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Far Beyond Insanity - Stormrage - 8/10H

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<Far Beyond Insanity> is now recruiting all roles. We will offer a friendly progressive/competitive raiding environment. We are looking for experienced adult players interested in a progression focus raiding guild. Our goal is to tackle mythic raiding content. 


Raid Schedule: All 3 days are required

Tues/Thur    9 pm to Midnight, EST.  - Progression 

Wed   9 pm to Midnight, EST. - Farm/Sale/Alt


Currently 8/10 Heroic


A brief history. Far Beyond Insanity started on Hellscream back during BC and moved to Stormrage during WotLk. We were a competitive 2 night, 8 hour guild and during MoP, WoD and Legion obtained rankings in the top 15 on the server only 2 days a week. Unfortunately, during Legion, myself, the sole GM had to call it quits. We did not exist during BFA however the GM is back to once again achieve a competitive mythic raid team. It will take a little time before we can regain what Far Beyond Insanity once had, however, it has been done and will be done again. 


We have had full mythic clears in 


Blackrock Foundry

Hellfire Citadel

Mogu’shan Vaults

Heart of Fear

Terrace of Endless Spring

Siege of Orgrimmar

10/13 mythic in Throne of Thunder


We have cleared Heroic Dragon Soul, Heroic Icecrown Citadel, and Heroic Trial of the Crusader (no mythic back then).

We have done the hard modes in Ulduar including Fires Starter and 1 Light

We have obtained the Undying Title in Naxx. 


Have you ever had that feeling to be cutting edge and killing a difficult boss to where every bone in your body just shakes? I have and it is an amazing feeling. Come laugh, get frustrated, and make memories with us. 


Our goal for each tier is to obtain AOTC and to raid mythic content however we are not a hardcore guild seeking first in anything. We will set our goal to obtain CE however going to enjoy whatever we do. We want people to play the role, class and spec they love to play as long as they play it well and competitively. 


Current Needs:

Melee/Range DPS



We are also looking for those interested in running Mythic + Keys. We have several members who enjoy doing keys and would accept those only interested in method keys and could also be a backup for the raid team. Tanks, Healers and DPS are needed. 


Feel free to contact me in game at bnet: Krazy#1922 - Discord: Krazy#6618.

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