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Masters Clash Championship Schedule: April 24-25

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The Icy Veins Masters Clash Championship continues tomorrow at 6 PM Paris time. Check out the schedule of upcoming matches for this weekend!

About the Event

Masters Clash Championship is a Heroes of the Storm tournament sponsored by Icy Veins, where teams compete for a prize pool of 10,000 EUR.

Event Schedule

April 24 (Saturday)

  • Match 1: The donuts vs. Inting for Ruby at 6:00 PM Paris time
  • Match 2: SoundLess vs. SoundLess at 8:00 PM Paris time.

April 25 (Sunday)

  • Match 1: Go Next vs. ArthasStroitHram at 6:00 PM Paris time.
  • Match 2: The Hardos vs. 30K at 8:00 PM Paris time.

Here is the exact schedule of the upcoming matches for this weekend.



Head over to the official site for more details.

Where to Watch

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      Into the Fray [Active] Moved from Level 7. Armor reduced from 25 to 20. Talents
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      Iron Skin [D] Shield increased from 674 to 810. Talents
      Level 4 Hold Your Ground [D] Shield percent increase reduced from 60% to 40%. Level 7 Sins Exposed [Q] Healing reduction increased from 25% to 35%. Steed Charge [D] Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds. Level 10 Falling Sword [R1] Damage Increased from 150 to 225. Level 13 Holy Fury [Passive] Periodic damage increased from 12 to 15. Return to Top
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      Vile Gas [D] Duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Talents
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      Basic Attack Damage increased from 122 to 126. Solarion’s Fire [W] Damage increased from 100 to 110. Talents
      Level 4 Battle Hunger [Trait] Bonus healing increased from 70% to 80%. Level 7 Blaze of Glory [W] Damage increased from 150 to 185. Holy Fervor [Active] Additional functionality: Casting Molten Armor grants Holy Fervor for 2 Basic Attacks. Level 20 Unrelenting Descend [R2] Additional functionality: Descending from the Heavens restores Imperius for 30% of his maximum Health and Mana. Return to Top
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      Level 1 Evenhanded Blessings [Q] Healing bonus increased from 10 to 15%. Lightwell [Active] Cooldown reduced from 80 to 75 seconds. Individual healing cooldown reduced from 1 to .875 seconds. Level 4 Surge of Light [E] Cooldown reduction increased from .5 to .75 seconds. Level 7 Binding Heal [Q] Healing increased from 115 to 135. Desperate Prayer [Active] Cooldown reduced from 40 to 35 seconds. Healing increased from 360 to 375. Level 16 Renew [Q] Healing per second increased from 26 to 30. Duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds. (New) Inner Focus [Active] New functionality: Activate to reset the cooldown of Flash Heal and its next cast heals for 25% more. Damaging enemy Heroes reduces this cooldown by 1 second. 20 second cooldown. Return to Top
      Soothing Mist [D] Healing increased from 105 to 115. Cooldown reduced from 100 to 90 seconds. Phase Shift [Z] Cooldown reduced from 50 to 40 seconds. Talents
      Level 1 Hyper Shift [Z] Cooldown reduction reduced from 1.5 to 1 second. Level 7 Peekaboo! [Z] Shield duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Critical Mist [D] Heal bonus increased from 100% to 140%. Level 13 Pixie Boost [E] Initial Move Speed bonus increased from 40% to 50%. Level 20 Intensive Winds [R2] Changed functionality: No longer increases Emerald Winds’ Mana cost. Faerie Protector [Active] Additional functionality: [Passive] - Pixie Dust always bounces back and applies to Brightwing. Speedy Dragon [Passive] Additional functionality: Reduce Phase Shift’s cast time to 1 second. Return to Top
      Level 1 Fetid Touch [W] Additional functionality: Basic Attacks become ranged and Slow enemies by 15% for 1.5 seconds but deal 50% less damage. Reactive Ballistospores [Active] Adjusted functionality: Activate: Instantly spread a Weighted Pustule to all nearby enemy Heroes (60 Second cooldown). Passive: While below 50% maximum Health, Bio Kill-Switch cooldown refreshes 150% faster. Low Blow [E] Additional functionality: Lurking Arm persists for an additional 1 second after it is cancelled. Spine Launcher [Passive] Removed. Level 4 Biotic Armor [Q] Physical Armor from activating Bio-Kill Switch from 75 to 50. Level 7 Targeted Excision [D] Activating Bio Kill-Switch while exactly 1 enemy Hero is affected by Weighted Pustule now sets your Bio Kill-Switch to 8 seconds instead of 5. Level 13 Lingering Spines [E] Removed. Virulent Reaction [D] Root duration from 2 to 1.5 seconds. Return to Top
      Ranged Assassin
      Level 1 En Pointe [Q] Additional functionality: Hitting Heroes with the end of Shadow Waltz grants an additional 1 Chaos. Growing Nightmare [E] Changed functionality: Initial damage bonus changed from Dread’s eruption to both Dread's wave and eruption. Initial damage bonus increased from 40% to 50%. Quest reward damage bonus increased from 25% to 50%. Level 20 Monster Within [R1] Additional functionality: Cooldown reduction continues for 5 seconds after Eternal Feast ends. Engulfing Oblivion [R2] Armor reduction increased from 25 to 50. Final Toccata [Active] Duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds. Additional functionality: Dashing increases Final Toccata’s duration by 1 second. Return to Top
      Basic Attack Damage increased from 92 to 98. Penetrating Round [Q] Damage increased from 190 to 205. Talents
      Level 1 Ace in the Hole [Trait] Talent changed from [Q] to [Trait]. Changed functionality: Damage bonus now affects all Raynor’s damage. Damage bonus reduced from 25% to 10%. Level 20 Execute Orders [Passive] Execute Orders is no longer able to be picked in ARAM games. Return to Top
      Level 1 Puncturing Arrow [Q] Damage bonus per initial Hero hit increased from 6 to 7. Fire At Will [W] Damage bonus per Hero hit decreased from 4 to 2. Additional functionality: Quest: After hitting 20 Heroes, gain 40 additional Multishot damage. Return to Top
      Bug Fixes
      Anduin Renew's effect is no longer lost by dying. Moral Compass's range bonus is no longer lost by dying. Johanna Falling Sword no longer impacts enemy Heroes twice. Lúcio Mixing Fire's cooldown reduction has been updated to match its tooltip. Malfurion Serenity no longer increases Tranquility's duration. Serenity's tooltip has been updated to match its increased healing. Ragnaros Meteor Bomb's bonus damage is no longer lost by dying. Return to Top
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