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[EU-Defias Brotherhood][A] Vanity 10 man 13/14 HC

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We are an old guild that started in Icecrown Citadel and many players from that time are still here. We offer not only good progress and boss kills but also solid community, people are more important then boss kills, nobody logs for raid to listen to douchebags, idiots and agressive children.


We are striving to maintain a close group of people playing on a similar level, who try to improve as a team, without the need to carry anyone or be carried. Our goal is to have fun "saving azeroth" in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. There are no conflicts or drama here, most of us are 20+ and have bigger things to worry about than something that happened in a game. We do respect eachother's time though, if you decide to dedicate 3 evenings per week (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, 19:30-23:00) in game - be there, do research about the bosses we're going to tackle and do your best.


We emphasize learning a single chosen character through and through. Mastering the most optimal spec for an encounter is something everyone here does, so the knowledge about all three of your specs has to show sooner or later. People who play your class will help you improve as there is only room for friendly rivarly here, nothing that would be unhealthy for a guild as a whole.

We don't recruit new members to bench them, instead we rotate people on bosses based on who offers to skip and who needs loot the most. For progress raids we take people who offer best performance and that is the only case where someone might be benched, so it is in your best interest to play at the top of your skill.


Be reliable, be serious, don't make problems or drama, be respectful to others and you will get stable spot in a community with like-minded individuals for a long time. 


After reading all of this we might look like bunch of old boring people but let me prove it wrong. Our recruitment video have many clips from our raids with laughs and jokes. You can check it here:


Your are done through all of this and still interested? Lets get to the point then.


Trial period:

To be accepted as an applicant you need to have decent gear, we are looking for people who can be part of our progression raids, not ones we have to gear up. Gear from normal modes is required. All of your gear has to be optimally enchanted and reforged. Experience from previous tiers (at the time they were released) is a big edge.

The trial period is 2 weeks or 6 full raids - we take you for farm bosses to see how you perform and for you to see how we raid. It is unlikely that you will take part in progress raids during the trial, unless you perform extremely well. Afterwards we analyse logs, assess your performance etc.


After the trial period both the guild and yourself decide wether we get along together. If we do, you get a full mebership with all

privileges. As for the loot during the trial period, an applicant has to pass loot for members who need it, if the piece would be disenchanted you can roll on the item.

You dont need to be in guild on trial period if you are from another realm, you need to transfer here if you get accepted. It will cost you 20 euro. 

Good side of it is that Defias Brotherhood is a rp-pvp, stable, medium-high realm with good economy and very balanced 1:1 alliance to horde ratio.


To apply, send a whisper or mail to Kyrenisah on Defias Brotherhood or add Netzach#2749 for a chat.


Best of luck and stay beautiful - Vanity 

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