Chains is a debuff that prevents Equipment, Talent, and Specialization swapping in Torghast at the start of every floor.

Changing Gear, Talents, or Soulbinds is limited to the Central Chamber at the start of the first floor, and when you are close to helpful brokers in break rooms.

You must enter the bubble to receive the Refuge of the Damned Icon Refuge of the Damned buff that suppresses the effects of Torments of the Tower and The Jailer's Chains Icon The Jailer's Chains.


Torments of the Tower

At higher floor difficulties, you will find yourself subjected to additional scrutiny from the Jailer in the form of various stacking debuffs, also known as Torments of the Tower that will make your progress more difficult. You can find more details about these linked below.



Bosses may drop loot, but the main form of progression outside of crafting legendary items is collecting Freed Souls, which act as a currency for Covenants.

  • Defeated bosses currently drop PH Torghast Boss Loot and 17 PH Condemned Soul Essences on the Beta.
  • Soul Ash Reliquaries contain Legendary item materials.

Most Torghast rewards are currently placeholder and this section will be updated with more information as they become available.



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