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SP needs help with Garrosh

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I have a terrible time in 10 normal on Garrosh.  My dps is terrible.  I have tried several specs and talents with no real luck.  It is difficult to get a good rotation going with so much movement. Would appreciate some help for this fight.

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You should consider making a post in our Priest forums with a link to your Armory, as well as a link to any logs you may have.


The fight is pretty difficult for an SP, though, because of the large amount of movement.  Hopefully some of our other forum goers have some other tips!

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Armory, and logs would be helpful. the issues with shadow is there extremely gear depend and the right type of gear. haste is your best spec so push every thing can tell you as close as you can to the 18K break point. after that make sure your crit and mast are close to the same. many times shadow will be in a Haste> mastory> crit build. they should be in a Haste> mast=crit build. other then that. make sure you dot up every thing you can. Mind Sear is god sent in phase 1 when there is adds. that might help your dps

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Spriest aren't going to look good on the fight, but there are some things you can do good.

Engineer - everyone is better at p1 than you, so let them handle, plus you're tough to kill.

Divine Star during heart phase - with all your crit it should do good heals, and if someone doesn't get a buff, focused mending will make a difference too.

Empowered whirl adds - 3 orbs will murder your add and then you can kill other peoples adds too.

Empowered MCs - if people in your group are good at opening strong on MCs, try to have 2 orbs for when an mc comes out and hit the one furthest from melee. If people are bad, hit the MC with all 3.

Have garrosh on focus at all times and try to max your dot uptime on him no matter what you're doing. The whirl adds are where you can help the most, and spamming pain will do a lot of threat without killing an add, if multiple adds are on a healer. It is unlikely you'll be able to get an add away from a tank that aoe's.

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