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**Dalaran- US Aliiance | Heroic into Mythic Raiding | **
Tues/Thurs/Sunday from 9-12 EST (9 hours)
Discord required |

Who are we?
We are a newly re-formed guild of players that range from ancient vanilla Molten Core dungeon delvers to players starting the game in more recent history. While we all started at different points, we have all raided at very high levels (some on multiple accounts). We have some members who are original H-ICC 25 raiders and some that are CE Slayers of N’zoth. We will be starting in heroic and pushing into mythic very quickly. The goal of this initial push is to get our momentum up for pushing high end progression content (achieving CE) every tier of this expansion and beyond. With this in mind, we expect raiders to play responsibly in their chosen role (including running relevant content to progress your character outside of raid hours, this is not a raid and log for the week guild). We expect you to attempt to continue to gear your character outside of raid times from mythic + and pvp, not just wait for drops from raid.

Currently we are accepting applications from all roles. However, the following are high on our priority list.
-Protection Warrior
-BM Monk or WW Monk
-Havoc DH
-Holy Paladin


Come to raid prepared, with whatever resources you need to do your best.
Be aware of boss fights/mechanics.
DBM/Big Wigs/alternative raid encounter add-on(s) ect…
Weak Auras are required for pushing content.
Have a working microphone and be prepared to verbally communicate when necessary. (We do not expect, or require, that you be a social butterfly that talks non-stop, just when you need to make a raid relevant call is all we require)
Regularly attend raids- greater than 80% attendance for the mythic roster (extenuating circumstances happen, and we will work with any member of our team during hard times they may be experiencing)
Be able to mesh with the group. We will all need to take constructive criticism at some point during our raiding journey and you must be able to take feedback and make a positive change, being snarky or making excessive excuses is not part of the guild culture we are interested in fostering.
18+ only
Please contact one of the individuals below in game for more information or to start the process of joining the guild. Or fill out the application form on our website. 

Guild Master: Lareck/Larec- btag Larack#1307
Officers: Vixsarion- btag Bidzil#1512
Vritraz/Solitude- btag Platinnum#11903
Desrean- btag YUNGKEASY#1486

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