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Shadow Bolt not in Affliction for SL

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I have been redoing my Affliction warlock setup for raiding in Shadowlands.  When going over your page here I see where the information provided for Affliction shows Shadow Bolt as a filler listed along with Drain Soul option.  However, when putting together my setup in game Shadow Bolt is nowhere to be found, either in the talents or skills book.

I feel this is misleading for those of us already high level characters because from what I can find is Bliz removed it from the Affliction spec.  If SB is in use for lower level characters just coming up leveling, but when they get higher the spell is missing, there is no explanation for this.

Can some one please revisit this page and update or include a disclaimer about why its missing along with reasoning for including it to begin with?

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Drain Soul is a talent that *replaces* Shadow Bolt. With the talent selected, Shadow Bolt will be removed from your warlock abilities and Drain Soul will appear in your Affliction spec abilities. It's written in the tooltip in-game, and explained on the talents page of the guide you referenced.

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Thank you for your reply.  Sorry, I did not see this reply earlier but one of my guild mates explained this to me back in March.  Appreciate your input tho.

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