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[Doomhammer] [US] [H] <Xalted> Looking to build a Community!

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A new guild/community on Doomhammer looking for engaging and friendly players! Aimed at being a social experience, we look to do events, PvP, and pretty much do everything together! Help newer players and everyone else along the way!

Though I am a returning player to WoW and don’t have extensive knowledge about everything in the game I am good at bringing people together. Playing the game solo is not that great of an experience so I wanted to create an awesome community!

Offering guild repairs and storage.

If you are interested look in the guild finder for “Xalted” or PM Erivara.

We welcome everyone! We also have a blizzard group for those Alliance folk as well!

This is a fresh guild/group and idea. Trying to forge great relationships with one another and have a great time!

Authority such as Officers are needed as well as experienced and knowledgeable players willing to take a shot in the dark to possibly create an awesome community!

Thank you for the read and see you in game!

Additional information below!


Guild Name: Xalted
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): US
Realm Type: Normal
Realm Timezone: Pacific
Battlegroup: N/A
Progression: New Social Guild
Raid Times: TBD
Raid Schedule: TBD
Openings: Open To All!

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