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Updated Boar Models in Patch 9.1

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Blizzard has updated models of the most-grinded creatures of World of Warcraft in Patch 9.1. That's right, South Park's favorite boars got high-resolution models! 

The new boar models also include armored versions.


BLUE.pngblue armor.png


BROWN.pngbrown armor.png




IVORY.pngivory armor.png






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Here's something that puzzled me for a long time. Why didn't they update this model when WoD came instead of reusing the Direhorn skeleton for the boar mounts? The old one looks way better and has better animations

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24 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

Here's something that puzzled me for a long time. Why didn't they update this model when WoD came instead of reusing the Direhorn skeleton for the boar mounts? The old one looks way better and has better animations

If I had to guess, they wanted the WoD boars to look more "savage." The same reason they gave the clefthooves thousands of horns and spikes.

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59 minutes ago, MrM said:

If I had to guess, they wanted the WoD boars to look more "savage." The same reason they gave the clefthooves thousands of horns and spikes.

This is exactly why: Azeroth boars and Draenor boars are not *really* the same species, just the same creature type manifesting in a similar environment on a similar planet. 

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Where's the extra 2 legs?   I mean after all Blizzard totaly screwed up what an alligator looks like with 6 legs, why not the boar with all the tusks? I say give them 2 extra legs for more traction!  WBELM for the win!

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