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Big Negativity, Toxicity and Criticism Commentary by Asmongold and Other Streamers

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not sure if there is a way to private message a moderator or something but apparently you guys had an article up briefly about the letter i got from brack last night. i'd love to prove it's real so if you have a way to privately contact me, i'm open.

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Anything that Asmongold says via tweets or posting videos on Youtube I take with a grain of salt.  He tends to rant/rave on the topic at hand but I will admit some of his tantrums tend to make me laugh.  But when I turn my focus at Blizzard in general and I either roll my eyes or shake my head and sigh.  

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3 hours ago, Halock said:

I disagree with what seems to me rose-tinted viewing of Legion these days, but when you put it this way it is kind of true. Legion established a formula which worked. BFA and Shadowlands have merely carried it on. 

I would say WoD contributed too, after all it's where mission table started and it has been carried over since. This when they started to increase the number of time wasting mechanics.

Personally, I've never taken opinions of Youtubers too seriously (plus I'm not even watching people mentioned here), they are entertainers first, not information channels. Parroting popular opinions can be beneficial to them, whether negative or positive. That being said, negativity itself can be good, if it contains constructive criticism and people genuinely want current systems to improve. SL, while certainly an improvement over BfA, suffers from having too many systems, devs have dug that hole themselves. Now it's almost impossible to have any semblance of balance between classes, this includes some classes having insane burst openers.

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My #1 problem with Shadowlands - it's all recycled. I went back to classic and there was time and money spent on the game. You had multiple locations to level. You had the Horde in their own territory. The Alliance in their own territory. EACH had their own quests. EACH had their own storyline. EACH took a long time to work on your character to achieve the end goals.

Shadowlands is nothing but copy and past. Recyclelands is what it is. Go to the Maw. Go to Torghast. Do the World Quests. Rinse & repeat. NOTHING new or unique for either faction. NO story to the Horde. NO story to the Alliance. 4 zones of the same quests...for both sides. The exact same world quests for both sides.

Why have Horde and Alliance? Why not just put it all together as 1 faction...like they have been slowly doing for the last few Xpacs. They saved money and we are all paying for it.

I hope people stop subscribing and they start to realize that they need to find a new way to bring us back. They need to find a way to show you are FOR THE HORDE or FOR THE ALLIANCE! Not FOR THE CHEAP STORY AND NO CREATIVITY!

Get back to the roots of the game and see how much they missed...before it's too late.

(As a player since Vanilla...I am crying because it's difficult to find $70.00 US - $84.00 Canadian.)

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9 hours ago, durdyenglish said:

I also don't really understand what the community even wants from this game anymore. I look around at other ARPGs, MMOs, and games in general and I'm not sure the grass is greener anywhere. I think sometimes that people have just played too long and may be just done with the game, but unwilling to let go or blame themselves for that because they can't admit they've moved on from such an emotional attachment.

A heart didn't do this one justice. I agree whole-heartedly and this is pretty much the reason I moved on. Finally. I think this is a perfect assessment of more of the population of the game today than most would ever admit. My opinion of course, but man I just can't help but think there's a lot of truth here.

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13 hours ago, Dreamcatcher said:

Asmongold is an idiot. He barely plays WoW nowadays and he is not good at it either. Not PVP not PVE. He knows nothing about new systems not even classes. I remember back in BFA this guy was talking *filtered* about the game and one of his major claims were "Blizzard suck at balancing classes. Look here they nerfed Thunderclap for 30%." and i laughed. It was obvious poor guy didn't know how OP Thunderclap was back then and it was obvious for everybody who actually was playing the game that it was going to be nerfed because on some fights you couldn't outdps Prot Warrior. All of this while i know balance of classes need more work and should be better its not end of the world either. You can play every classes you like and choose every covenant you want and still accomplish every content in the game. He said many thing is years and i just thing most of his words is based on his lack of knowledge on expansions. Because you need to play and learn about new systems ingame and you should understand and be good at it to be able to make comments on them. And honestly i can't imagine someone hate Legion expansion for me it was the BEST but anyway he made some good points too while trying to look everything grim and dead. It is not.

Shadowlands is an awesome expansion with a few major problems. It is really fun most of the times. I had lots of fun leveling my characters. I liked conduit system but not energy. New raid was amazing. Dungeons were cool. There are many thing about Shadowlands you can fall in love too. Waiting almost 6 months for new contents and major patch is not one of them tho. 9.1 looks really good and it has some of players suggested changes which is really good thing. Blizzard hears players voices. Sometimes?!

I strongly disagree with those price tags for BC Deluxe and services. Way too high and unrealistic. Even game services prices in the Blizzard shop is high and just imagine those services mostly done automated and you don't need any staff members.

But about those problems that were pointed out in Alpha and players who tested the game mentioned them in different ways.

Now question is : Blizzard don't care and those ideas about participation metrics is true? or this is because of lack of staff and resources and if later is true then Blizzard or better if i say Activition-Blizzard should pump more resources toward WoW because this game success will never be repeated in next millennia. This players i see everyday playing this lovely game some of them since they were just child or teenagers really deserve love. As a community WoW accomplished many great feats.

Say what you will about Asmongold, but he is no idiot. He has played the game alot. I have played about as long as he has, and I see truth in alot of what he writes. I also know what the game can be, and this is only a small percentage of the games potensial.


SL is a middle of the pack expac. I dont know if I like it more than bfa. SL zones are bad imo, the dungeons are nothing special and the 'new' quests are so bad. They are not interesting  or innovative, they just take longer. It's not tempting to do WQs knowing it will take longer than it should.


Class balance will never be perfect, but it should never be more than a few % apart. Blizzard are unable to balance their game, and will be unable to as long as they implement systems such as azerite, conduits and to some degree legendaries. They are bandaids, nothing more. In 2 years all these systems will be obsolete and new, badly implemented systems will handicap the game. 


I was really hoping SL would turn the tide, but no. I still have faith, but just barely

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Honestly I during BfA, I thought WoW couldn't get any worse, but Blizz proved me wrong with Shadowlands.  There are so many issues it isn't even funny but the top ones IMO these.  1)  The story.  There are a couple nice spots here and there in the covenant storylines, but overall the story is just garbage.  I don't care about the Jailer at all,  Sylvanas for the last few years seems to have been written by a emo / goth teen with her "wah wah death isn't fair" which most pretty much anyone over the age of 16 should have grown out of.  2) The push to make WoW something it isn't, which is an esport.  Adding timers and rankings to everything stupid and is contributing to the 3rd issue which seems to be actively trying to drive away the "casual" player and focusing more on the "whale" type players who are completely addicted.  Torghast was a good idea, but poor execution.  Add more mounts, transmogs and other stuff casual players can work towards whenever they want without feeling pressured they are missing something if they don't log in for a day.  Instead they are focusing on the type of players mobile games prey upon and the mobile game type WoW seems to be shifting towards.  Not mobile in the it's a mobile game sense, but adding more and more microtransactions and  the features that mobile games use to addict people to playing and making sure they log in everyday and the shift towards measuring success by " daily player engagement" is a big part of that.  It use to be Blizz was happy as long as you kept your sub running, they didn't care if you played or not.  But now they need you to play everyday so you develop that fear of missing out if you don't and every minute you aren't playing is a minute you aren't pondering if you should purchase that micro-transaction.

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we can agree that this patch cycle is waaaay too long. there is a pandemic going on, but still, 7 months is kinda long.. also, yes, bellular is right that we are paying for a beta test, which sucks.

on the other hand, we have bellular and asmongold of all people complaining about content in the game. both of them barely play the game. asmongold just doesn't engage in shadowlands endgame (i understand why, i saw him do arenas) at all. all he does is farming old content and world quests for anima. of course the game gets boring that way. it's the same with bellular. he gets aotc and that's it.

wow has it's flaws, and there are some major flaws, i.e. torghast and still no solo que for 2v2 arena, but i honestly still like this game.

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I am surprised no one talks about the very glaring issue of placing things at the maximum distance from spawn points and just generally making travel onerous again. The world boss is always at the far of each zone from the Oribos flight entrance. If you buy the teleportation network you get sent to the spawn from Stormwind. There is only flight point in Oribos on the top level which is no where near where you come up from the first floor. You have to go up to jump in to the maw. To get the two weekly quests you have to go down the massive staircase. 

Oribos is probably the worst "capital" city they have ever introduced and it won't get any better with flying....because surprise surprise we won't be able to fly in Oribos and we can't skip it either because it would take to long to fly from Ardenweald to Maldraxxus, et al. Oribos is meant to a time sink and I hate it.  

All of the covenant sanctums are as far away as possible from the world boss and the entrance point. I believe this all designed to keep you playing the game longer. Instead of getting into the action.  

Yes it's only a matter of a few seconds for some of these transitions, but think about often you make those transitions. A few seconds here and few seconds there and it can be like 5 minutes over the course of an evening. Which ends up being an hour or two a month wasted on doing nothing. 

Meanwhile, everyone is whining about systems and what not. We all know that these systems are designed to slow us down in x.0 and maybe even x.1 It's been like that since Wrath with the valor points. They constantly create new raids and dungeons. However, they throw a few world bosses out there and some overly convoluted world quests and expect people to enjoy the game. 

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The long and short is as people have stated - The game came out flawed, they have fixed "some" flaws but we just have had no new content for such a long time.

Second pont about the raid. Any boss that you have to ACTIEVELY STOP DPS for 40 seconds because the boss designed poorly is bad raid design.

How about just ignoring all the mechanics and nuking the boss down? Great fight

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On 5/10/2021 at 10:13 AM, Halock said:

I feel this is rarely thought through. All Blizzard shop items -- services and mounts and etc -- are overpriced. This isn't a new thing. Back in late Cata (early Mists?) you could buy a transmog helmet for £10. That's more than the monthly sub over here. For a single helmet.

People default to saying that this must be 'greed'. The quote above is quite right, they don't need to be that high. P2W games would price them at 1/10 the price. So Blizzard prices them so high because they're addicted to money at all costs, right? I don't think that's so.

They could, surely, sell more by pricing them so the majority of people would buy them. These TBC services are a great example. They've priced them so high it's created massive discontent. Lots of people will refuse to buy them on principle. Far more (like me) will refuse to buy them simply because they're too expensive, never mind the principle. If they priced them reasonably everybody, almost literally everybody, who played Classic would buy one.

And there'd be no discontent, right? Well --

I don't think so. I think they price things so highly to preserve the value of ingame effort. I think the transmog helms were £10 so nobody would ever feel their raid transmogs were devalued. I think mounts are £20 so it's never 'easier' to get a cool mount through the store than ingame. It's also worth noticing the designs of store items are kinda weird. They'd sell loads more transmog if it looked like Mythic sets as opposed to large fluffy creatures. But it doesn't.

And I suspect these TBC services are way high so they're not the normal. So it doesn't feel like an obligatory purchase. 

And I think much of the discontent comes not just from a perception that Blizzard are greedy (although some does, I think) but from the fact a great many people want to buy these services, perhaps feel if they don't buy them it's a disadvantage to them. But to do so they're looking at a horrible price tag.

But it's a rough situation. What do you do? Make them free? That'd do funny things, I suspect. Not quite sure in the TBC case, but it can be seen with other shop services. They're priced so highly to discourage people from changing their name every other day, say. So perhaps price the services lowly? It feels like an obligatory purchase. Price them highly so the option is there but it's not commonplace? Plenty of people who wanted it are disgruntled. 

you are pretty seriously misguided if you think it's the price point that bothers the vast majority of classic players. it's the very presence of *filtered* that wasn't there back then that slowly lead to the devaluing of actual in game accomplishments. I can almost guarantee you that most of the "classic players" that say they don't mind it are actually retail players who simply play classic as well.

when we said #somechanges, this is not what we meant. it could cost 2$ and I still would not buy any of it.

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      The recent Activision Blizzard lawsuit is having effects in World of Warcraft as well, with many players staging various kinds of protests, including sit-ins in Oribos while raising money for charity, and checking up on a disappearing NPC.
      The most prominent of the protests is from the Fence Macabre RP guild who stages a sit-in on the Oribos steps with hundreds of players, and also managed to raise a huge $9,500 for the Black Girls Code non-profit organization during it:
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      Another interesting "event" in the game is players heading to Stormwind to "check up" on a specific NPC, namely Field Marshal Afrasiabi (who is named for Alex Afrasiabi, one of the people mentioned in the lawsuit allegations, and who also left Blizzard in 2020).

      The more interesting thing, however, is that Blizzard has seemingly started despawning the NPC, as he was not there when some players arrived. Players had actually been asking for the removal of all references related to Afrasiabi, so this might just be Blizzard listening, although there are other references still in-game.

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      Soulbinds Night Fae Fixed an issue where Podtender (Dreamweaver) would cause the player to die when accepting a queue. Dungeons and Raids
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      Blizzard President J. Allen Brack sent an internal email to Blizzard employees, addressing the allegations from this week's lawsuit.
      The president called them "extremely troubling" and said that he'd be "meeting with many of you to answer questions and discuss how we can move forward", according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.
      Placeholder for tweet 1418512291218264065 Here's a full transcript of the mail (courtesy of Jason Schreier).
      J. Allen Brack
      Hello Blizzard - 
      I personally have a lot of emotions coming out of yesterday, and I know you do, too. The allegations and the hurt of the current and former employees are extremely troubling.
      I know many of you would like to receive more clarity. While I can't comment on the specifics of the case as it's an open investigation, what I can say is that the behavior detailed in the allegations is completely unacceptable.
      It goes - without saying - it is completely unacceptable for anyone in the company to face discrimination or harassment. It goes - without saying - that everyone should feel safe working here, whether we are on campus, at BlizzCon, or working from home. It goes - without saying - it takes courage to come forward, and all claims brought to the company are investigated by internal and (when needed) external investigators. We take these claims very seriously. Claims made without fear of retaliation, and many times, I attend to them personally, along with our other leaders. Stepping back - when I talked with Bobby about taking this job, one of the first things I mentioned was a revered saint of the Brack household - Gloria Steinem. Growing up, the value of women as equals, understanding the work that had been done for equal treatment, and the fact that there was still much to do, were common themes. This is just one of the reasons why the fight for equality is incredibly important to me. People with different backgrounds, views, and experiences are essential for Blizzard, our teams, and our player community. I disdain "bro culture," and have spent my career fighting against it.
      Iterating on our culture with the same intensity that we bring to our games is imperative, with our values acting as our north star. This is some of the most important work we do, both as professionals and human beings.
      A company is more than a legal construct that exists as a piece of paper in a filing cabinet in Delaware. The people that work at the company make it what it is, through their actions and creations. Each of us plays a role in maintaining a place of safety for one other. And it is also up to each of us to continue to craft the Blizzard we want - and commit to doing our part in keeping Blizzard great but always aspiring for more.
      The leadership team and I will be meeting with many of you to answer questions and discuss how we can move forward. In the meantime, I wanted to know that you can talk to any man ager, any HR partner, any member of the legal team, or to any one on the executive team [including, Hey J]. If you feel more comfortable by talking to someone outside of Blizzard, or prefer to be anonymous, you can contact the Way2Play Integrity Line (CENSORED).
      I feel angry, sad, and a host of other emotions, but I also feel grateful to work alongside a set of leaders and thousands of employees who join me in their commitment to continuous improvement.
      Thank you Blizzard.
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      Domination Socket Helper is an addon that prevents you from replacing/destroying Shards of Domination in Patch 9.1.
      Shards of Domination should always be extracted using Soulfire Chisel. However, if you decide to replace them, they will be destroyed in the process, which is where Domination Socket Helper comes in handy.
       What Does the Addon Do?
      Prevents you from replacing a Domination Shard and adds a button next to the socket which safely removes the shard.

      Destroying the item or selling it to a vendor is also blocked.

      I will add more functionality when I have time. (Hopefully, a window that lets you add shards without dragging them from your bags)
      You can download Domination Socket Helper here.
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      It's been a big few days for the Race to World First, as the EU re-clear meant an actually pretty tense race for World 3rd, as Pieces and BDGG went at it trying to see who can defeat Sylvanas first and we got 5 guilds past the Banshee today!
      While the top 2 has been determined for a while now, that doesn't mean the race is over, and we had yet another EU vs. US face-off on our hands! We actually had 8 guilds progressing on the final boss of the Sanctum today, but only BDGG, Pieces and Method were actually close to a kill. After a lengthy re-clear, both Pieces and Method were back progressing on the boss, and Pieces were doing well, managing to get under 50% in 134 pulls, and then after a few wipes, this happened:

      Yep, that's right. 0.16%. THE closest any guild has come to defeating Sylvanas... without actually defeating her. It took Pieces over an hour to recover from that close of a call, but they did manage to focus up and get that extra tiny fraction of HP down, claiming and defending their previous World 3rd!

      BDGG were the biggest  movers in this tier, as they caught up to Pieces quite quickly and gained 5 spots on the world stage since Nathria, earning their World 4th!

      And finally, we got our 5th place guild today, as Method also improved from their Nathria performance, climbing 2 spots!

      We still have plenty of guilds still progressing on Sylvanas, 6 to be exact, 5 spots in the top 10, and the Asia first yet to be crowned! And as a final treat, here's Complexity-Limit's multi-PoV World 2nd video:
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