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[H - Gorefiend - US] <Nostalgia> Recruiting for Tues/Wed Mythic Raid Progression!

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Connected Realms

  • Eredar
  • Hellscream
  • Spinebreaker
  • Wildhammer
  • Zangarmarsh

Raid Times

7-10PM EST
Tuesday & Wednesday


215 ilvl & 10/10 Heroic Nathria cleared


Healers and DPS, particularly: Boomkin, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Hunter and Monk


Bnet: Eski#11733
Discord: eski#0001
In-game: Eskimio-Gorefiend
Bnet: Codedheart#1431
Discord: Codedheart#1337
In-game: Mono-Gorefiend

About Us

We're a semi-casual raiding guild. Started out as a group of friends coming back to WoW for shadowlands. We never intended to push endgame content, but we found that we enjoyed how WoW has evolved over the years so we're pushing as hard as we can through current and upcoming content.

We have Heroic Nath on farm and are turning our eyes towards Mythic progression.

We expect all the basics and strive for more. Members should be fully Enchanted, bring raid buffs, and know the fights ahead of time. Members are encouraged to look into new information regarding their class or spec and be continually seeking new ways to maximize their output.

Toxicity and elitist personalities are not tolerated. We like to foster a friendly guild environment and remain inclusive to all. Our officers do our best to keep things fun by providing weekend events and one-on-one sessions to help those who might be struggling to optimize their class/spec.

All recruits will be trialed for ~1 week.

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