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World First Sludgefirst Normal Solo!

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An incredible feat by Rextroy once more as he moved from the first boss of Castle Nathria solo straight to the 8th! No crazy exploits, just a lot of really perfect kiting and understanding of the boss here!

Sludgefist is used to running around a lot, but Rextroy put him through his paces, as he ran around trying to catch the Prot Paladin for 1 and a half hours! The key here is that the enrage doesn't really affect tanks as much, as they can heal through it and just keep kiting the boss forever using Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer and other ranged spells. It also helps there's no chains to worry about and to jump around with Door of Shadows Door of Shadows at key points!

As usual, Rex goes through all the details of the fight and how he did it in the (shortened) video below:

And here's the commentary from the video description:


Background: Sludgefist is a boss that is soloable, thanks to his rotation. All the three abilities (charge, stomp and roar) will make him stop chasing you, which allows you to gain distance. Even better is that his Colossal Roar Colossal Roar will push you away!

Sludgefist doesn't have a "real" berserk either, he has a different type of effect that should wipe you. And that is when you run out of pillars for him to smash into. If he smashes any wall, the raid group will take constant massive damage. As a tank however, that damage isn't too large (3.5k on my prot pala)

Even without a berserk he still hits hard, but because he is easily kited his uptime will be really minimal. To manage this, I had to theorycraft, or get used to a kiting route.

I had him smash into one of the walls to gain maximum distance. Then I ran and used one Divine Steed Divine Steed (with Light's Barding Light's Barding conduit) to manage the turn without him hitting me. By the time he caught up, he would stand still to cast his Destructive Stomp Destructive Stomp. By the time I reached the new "dead end" I used Door of Shadows Door of Shadows to slip past him. It all ends up perfectly timed for him to use his charge when he finally got to me.

Thanks to kiting him, his enrage at low HP didn't do too much to me, it is "only" 20% damage and attack speed, but this type of buff had no effect on the falling debris from Collapsing Foundation Collapsing Foundation, since the damage doesn't come from Sludgefist.

I started out with a kiting build (3 and 5% movement speed gems, aswell as 10% enchant for low level boots) but Sludgefist is slow enough so I didn't really need it. I went with a tanky build to survive the constant damage taken instead.

Light's Barding is really important as a conduit, so isEchoing Blessings Echoing Blessings. These help you out with your movement speed!

Important talents are Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer, aswell as Cavalier Cavalier.

I used the The Magistrate's Judgment The Magistrate's Judgment legendary for survival, I did consider Uther's Devotion Uther's Devotion (more freedom uptime) or Reign of Endless Kings Reign of Endless Kings but the Judgment one is most reliable.

Try to avoid the puddles on the floor, since they slow you by 25%

About tanks: with the recent 10% dmg reduction buff not being applied to PvP, most tanks currently take 66% more damage in PvP combat compared to PvE (since they also have an aura increasing their dmg taken by 50% against enemy players). This was updated to 50% back in BFA when versatility levels were skyhigh and tanks survivability was much greater. With this not being altered for Shadowlands, most tanks feel really bad to play in PvP, especially prot warriors that get blown up by magic dmg. However even prot palas doesn't feel like tanks anymore, they play more like a healer... Hopefully this will be changed sometime soon... Hope you all enjoyed the solo, and stay tuned for more!

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