Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 1 Guide

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On this page, you will find everything related to Mythic Season 1 in Shadowlands, including affix changes, new affixes, and rewards.


Shadowlands Mythic Season 2

Mythic Season 1 has concluded with the beginning of Patch 9.1. You will find more information about the ongoing Season 2 on a separate page.


Mythic Keystone and Dungeon Changes in Patch 9.0.5

Mythic Dungeon Gear can be upgraded with Valor in Patch 9.0.5.

Blizzard also changed the formula for determining the level of the first Mythic Keystone players receive each week.



Welcome to our guide to Shadowlands Mythic Season One that begins December 8. Here, you will find changes pertaining to the loot from End-of-Run chests in Mythic+ and existing Keystone Affixes. We also list the new affixes introduced in Shadowlands and explain what they do. In the end, you will find rewards that you can claim in Season 1.


Loot Changes

The End-of-Run chests in Mythic+ will only reward a single piece of gear at the end of each run in Shadowlands.


Mythic Dungeon Rewards

During the first week of Mythic Keystone dungeons, there is a cap of end-of-run loot. That loot will stop increasing at Mythic Keystone +10 for this week, which is Item Level 203. Great Vault will be uncapped the following week, and loot from the Great Vault (on December 15) will reflect successful completions achieved during the week of December 8.

The End-of-Run rewards are capped below Heroic difficulty Castle Nathria loot at Item Level 210. The weekly chest loot is capped at Item Level 226 and it is enough to complete a Mythic +14 run to claim Item Level 226 loot the following week.

Difficulty Level End-of-Run Item Level Weekly Reward Item Level
Mythic +1 183 0
Mythic +2 187 200
Mythic +3 190 203
Mythic +4 194 207
Mythic +5 194 210
Mythic +6 197 210
Mythic +7 200 213
Mythic +8 200 216
Mythic +9 200 216
Mythic +10 204 220
Mythic +11 204 220
Mythic +12 207 223
Mythic +13 207 223
Mythic +14 207 226
Mythic +15 210 226

The Great Vault

The Shadowlands Weekly Chest requires you to clear a certain number of Mythic dungeons per week to receive items in the Dungeons category. You can find more details about the Great Vault and the requirements in our separate guide.

You can check out our Mythic+ dungeon difficulty rankings, as well as the recommended MDT routes for this week in the guides linked below.



This section focuses on Affix changes and the Seasonal Affix, Prideful. For a detailed guide on Mythic+ Affixes and what they do, please refer to our Mythic+ Affix Guide.


Removed Keystone Affixes

Teeming Icon Teeming and Skittish Icon Skittish are taking a break for Shadowlands Season 1, but they may return in the future.


Keystone Affix Changes

Bursting Icon Bursting, Volcanic Icon Volcanic, Sanguine Icon Sanguine, Grievous Icon Grievous, and Explosive Icon Explosive have received changes in Shadowlands.

  • Bursting Icon Bursting is now a Magic effect that can be dispelled. Damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level, rather than a percentage of players' maximum health.
  • Volcanic Icon Volcanic damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level, rather than a percentage of players' maximum health. Additionally, players hit are now knocked high into the air.
  • Sanguine Icon Sanguine: Duration reduced to 20 seconds (was 60 seconds).
  • Grievous Icon Grievous: Damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level, rather than a percentage of players' maximum health. Non-periodic heals remove 1 application of Grievous Wound Icon Grievous Wound.
  • Explosive Icon Explosive: Now appear slightly farther away from enemies that summon them.

New Keystone Affixes

In this section, you will find all the new affixes that are coming in Shadowlands. Note that some of the information may be incomplete because they have not been properly tested on the Beta yet.


Prideful Keystone Affix

Prideful Icon Prideful is the first Seasonal affix added in Shadowlands, themed after the Castle Nathria raid.

  • Players overflow with pride as they defeat non-boss enemies, eventually forming a Manifestation of Pride. Defeating this Manifestation greatly empowers players.

The general philosophy is to make this affix easy because players will still be learning the new dungeons at the beginning of the expansion.

Prideful Icon Prideful is literally single-target Reaping. Every 20% on the progress bar, a Manifestation of Pride will spawn that you must defeat to gain Prideful Icon Prideful that increases Mana Regeneration by 5% per second, damage dealt by 30%, and Movement Speed by 60% for 60 seconds.

The Manifestation of Pride uses two abilities.

  • Bursting With Pride Icon Bursting With Pride — Overflowing pride inflicts 1 Shadow damage to players within 60 yards every 2 seconds. Damage is increased by 40% with each cast. Upon defeat, all players become Prideful Icon Prideful for 60 seconds.
  • Belligerent Boast Icon Belligerent Boast — The manifestation incites players about their accomplishments. After 4 seconds, they boast in multiple directions, inflicting Shadow damage to other players and stunning them for 2 seconds.

The first one is a stacking debuff that inflicts damage to players every 2 seconds and ramps up the longer the manifestation stays alive. It gives the group Prideful Icon Prideful when the manifestation is defeated.

The second ability inflicts damage in an X-shape around a random player after 4 seconds, and must be dodged by the rest of the group because it stuns them for 2 seconds.


Inspiring (Level 4 Keystone Affix)

Some non-boss enemies have an inspiring presence that strengthens their allies.

The affix works just like tide emissaries from Beguiling Icon Beguiling.


Spiteful (Level 4 Keystone Affix)

Fiends rise from the corpses of non-boss enemies and pursue random players.

The affix spawns Spiteful Shades that inflict heavy melee damage.


Storming (Level 7 Keystone Affix)

While in combat, enemies periodically summon damaging whirlwinds.

Storming summons whirlwinds that inflict damage and knock back players, preventing all action.


Weapon Swapping in Mythic Dungeons

Gear swapping in Mythic Dungeons is limited to weapons in Shadowlands.


Covenant Bonuses in Mythic Dungeons

Depending on the Mythic dungeon, each Covenant in Shadowlands can provide specific buffs and bonuses to the party, and making use of these is essential for progressing. You can find out all about that on our dedicated page.


Mythic Season 1 Achievements and Rewards

Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One Icon Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One requires you to complete all Shadowlands Season 1 dungeons at Mythic 10 Level or higher, within the time limit, and rewards The Proud title.

You must complete all Shadowlands Season 1 dungeons at Mythic Level 15 or higher within the time limit to earn Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One Icon Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One and receive the Sintouched Deathwalker Icon Sintouched Deathwalker mount.



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