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tried afflic last night , hc mode

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hello all


i tried afflic spec on












for the 1st time ,

and sorta loved it , i also messed up as well as, i forgot to use the normal BBoY on Sha,

so i know i can do better, I wasnt expecting my dps to be brilliant here , as i havent tried afflic spec in a raid enviroment expecially hc run, but my guildies were amazing and let me , i know the basics i just need to put them into practice more and more.


so what im asking is , is there any pointers that you guys can help me with, i know its going to be harsh feedback , but would rather get productive feedback than no feedback at all.




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Please provide such informations like a link to your armory profile etc. for the next time you have questions about your logs. While worldoflogs logs are okay, try to convince your logging member to switch to warcraftlogs. These are easier to read, the UI is more responsive and it provides better information.    

There is also a post about this Topic called "Zagam´s Fixing your DPS FAQ"
It includes a number of questions, which can show, where you can improve. I will just repeat, what you missed for the Sha logs:

Curse of Elements uptime just 90%, get this up.
You didn´t use your Doomguard.
Your 3 Dots uptime range from 78-89%, much room for improvement.
You did not keep Haunt up during Execute.
You also did not used Drain Soul during Execute properly(switching around with MG)
Without an information about your gear, I would estimate an iLVL of 560+, since  your UA crits are about 107k in average.

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Gear wise:


You have a lot of latent crit... and a very weird haste number. You should either be hitting 9778 haste or 13737. These numbers change, cause you're a goblin, and I'm too lazy to do the math on it. Short version being, I think you could better optimize your reforge. Probably for extra mastery, at the least.

Probably want to get hit capped as well. Learning aff without it is a bit harder, and haunt uptime can screw you.


On IJ, your dot uptime seems low, but if you were ignoring him for siege phase, WoL will not show that.

53% haunt uptime is kind of low. You gain 25 shards outside of execute phase, but only cast 25 haunts total. Get better at snapshotting your dots during procs. 

Not 100% sure on this, but 30% MG uptime feels low as well...(40% filler uptime total) I'm not sure, as I don't have any comp logs on me, but I feel like you had to be sitting around not casting a bit for this to occur....




On sha. dot uptime is again, pretty low.

You have 98% damage on boss. Feels a lot like tunneling. Your SS is a great tool to spread on the adds.

Haunt uptime is abysmal here. 50%. 30 haunts out of 35 free shards, plus the 3-4 you should be generating every time an add of any type dies.

45% filler uptime feels a little better.

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sounds like i have alot of work to do, thanks for the info and looked over my loggs as well , and think time on the dummy's is in order.

thanks again ,


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