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Blood DK Solos Mists of Tirna Scithe +17 in 6 and a Half Hours

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Here's a pretty great solo to check out, as Mulini gets another awesome run after that crazy Il'gynoth heroic 3-hour solo back in BfA, with a (slightly longer) MoTS +17 clear. With the first boss alone taking about 2 hours, it's no wonder the full clear took almost 6 and a half hours. Mulini put quite some effort in here, even aside from the run duration itself, with a specific build for the dungeon, and even thinks 1-3 higher level keys are possible! Let's take a look at the video, which goes into details on the build, and then we also get some commentary on the individual bosses and more below.

One of the weirder parts of this solo is the Raider.IO run sheet:

And the commentary from the video description:


Blood-Spattered Scale Blood-Spattered Scale

Splintered Heart of Al'ar Splintered Heart of Al'ar
Soulbinds: https://www.wowhead.com/soulbind-calc...

1st Boss: Takes forever... I think taking Draven was a mistake, because of the high movement. Maybe even using +min% Death Strike as conduit would be better. Swapping Scale with Sire would be an option. The fight also isn’t spiky/unpredictable enough to really justify the sunking trinket.

2nd Boss: Don’t use cds outside of intermission. Soft enrage is around 2min. For the adds use ams→ibf→run→ams. Mabye for higher keys you go amb for ams→ibf→ams→run→ams.

3rd Boss: I was unnecessarily worried about the scaling of the swirlies. Pretty boring/easy.

Legendary: I used VB reduce as full-def all-around legendary. DRW would be better on some/most trash packs but lose value on bosses/kiting more then VB. Chest just isn’t defensive enough. It would probably be really good on last boss, especially for higher keys with increasing target-count/AE-dps check. DS refund is just plain worse than VB if using RD and VB on CD if no pooling is required.


Q: But why?
A: Yes, why what?

Q: Are you recommending this setup for my weekly +14/15?
A: Not at all.

Q: Is EH or raw HPS more of a Problem?
A: rHPS for sure. I played the VB-legendary really bad because I don’t really use it and so my overheal/buffer are ludicrously low with 1.24%(1st boss)/3.96%(overall) for DS.

Q: Are higher Keys possible to do solo?
A: As a bdk i think maybe 1-3 levels higher. For other tanks i don‘t know.

Some great work by Mulini there and hopefully we get to se them push even higher! As patch 9.1 is going to take a while, we may be seeing quite a few more impressive solos and strange group composition clears and even raid boss kills in the near future.

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I was thinking about this the other day how some bosses might not be solo'able on a Mythic 0 or+ setting in this expansion.  I think Mists, Halls of Atonement, and maybe Spires of Ascension might be the only dungeons that a Tank could solo.  Mosts of the other dungeons require a secondary partner to avoid a particular mechanic or the boss would start layering a dot debuff that needs to be cleansed at certain intervals or the Tanks hp would start dipping in large chunks percentage wise.


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