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[A][Benediction]<GANGLAND> LF Skilled PvP Players For TBC

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Gangland (OTG Gaming)

Benediction | Alliance | Semi-Hardcore

WEBSITE: otggamers.com


In preparation for The Burning Crusade, GANGLAND (OTG Gaming) has opened our Guild recruitment for DEDICATED and SKILLED Arena/PvP players ONLY. We're a top-end Guild of 10+ years, with a large community of dedicated players. Leadership and community consist of individuals with over a decade of playing experience. Both in retail and private servers! 


We have a Guild reward system for those that end an Arena season with a Gladiator title. Chances to win things like gift cards/discord nitro, gifted Blizzard Store items, and IRL items (gamer gear). We also have a weekly PVP Bounty Program that has payouts of up to 5-50g for the death of specific enemy players. There will be plenty of opportunity for our PvPer's also to join one of our MULTIPLE high-end raid team's alt/GDKP runs for the chance to receive gold and PVE gear that is needed for PvP. If you're interested in joining, please contact me in-game (Dredd) or in Discord at Dredd#1487

We currently HOST and ADVERTISE all GUILD streamers in our Discord, Website, and on all our Guild social media accounts. This exposure helps individuals who stream gain an audience.

PvP Recruitment Needs:

All PvP Players Needed

Restro/Boomkin Druid (High Need)

Rogue (High Need)

Raid Team Information:


Times- Tues/Thurs, Wed/Sun 8-11pm EST. 3rd Day Optional. Time may change due to TBC!

Loot: Loot Council/DKP/GDKP

Off Days- BiS dungeon runs, Alt/GDKP raid runs, and professions farming

[u][b]Expectations & Guild Rules[/b]:[/u]

- The guild's goals come first!

- No “disrespectful” behavior or the use of “gamer” words

- Disruptive, bigoted, or disrespectful players will be IMMEDIATELY removed regardless of social status within Guild.

- Be prepared and knowledgeable

- Be active. Have good attendance for Guild raids/functions

- Be a selfless player

- Strive to be the best version of yourself. Consistency as a mediocre player is not acceptable

Our Discord is available for anyone who is interested in joining or wanting to get to know the guild. Simply message: Dredd#1487, Drizz#8229, or Killionair#3196



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Hello! Im a mage on Benediction looking for an active PVP guild. Im also down to raid. Ive been playing wow for 14 years. been 2.3+ multiple times in retail. Decided *filtered* retail and im gonna go al TBC. My mage is my main. also working on a rogue and priest.

currently 220 resil, and wanting to farm BG's and arena until WOTLK. Id love to join!!

my mages name is Frose

rogue is  Rogueaine.

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