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Hello! we are recruiting players that want to be part of a supportive adult community while also completing content. All of our members are older than 30.

Our goal is for our guild to be a positive community where players don’t need to struggle to find like minded people to complete content with,  and as a retirement community for old raiders who want to relax 😉 

We are aiming AOTC for each tier during shadowlands. Currently LF Fire Mage, Hunter, Holy paladin, Resto Druid and Havoc Demon Hunter specifically for our raid group, 10/10 N 1/10 H, but are also accepting people interested in playing in a community environment.

Heroic raiding on Monday/Wednesday/Thursdays 7:30-10:00PM EST:

Achievement/ xmog runs: We run achievement and transmog runs, when current content has been met. Sign up and come take on some challenges with us for rewards and fun.

Mythic+: We do runs constantly through the week to get gear and practice teamwork. Supportive guildmates: Our members are mature folks who love to help. We will work with players of any skill level and help them develop their skills to be an important part of our team!

What we expect from you: Positive team oriented attitude: The guild’s culture is a very important aspect for us. We expect from all our members to respect and help each other. Teamwork is the main focus of the guild. We are constantly doing content together to promote teamwork and team synergy between our members. There will not be any drama or raging on our guild. Expect all issues to be handled in a respectful and mature way. Willingness to learn and improve: We will provide you will all the tools and help you need to improve and become an important member of our team. We are always trying to improve and keep an open mind to become better, we expect the same from you.

We’re currently recruiting all interested members that fit with what was listed above, Contact Sheilag#1368 on Battlenet if you are interested.

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