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The Infinite Pirate Dragon Boss Preview: Will It Be a Mount?

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The PTR hasn't quite shown us the new megadungeon Tazavesh (at least not in action, as some players have snuck in and had a look around already) but we did get a better look at the penultimate and, let's face it, coolest boss in there, the Infinite pirate dragon.

First things first, the scaly lady's name is Hooktail and she has achieved a rank of captain, apparently of time, and this is what she looks like:

Hooktail1.jpg   Hooktail4.jpg

Hooktail2.jpg   Hooktail3.jpg

Boy that red scarf/cloak-looking thing sure does look like a potential saddle spot! While there's no mount drop in the loot table so far, the fact that she actually doesn't have any particularly interesting or unique loot (just weapons, helms and a neck with no special effects) is somewhat suspicious, as this is probably one of the more unique models we've see in quite a while. Or, well, at the very least it's the coolest/weirdest. Tazavesh will be split into two later on, creating Mythic+ dungeons, so perhaps the mount (which we don't even know exists) might make its way onto those loot tables, or maybe as a special reward from some as-yet unseen achievement.

Just in case there are NO plans whatsoever from Blizzard to give us this incredible potential mount, perhaps we can ask for it hard enough and have it appear as a secret! There's a lot of potential for weirdness in a secret hunt with a model/backstory like this! Speaking of the backstory, it's still pretty sparse, just coming from the Dungeon Journal:


Timecap'n Hooktail commands the infamous pirate ship, the Sea Cucumber, crewed by fearsome corsairs. More dangerous, however, is Hooktail's command over infinite magics, and her ability to Time Warp her allies.
Corsair Cannoneers barrage the beach with Cannon Barrage and Anchor Cannon, while a Corsair Brutes continually join the fight from the ship.

And here are the abilities she and her crew will be throwing at us:


  • Deadly Seas Deadly Seas: The seas are especially treacherous in Timecap'n Hooktail's presence. Players will drown if they enter these dark waters.

Timecap'n Hooktail

  • Infinite Breath Infinite Breath: Hooktail's powerful breath inflicts 15575 Arcane damage and stuns players within a frontal cone for 3 sec. Corsair Brutes hit are stunned and take increased damage for 10 sec.
  • Hook Swipe Hook Swipe: Inflicts 15575 Physical damage and knocks back players in a rear-facing cone.
  • Time Warp Time Warp : Fed up with the player's resistance, Timecap'n Hooktail calls upon her infinite magic to drastically increase the movement and attack speed of any Corsair Brutes in the area.

Corsair Cannoneers

  • Grapeshot Grapeshot: Cannon fire from Hooktail's ship inflict 8010 Fire damage to players.
  • Anchor Cannon Anchor Cannon: Fires an Anchor Shot directly at a player, dealing 0 Physical damage, stunning and dragging them towards the Sea Cucumber for 10 sec.
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Hopefully a guaranteed drop if it becomes a mount, I'd personally prefer the Nightbane system instead of full on annoying RNG and since it's coming with a mega-dungeon, would be quite fitting.

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if it was going to be a mount pretty sure it would have a drop listed by now since the loot tables were datamined and they hasnt been any hard mode cheieves mined yet either . but i know many will hope and hope til the end of time 

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They literally said at blizzconline that there wouldn't be a mount of this, and this is like the third article you've made on just this topic. Be a little more creative, come on guys.

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4 hours ago, yveltus said:

They literally said at blizzconline that there wouldn't be a mount of this, and this is like the third article you've made on just this topic. Be a little more creative, come on guys.

This is as much a post on the boss as it is on the mount, and the idea is to push it to the forefront so Blizzard DO make the mount, even if they don't plan to. It's literally how game communities communicate with devs, if enough people want it, they'll do it eventually.

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