Guide to Torghast, Tower of the Damned in Shadowlands: Anima Powers, Phantasma, Legendary Items, etc.

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This page goes over the information currently available about Torghast, Tower of the Damned, a new game-mode in the Shadowlands expansion, and will be updated as more information becomes available.


What is Torghast?

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a new game-mode in Shadowlands, which allows players to progress through a multi-floor roguelike dungeon. Each floor is procedurally generated, with various enemies, NPCs, challenges, and rewards, including the materials needed to craft legendary items in Shadowlands.

The activity can be approached solo or in groups of up to 5 players, with both difficulty and rewards increasing as you progress to higher floors. The activity is not currently time limited, allowing players to take as long as they need to complete each floor, however each floor is death limited, based on the number of players in the group and shared between them.

  1. 1 Player: 3 Deaths
  2. 2 Players: 5 Deaths
  3. 3 Players: 7 Deaths
  4. 4 Players: 9 Deaths
  5. 5 Players: 11 Deaths

Upon reaching this death limit, 30 seconds will be given to escape the floor before a mighty Tarragrue will spawn and make its way to the exit in order to block progress to the next floor.

As players make their way through the dungeon, they will obtain powerful upgrades exclusive to the activity to help them meet the continually increasing challenge. With the powers players find, as well as the enemies and layout of the dungeon itself changing each time, Torghast promises a different experience with each play through.


Anima Powers

Anima Powers are the major form of power progression found inside Torghast, obtained through various means including defeating enemies, destroying objects, and helping NPCs. Each Anima Cell the player finds typically presents a choice between two powers, which can have a variety of effect on the player.

The Anima Powers available to players are separated by rarity, between Common and Epic quality, and various pools; there are universal powers available to all players, class specific powers, and rare mob/encounter themed powers. What Anima Powers are offered at any given time is largely random, though a few choices will be drawn from specific pools, such as defeating a rare Frost Elemental giving players the choice between two of its Frost themed powers. Because the layout and random powers offered each run will vary, this allows for a different experience each time.

You can find more information on all of the universal and class specific powers available within Torghast below.



Phantasma is a currency obtained within Torghast, primarily looted from destroyed objects and defeated mobs. It is used to purchase various consumables and semi-permanent upgrades from friendly Shackled Broker NPCs which spawn on periodic floors and before dungeon bosses.

The currency cannot be taken outside of Torghast and cannot be carried over between runs, so it will often be better to spend rather than stockpile the resource.

Precisely what items the Broker sells are randomized, but typically include access to extra anima powers, healing and temporary buff consumables, and semi-permenant buffs which last the rest of the dungeon run. You can find more information on the specific items purchasable in the page linked below.


Jailer's Torments

At higher floor difficulties, you will find yourself subjected to additional scrutiny from the Jailer in the form of various stacking debuffs, also known as Jailer's Torments that will make your progress more difficult. You can find more details about these linked below.


Events and Encounters

While progressing through the Tower of the Damned, players will encounter more than just the expected enemy forces. Some floors will contain traps such as spike pits, scything pendulums, or cauldrons which spawn endless waves of exploding skeletons. Rare enemies will also periodically spawn, sometimes afflicting players with debilitating debuffs, but rewarding those who defeat them with themed Anima Powers. Additionally, a special boss will be encountered every 6 floors, guaranteeing the choice between epic level Anima Powers.

Not all encounters are hostile however, friendly NPCs will occasionally appear, requesting help with defeating an enemy, finding a lost companion, or item. These unofficial quests are not required to continue, but completing them will offer an extra Anima Cell, resulting in more Anima Powers. Bound Souls are another friendly NPC which can be set free to gain the Soul's Blessing buff, increasing player stats and interacting with various Anima Powers.


Loot and Legendary Items

The primary goal in climbing Torghast is crafting legendary items which can be used outside of the activity. To that end, Resonant Chests throughout the Tower can be looted for legendary crafting materials. These materials are currently placeholder, so it is unclear how they will be separated or categorized, as well as how many will be needed to craft a Legendary item.

Bosses may drop loot, but the main form of progression outside of crafting legendary items is collecting Freed Souls, which act as a currency for Covenants.

All loot and materials are currently placeholder and legendary items are not yet available on the Shadowlands Alpha, but we will have more information as testing continues.



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