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[US-Windrunner][A] Ring of Oütlaws 4/14 Heroic 10

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Ring of Oütlaws (Windrunner-PvE-US-Alliance) is looking to recruit players of all types. We have only been a guild for 2 weeks, and we have only had one active raiding week with our mains. In the two weeks that we have been a guild, we have cleared 14/14 NORMAL twice, once with alts, and one as a finish out run with our mains. We have also progressed to 4/14 HEROIC in these two weeks. Needless to say we are a very skilled group that expects to continue this fast pace and have Garrosh down before the expansion ends. We may make the move to 25-man Heroic if our recruiting base continues to flourish; however, we DO intend to make the move to 20-man mythic when Warlords of Draenor hits.


With that said, we are looking to pickup skilled, talented, geared, and smart individuals. We currently have openings for all positions except healing (this may change if you provide logging information that sways us one way or another). 


Raid times:

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday from 7:30pm-10:30pm (West Coast) - You must stay the full raid time from start to finish unless something pressing comes up, we do not want to fill, and refill, and refill if players drop out mid-raid.


Our requirements:

-Must be 14/14 Normal and have some Heroic experience this expansion

-Must have an item level of 560+

-Must know all fights in siege on Heroic difficulty to some extent, whether than be from guides or videos

-You must have the Mumble voice client

-Have a great attitude towards other raiders and be constructive


We here in Ring of Oütlaws are a mature group that is looking for mature players. We don't want someone who spams trade, or harasses other players. With that said we are looking for talent, skill, and most of all... people we can call friends. Our raid environment is extremely constructive; however we analyze everything - I will ask you why you performed a certain action and I expect a response, not to criticize negatively but so we can build as a unit as that is what a successful group is founded upon. We have a hell of a lot of fun here and we have a very fun raiding environment.


Outside of raiding we do a decent amount of PvP in battlegrounds, Arena teams, and Rated Battlegrounds. 


Hope to see you in-game! Leave a message here or send me a direct message for more information. Thanks for the read.

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Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines before posting:




Because there are no links and no mention of your realm or region, I cannot even edit your title to conform with the guidelines.  Please provide some more information, and I'll get it fixed up.

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I'm sorry! We are Alliance, Windrunner, and US. I will edit now.

Not a big deal!  I've edited your title with that information.


Good luck in your search!

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