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[H] [US] [Thrall] <Aggrophobia> | Friday/Saturday | Shadowlands | Casual Progression

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Aggrophobia is looking for early to mid-day players for progression and weekly mythic keystone affixes. Laid back, no elitists we work, progress, and celebrate as a team.

Born again from Classic – we respect all players, social atmosphere, we like to say Hi! No race, religion, or politics. Adult atmosphere, sassy, and swanky. Give us a shot Don’t be another lonely avatar forever roaming in search of a home.

Currently seeking tank and dps roles, although we do not turn players away as groups are constantly evolving.


We can appreciate that people have lives outside of World of Warcraft, to include family and other important affairs, please note we aim to have fun and although we are serious in how we progress and the way we play, we do not find that stressing or trying to meet some imaginary standard fits our overall primary function, FUN.


We welcome current players and returning players to World of Warcraft. We are inclusive to all.


We raid Fridays @ 6:30 PM EST/ST and Saturdays @ 4:30 PM EST/ST. The rest of the week is for character progression, mythic keystones, Torghast, and PVP.


What to bring:

Great ideas

Great attitude


Awareness of fights and mechanics

Flasks, potions, and consumables required

DMB/Bigwigs/Weak Auras are recommended

Discord is required for all raids and mythic keystones

Attendance is a plus, if you are unable to notify someone of your absence or you do not show to raids you risk losing your chance to raid with us.


Good vibes, great karma


Contact us in-game or DM here for more information and an invite!


Guild Master: Severium


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