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[US-Baelgun][A]<Underground Connection> 10m weekend raiding guild

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Underground Connection has an immediate opening for a raid ready healer.  We have holy priest and a disc priest already, so we are not looking for another priest.  A paladin, druid or a shaman healer is what we are after.  We are currently 13/14 Normal working on Garrosh.  Ballpark item level we are looking for is 560.  The hope is that the healing prospect also has a descent dps off spec for those fights where only two healers are needed.  Note this is ballpark, we would consider a little lower but 550 is definitely too low.  Higher is naturally ok.


Long term, we are looking to build for Warlords of Draenor Mythic raiding.  We have open spots for future raiders who may not be ready now but are looking to be active come next content.  For WoD we have a need for Warlock, Shaman, Boomkin primarily, but could use other classes as well.  Also in WoD we are going to be raiding 3 nights a week.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Raid times would be Sat and Sun 6:45pm pst to 9:45 pm pst and Monday from 7:30pm pst to 9:30pm pst.


Underground Connection has been in existence since a month before Cataclysm arrived and has remained an active guild since.  As a guild we have over 2k achievements, naturally a level 25 guild and a solid core of good raiders to build around.  We do have a social side to the guild too.  Most don't just log in for raid, they work on other things as well from challenge modes to just achievement hunting.


If you are interested in talking more please add me dare#1578 and we can talk more!


Thanks for reading.



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