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[H][US][Area 52] <Red Dawn> 5/10M Progressing - Looking for DPS and heals and PVP

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Since our inception we have grown from a small group of friends into a tight-knit community of dedicated raid members that share a strong passion for raiding endgame Mythic as well as Mythic plus and PVP. We are eager to invite players into our ranks as long as they share that same passion.

Please read the entire post before applying.


We have Only been around since right before Shadowlands launch, yet a large amount of us have been playing for years and many of us have multiple tiers of mythic level experience. We got a late start to raiding and getting a core team assembled yet we are still Progressing well for starting so late and are currently 5 of 10 Mythic Castle Nathria, we do not plan on being a server first guild or a top 100 guild, yet, We will push AOTC as quick as and start progress through Mythic the first week avalible but will move at our own pace. This does not mean we plan on carrying “dead weight”. We will make cuts where necessary.

In addition to raiding we are very active in the areas of Mythic+ and PvP. We love pushing keys as high as they go and a majority of us follow our RaiderIO score closely. With PvP we have active 2’s and 3’s groups for both casual fun as well as competitive enjoyment.

On Downtime we love doing things as a guild such as transmog runs, timewalking raids, alt leveling, and even gaming outside of WoW, like MTG arena, Diablo and other games/systmes Guild engagement is important to us so if you are looking to only show up 2 times a week on raid day then we are not for you.


Nathria - 5/10M

RAID DAYS/TIMES Progression Raid Days - Friday/Saturday/ 9pm-1am EST Non-Progression fluctuates but typically is put together Tuesday and Thursday starting at 8:30 with mains and alts doing heroics.

RECRUITMENT STATUS We are currently recruiting Heals-disc/holy priest, shaman or Mistweaver DPS- boomkin, mage, rogue, warrior or enhance and are accepting all applications for these roles, players with dual role/spec ability a huge plus.

Regardless of recruitment needs, we review every application submitted. Any application submitted with exceptional logs that is outside of our current needs may be accepted as a trial so do not hesitate to apply if you are considering it and your spec is outside of our current needs.

WHAT YOU NEED DBM or BigWigs, Exorsus Raid Tools, Astral Keys, WeakAuras, RCLootCouncil, a working headset and microphone, a stable internet connection

If you show up to raid without the above you will be removed from raid until you do.


Raid Rules:

Attendance – We have taken a great deal of time to put together the right team and comp, in the same notion we know family and life happens. You will be expected to let the raid leads know ASAP if you cannot attend a raid this will should be posted in the attendance discord channel. Continued issues or tardiness may get you on the bench more frequently or removed outright. Non-emergency no-shows that happen more than VERY rarely will be dealt with in a harsher manner. Invites will start 30 minutes prior to raid start time. On-Time is at raid entrance 15 minutes prior to posted times.

Preparation – When you come to a mythic raid 19 to 24 other people have committed their time, don’t waste it.• You should be coming prepared with all non-guild supplied raid mats.• You should have researched any fights that you were told to research as well as any that are in the possibility of attempting, this means videos, logs, DJ, or any other appropriate resource.• You should come to the raid in the proper spec and talents for the boss we are starting, Swapping will be only as approved or in between bosses.During progression pulls - between pulls on progression fights we need to pull quickly any discussion needs to be at a minimum, if the raid leaders need opinions they will be asked for or whisper them, there will not be open discussions between pulls, raid leaders will change strategy as necessary.

Gear- All gear that is not needed by the winner of the gear will be delt with by raid leads with the use of the addon RC Loot council. This gear may be rolled on or in some cases given to a tank or healer based on need and discretion. We all want gear, and in that vein we will get way more by gearing the people we need in order to get as many bosses in a farm state as possible.

Bench – While in a perfect world we would all be in the raid every pull; we have to have a slightly higher roster for comps and absences. You may be placed on the bench for multiple reasons, this is not a debatable thing during a raid. There could be many reasons, including Comp, Performance, Swap in others on bench, or preferred gear. If you are on the bench for a boss or some pulls you will not be on the bench for that boss next week (unless volunteered for a gearing reason) or for the following boss unless there is an extreme circumstance, we want to be as fair to all the raiders as possible. If you are on the bench feel free to do what ever else you like in game as long as you can be summoned within 3 minutes, there will be no waiting till you finish a mythic plus. If you get up for something please let a raid leader know.

Behavior- Their no arguing with raid leaders in discord. If you think something is wrong then a whisper is what needs to happen, and just becuase it may not be delt with or mentioned does not mean it was not seen, please do not repeat whispers to raid lead about the same issue once you know it was seen. There will be NO calling anyone out for mistakes other than raid leaders.

Mandatory Add-ons:



Astral Keys


Exorsus Raid Tools


APPLYING WITH US Our application process is extremely easy. If you are interested in joining please visit the link below and fill out an application. If we are interested, we will contact you and set up an interview in Discord with our relevant officers.



NOTE: We welcome any and all non-raid minded members to our guild with no application process needed.


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