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Player in Mid-Level Mythic+ Dungeon Didn't Know What Interrupts, Dispels, Armor Types Etc. Were, and Was Helped by Group Member

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Perhaps not the greatest title, but this Mythic+ story is both strange and uplifting at the same time (and hard to summarize in a title)! Most players' initial reaction to a player in mid-range M+ keys not knowing what interrupts, dispels or debuffs were (and was also wearing a cloth helm as a Druid tank) would probably be negative and dismissive, but ArtsyCats took a different approach and actually talked to the player, only to find out they were new at the game and didn't know a whole lot more than just that - and proceeded to help them!

The key was actually timed and, while a little harder than it should have been at the relatively low level, there wasn't much trouble. But ArtsyCats noticed some strange behavior from the tank, and decided to try to help them out instead of berating them or just ignoring it and leaving. It seems this player had only been playing 10 days but managed to push their own keys as a tank into mid-levels (presumably 5-7, it isn't really specified), all the while not really knowing or understanding some very basic concepts of the game. The player not only didn't know interrupts and such, but also didn't know how to open the spellbook or that you should not be using cloth items as a tank, as ArtsyCats was trying to explain the concepts. Now, you'd expect this was the result of boosting, either the paid level boost or even some gold-based Mythic+ score boosting and similar, but it wasn't - the player had leveled normally through BfA and then Shadowlands. 

There are so many incredible things to process here, starting with ArtsyCats spending 4 hours teaching this new player the basics which, as they point out well, aren't really taught by the game at any point if you're just leveling through it. Then there's the fact that this player managed to get into mid-range Mythic+ keys without knowing some serious basics of the game (and the insults and comments they must have gotten actually didn't make them stop either, talk about persevearance), AND the fact that it took so long for someone to actually help the player and actually give them some useful information.

Here is the full story, well worth reading, and the thread itself has many interesting comments as well, focusing around how the game could better teach new players the "advanced basics", so definitely check that out as well.

Mythic+ is generally considered to be a really toxic environment, but we see that there are some truly great player there as well, as ArtsyCats has proven. There's also an interesting discussion to be had on the advanced basic knowledge and skills required to play the game, and despite WoW generally being a community-based learning experience, the game might want to do better with these topics. The mere fact someone naturally progressed into mid-Mythic+ without ever knowing about armor types, interrupts, what a debuff is, or even how to open the spellbook, AND without anyone in the community helping them for quite a while means that something probably needs to be done about it.

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It's a common problem. You either join or invite someone and throughout the whole dungeon you see them doing numbers, but that's about it. Some dungeons are cc and interrupt/silence sensitive and you for example get a rogue who goes stabbity like crazy but does not kick once or a hunter that does not know how traps work and you're like WAT?

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I just had a ptsd flashback of Tol'Dagor and Shrine of the Storm of people not kicking specific trash mobs or not removing a buff on the trash.

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4 hours ago, Lithari said:

I remember when more players were helpful, now-a-days, its be 100 perfect or be kicked.

I dunno. I remember being kicked out of dungeons for being new in Cataclysm, especially as a tank. There have always been jerks, and there have always been good people too.

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This is a nice story. Nice to see new players and old players helping them. ❤️


Mythic+ is generally considered to be a really toxic environment,

That's because it's toxic.


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I try and offer friendly advice if I'm doing a random hc dungeon. Things like what talents might be better or if they know they have an ability that can dispel etc. The newcomer chat channel has really highlighted how little is explained to new players. Even in exiles reach you are guaranteed to get at least one player a day not knowing how to /wave for the quest because it is not properly explained how to emote.

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