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New Path of Exile League: Ultimatum

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The time has come once again for a new league in Path of Exile and, with it, we have updated our guides on our sister site, PoE Vault, in preparation for the launch today!

Ultimatum League Mechanics

The new league, Ultimatum, introduces a loot-centred gameplay style, with a focus on killing mobs and looting the rewards. TbXie, one of the writers on PoE Vault, summed up the new mechanics as follows:


From what we’ve seen, it plays very similarly to Path of Exile’s last Challenge League, Ritual, in a sense that the trials you’ll be encountering are always circled around the encounter & require you to kill all monsters to “complete” the current wave.

When you encounter an Ultimatum Trial in an instance (and you will encounter multiple per instance), you’ll be asked to fight off waves of monsters while avoiding death. If you complete the current set of waves you’ll get access to the current reward-tier and can either choose to collect the reward or forego it for a new, more potent reward by completing another set of waves. Obviously, the longer you extend the trial & the more waves you fight off, the more difficult the challenge will become. When you fail to complete an encounter, by dying, you lose all rewards and gain absolutely nothing.

Recommended Builds for Ultimatum

As with every new league launch, we've put together a list of recommended builds for players to try and experiment with. Each build features a short description of what you can expect, as well as a link to the build from each author.

  • TbXie's Ignite Penance Brand Elementalist: after having played around with the new Elementalist for a league, we can only confirm that Ignite builds combined with Elementalist's defensives was absolutely insane and will still delete everything, on a budget.

  • TbXie's Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant: because of some newly-discovered tech, Totem builds will once more be very potent to rely on. Our take on Freezing Pulse Totems brings you to the late-game very easily and very quickly.

  • Furty's Storm Brand Elementalist: this has made for one of the best league starters since its inception. Backed by an army of golems and furnished with cluster jewels, this Elementalist is at its element tearing through maps with the signature guerrilla run-and-gun style of a Brand build. One of the most versatile all-rounders that can easily flex in many different directions.

  • Furty's Bladestorm Berserker: this is another build that lives by the famous "spin to win" creed, but it's a decidedly different flavour of carnage. This build has fantastic top-end damage and the visceral satisfaction we expect of a Berserker.

  • Furty's Cyclone Slayer: this build remains a popular perennial powerhouse, league in and league out, and Ultimatum is set to be no exception. Stable, powerful, and flexible — one of the best builds from league start to league finish, from the Twilight Strand to fully delirious guardian maps. If Cyclone is your brand of ruin, this is the best build to do it with.

  • Ghazzy's Dark Pact Necromancer: if smooth league-starting is your desire, this remains an excellent build to do that with. What's more, with enough budget, you can scale up to extreme levels in the end-game.

  • Ghazzy's Raise Spectre Summoner: Raise Spectre builds are still some of the strongest league starters that exist. This guide covers everything you need to know about starting out as Spectres on a budget and scaling them into the late game.

  • Brittleknee's Bladefall/Blade Blast Hierophant: if you're wanting to try a version of the popular Bladefall/Blade Blast archetype, consider Brittleknee's Archmage Hierophant. This version of BF/BB is well-rounded, with a particular focus on defenses. Boasting incredible recovery and mitigation, this build has done everything in the current end-game, including The Feated Invitation deathless.

  • Brittleknee's SRS Necromancer: if you want a Necromancer build that sidestepped a lot of the recent changes and remains a great all-around build, consider this SRS Necromancer. With well-layered defenses ready for boss battles, and damage to boot, this build remains a steady, reliable league-starter.

  • Octavian0's Archamge Cremation Necromancer: Octavian0 hasn't gotten around to updating it for 3.14 yet, but it should be done in time for launch; it remains an incredibly potent and solid pick for people who enjoy strong league starts on builds that have no trouble clearing the game on any budget.

Useful General Guides

While build guides are certainly important, PoE Vault also features a number of guides that cover more general topics, such as our Echoes of Atlas, Quick Reference Leveling, or Atlas Progression guides.


If you've got questions about the builds for the writers or even just need some help getting into PoE, you can always join the PoE Vault Discord.

If you're ready to go without asking any further questions, then I wish you all the best of luck in Ultimatum and a wonderful launch!

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    • By Blainie
      The launch of the new league in Path of Exile, Ritual, is coinciding with the release of a new expansion, Echoes of the Atlas, and our sister site, PoE Vault, has a plethora of new and updated guides ready for you to use to dive into the latest content!
      The newest league to hit Path of Exile is what is known as a "combat" league, in which the main mechanic is focused entirely on combat and extra rewards from killing enemies; in Ritual, players will be able to summon mobs at shrines with increasing difficulty, along with increased rewards to match, and as each shrine is cleared, mobs from the shrines that have already been cleared within that map will spawn along with new ones.
      Alongside this new league, PoE is also getting a new expansion launching with it: the Echoes of the Atlas. This brings with it a huge number of changes on top of the league, such as a significant rework of the Atlas system, with more player choice and new boss encounters. You can find out everything about the new expansion on the dedicated expansion hub.
      As with any new league start, choosing a build for your character is one of the major things you can do to prepare; we've put together a number of the strongest builds for 3.13 and added some notes for those of you looking to find a build.
      Bleed Bow Gladiator -  this build is a boss-killing monster that exsanguinates with enthusiasm. A great league starter and an end-game demon, its lethal bleeds and satisfying bleed-splosion pops are sure to keep a smile on your lips throughout Ritual. Elemental Hit Deadeye - this build is in its prime with the new changes to the Ascendancy and the addition of Trinity. While it takes a bit of know-how to league start an Elemental Hit character, the payout is well worth it as it melts bosses and maps alike. Damage scales virtually forever if you have the coin, allowing for constant upgrades and making this an engaging character for the discerning Exile. Penance Brand Elementalist - taking advantage of the new Elementalist rework, this build uses Shaper of Flames and Storm combined with Golem Buff Effect to reach outrageous levels of defence and big Ignites on your enemies. Toxic Rain DoT Trickster - this build remains a really solid starter, even though the Trickster got changed significantly. It makes use of high Area of Effect, Attack Speed, and Skill Effect Duration to scale up Toxic Rain's pod damage through the roof. Explosive Trap Saboteur - a really strong trapper to play; perhaps not the best league-starter (although the key gear for it should be much more accessible this league), but it has astronomical levels of damage, and it's also very tanky. Impale Cyclone Champion - this build excels at slicing your enemies apart with its high physical damage output, respectable defensive capabilities, and its consistent mobility profile. Blade Blast Bladefall Poison Assassin - a great league starter with high clear speed that also excels at bossing, this blade-detonation playstyle is somewhat niche and atypical, but if it's something you enjoy, you'll reap many benefits. Dark Pact Necromancer - another crazy good league start build that has the potential to scale to ridiculous heights with enough budget investment. Caustic Arrow CI Trickster - this Chaos Innoculation build boasts high defenses (and safe gameplay as a result), while still dishing out very high boss damage and being generally fun to play during mapping. Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer - if you want a Necromancer build that sidestepped a lot of the recent changes and remains a great all-round build, consider this SRS Necromancer. With well-layered defenses ready for boss battles and damage to boot, this build remains a steady, reliable leaguestarter. Regardless of which one you choose to start with (or many a completely different one from our full build list), this is the perfect time to give PoE a try if you haven't before, with so much new stuff to try out!
    • By Blainie
      Once again, a new League is upon us in Path of Exile, and this time around, you'll be learning how to pull off the most daring heists possible, with new companions by your side. You can find everything you need to know about the new League in this post, along with links to some of the most recommended guides for players from our sister site, PoE Vault.
      Introducing the Heist League
      The new Heist League brings with it a multitude of changes, including adding the new Heist mechanic, which allows players to ravage the lands, plundering loot and gathering Heist Markers, which will allow you entry to the newest area added, Rogue Harbour. This is certainly no job for you to complete alone, however, so you'll need to make sure that you pick the right crew out of the 13 different Rogues to help you out.
      Economic Predictions for the Heist League
      As some of you may already know, one of the newest writers to join the team over on PoE Vault is Luna Wolve, the creater of The Chaos Report; this series serves as a guide to the economy of each League, ensuring that you know exactly which items, currencies, and strategies are going to be paramount to your economic success.
      As always, the first episode of a new League means Prediction Week, so make sure to check it out if you're wondering how to build your fortunes in the new season. You can also find the text version of the video on PoE Vault here.
      Starting out in the Heist League
      As always, having a solid starter build in a new League is going to be fairly important if you're hoping to speed through to the end-game as efficiently as possible.
      We've made sure to put together a list of some of the best builds to try out in the early game, so take your pick!
      Build Author Notes Archmage Cremation Necromancer Octavian0 Easily demolish bosses on a budget. Shattering / Splitting Steel Impale Champion LunaWolve Makes use of the new Heist gems with a fun playstyle. Impervious Herald of Agony Juggernaught TbXie Extremely durable and safe, with solid damage output. Ultimate Arc Mines Saboteur Furty Destroy enemies on a very small budget. Toxic Rain Mines Saboteur Octavian0 Smooth pushing to end-game content with a small budget. Lacerate Gladiator Furty One of the best melee skills for SSF and excellent starter. Zombiemancer Baron Raise Zombie Necromancer TbXie Excellent choice for starter despite nerfs to Necromancers. Crit Based Elemental Hit Deadeye Furty Incredible build when played correctly, with huge single-target damage and excellent clear speed. Summon Raging Sprits Necromancer Brittleknee A solid league starter that can complete all content without requiring expensive gear. If you're looking to start playing the League, but have never leveled before, we'd recommend looking into our leveling guide, which can help give you a proper vision of how to level in its most efficient form, as well as our gameplay guides, which give a better overview of systems for beginners.
      If none of these builds are meeting your expectations or playstyle wishes for the Heist league, you can always check out our full build list. The list has been mostly updated, with more updates on the way in the run up to the League release.
    • By Blainie
      Find the best starter build for you in Path of Exile: Harvest!
      The latest League is about to begin in Path of Exile and, with little time left until its launch, we've put together a list of some of the best starter builds for you to try out from our sister site, PoE Vault, as well as our new Affix tool.
      Gear Affix Tool
      The Affix tool is an up-to-date list of all the possible affixes that can exist on a given item base. You can filter by item level to see the different affix tiers, you can also select many different filters for affixes to only display the ones relevant to your needs. You can see an example of how it looks below for 1H-Axes, as well as a menu above the tool to navigate to whichever item slot you want to view.

      This tool opens up new possibilities for crafting gear, allowing you a far better view on not only how good your current gear is, but how good it could be and where improvements could be made.
      Starter Builds by Ascendancy
      Here, you will find a list of some of the best starter builds for this league, sorted by Ascendancy. Note that some of the Ascendancies do not currently have suggested starter builds, due to the strength of the other available builds to them, such as Necromancers having 4 suggestions, while Occultist and Elementalist have none under Wizard.

      For Slayers, there are 2 suggested builds this league: Rain of Arrows Doomfletch's Prism Slayer and Ultimate Cyclone Slayer.
      The Rain of Arrows build from Lydia uses the Doomfletch's Prism bow, strong Elemental damage, and a fairly cheap starting build cost to act as a solid starter with excellent clearspeed. 
      Ultimate Cyclone Slayer, which comes from Furty, on the other hand, has a steeper build cost due to the popularty of the build, but is the epitome of a "spin to win" build. Once you have this one built, just don't stop spinning until the League is finished!
      Gladiators have also got 2 solid builds for league starters, both of which rely on bleed damage: the Bow Bleed-based Gladiator and the Bleed Earthquake Gladiator.
      Both of these builds come from Vvckd, with the former being both expensive and vulnerable to Physical reflect, and the latter having somewhat mediocre damage mitigation. Despite this, they both make great league starters, with solid clear speeds, single-target damage, and the Bleed Earthquake build even being Hardcore viable, for those of you that prefer playing Hardcore.
      For Champions, the choice is much more clear, with the Shattering Steel Champion from Vvckd shining as the best starting option. Not only does it bring solid clear speed and single-target damage, but it also is another Hardcore viable build that doesn't even need massive financial investement to start building.

      Chieftains have 2 builds that both have solid starting potential this league: the Tectonic Slam Chieftain, which is essentially a slow-moving juggernaught with solid survivability that is most certainly Hardcore viable, and the Facebreaker Ancestral Warchief Chieftain, which is another tanky build that focuses on totems and solid single-target damage potential, both of which come from Vvckd.
      Juggernaughts and Berserkers both only have 1 starter build on this list: the Earthquake Juggernaught and Ground Slam Berserker, both of which come from Vvckd.
      Both of these builds can be started with very low investment costs (especially the Juggernaught build), while still being very tanky and completely Hardcore viable. One down side of the Berserker build, however, is its lacking single-target damage when you are in the early stages of gearing.

      Raider players are unfortunately going to have to look elsewhere this league for a solid starter, as the main focus is on Deadeyes and Pathfinders. 
      The Crit Elemental Hit Deadeye from Furty is an incredible build when played correctly, with huge single-target damage that can annihilate end-game bosses, excellent clear speeds, and great kiting tools. Unfortunately, that last strength does become a negative at the same time, as most of the survivability of this build relies on the player to be able to kite efficiently.
      Pathfinders have 2 options this league, either the Kinetic Blast Power Siphon Pathfinder, from Furty, or the Poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder, from Vvckd.
      The former is blisteringly fast, with one of the highest clearing and movement speeds of all builds in the game, as well as having a huge chance to avoid attacks completely, excellent XP farming capabilities, and performing strongly as both a starter and finisher. For most players, the KB/PS Pathfinder is an excellent choice this league and, for the most part, is seen as an extremely fun build to play.
      While it's definitely tough to follow the first build, the Poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder is no pushover; it can be played on a smaller budget, has solid clearing times and still performs well on bosses, and it is even Hardcore viable. 

      Just as with Raiders, Assassin players are in the same boat of being somewhat outclassed as league starters in Harvest. 
      For Saboteurs, the Ultimate Arc Mines build from Furty can be played on a budget with excellent results. For a very modest investment, you can find a solid starter and finisher for the league that can clear extremely quickly, but it is definitely not a build for the inexperienced.
      If you're comfortable with spending considerably more, you can try out one of the top single-target damage builds in the game: the Low-Life Ball Lightning Mine Saboteur from Vvckd.
      Tricksters can turn to the Caustic Arrow build from Vvckd, which features a very versatile playstyle that has the potential to complete all end-game content. The major downside to it is, as always with these kinds of builds, not everyone will enjoy a damage-over-time build.

      Hierophant players are going to be feeling slightly left out, as 2 of the strongest starter builds for Templar are for Inquisitor and Guardian.
      The tried and tested Spark Inquisitor build has stood as one of the best starters for Templar for a while now and, just as before, this build from Furty will give you an extremely well-rounded build to play. It has strong damage for clearing and single-target, while still having solid defenses and being very beginner friendly.
      The Dominating Blow Guardian from Vvckd is somewhat less effective, but is still most definitely present as a single-target damage dealer that can snowball very well if you can get your full set of minions summoned. 

      It looks like this league's start is going to be all undeath, with 4 starter builds for Necromancers!
      Lydia has 2 builds for Necromancer starters this league, Summon Raging Spirit and Physical Summon Carrion Golem.  Both builds are inexpensive to get started with and, with solid defenses and very fast clearspeeds, can definitely get you clearing all content in the game. Unfortunately, they both suffer from the same issue of playstyle preference: either you love or hate summoner/minion style builds.
      Furty's Ultimate Raise Spectre build is an extremely strong starter and, with a fairly low level investment, can absolutely annihilate the endgame content of the league. 
      If you are looking to invest more into your build, then you can try the final suggested starter from Vvckd, the Baron Zombies & Skeletons Necromancer. Once you put your investment into gearing this build, you will find yourself with a simple playstyle that can clear any and all content the game has to offer.
    • By Damien
      The 3.8 Blight league expansion for Path of Exile has launched today, and if you are looking for a build to play, we have tons of options for you over at PoE Vault!
      With huge changes coming to minion builds, mines, and poison skills, as well as a lot of smaller changes to general damage over time, flasks, and gem levels, the Path of Exile's Patch 3.8 is very promising. Plenty more was changed, so you might want to take a look at the patch notes. The launch of 3.8 also brings a new league, and with any new league, you want to start strong. We have plenty of many starter builds on PoE Vault, our sister site, and have compiled some great options for you here.
      The Elemental Hit Deadeye build offers speed like no other, blasting through maps with fiery explosions, while equally at home destroying deadly bosses. The Frost Blades Raider build offers similar speed, shattering the screen from afar, while taking great advantage of the buffs to Raiders this league.  If you are looking to burn your enemies to the ground while taking a leisurely stroll through maps, the Ignite Herald of Thunder Elementalist build may be exactly what you are looking for, with automated damage allowing for incredible speed, and reliable burst damage through powerful Vaal Arc ignites. If you want to take advantage of the changes to poison this league, the Cobra Lash Assassin build lets you do it in style, taking advantage of one of the newly added skills to deal great damage. The Cyclone Slayer build is tried and true, one of the best options to spin to win! It was one of the most powerful and popular builds last league, still a powerhouse this league.  The Icicle Mine Saboteur build takes advantage of the reworked mine skills to deal immense damage, shattering large swathes of the screen from a safe distance. Another tried and true powerhouse, the Essence Drain Trickster build through maps with massive chain reactions, and is equally adept at taking on the hardest content the game has to offer. If minions are what you are looking for, the Baron Necromancer build offers plenty of zombies and skeletons, augmented by a huge pool of strength, resulting in massive damage and amazing survivability. Making use of the power of Slayer and one of the strongest damage scaling mechanics in the game, Doomfletch's Prism Slayer build offers amazing damage on a tight budget, and makes a great starter build. If you want to scale your health pool through the roof and deal damage with it, the Chieftain Righteous Fire build is what you are looking for! Burning itself to burn enemies, this build is great on a budget and has amazing scaling potential. The Bladestorm Berserker build offers blistering speed, powerful twisters, and extremely high damage. If you want high damage, great bossing potential, and to utilize some powerful and interesting uniques, the Scourge Arrow Ascendant build is a great choice, making use of some powerful scaling and one of the most powerful skills in the game. If you want to laugh in the face of your foes onslaught, the Blade Flurry Gladiator build offers amazing defenses without sacrificing damage, blowing your enemies into bloody explosions, resulting in amazing clearspeed. Rising to dominance in 3.7, the Tornado Shot Champion build is still a powerhouse of both offense and defense, that can be easily put together on even the smallest budget.  Of course, one of the biggest reworks of 3.8, the Raise Spectre Necromancer build remains a very powerful option, dealing absolutely massive damage on even a tight budget.
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