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Mount Guides and Locations (Hidden, Puzzle and More) for Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination

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We're highlighting some 9.1 mount guides by Arhqirah, who has been posting both video and written content over on the WoW reddit, and has made guides for 4 new mounts coming in 9.1, as well as a video covering the easier to get, direct-from-mob drop ones, so let's get to it!

Let's start off with the more general rare spawn drop mounts video, as those will be the easiest to go for while you're questing in Korthia:

Then we're on to the guides, and the videos are very to-the-point, short and indexed with all the topics covered, so they're definitely worth a watch, even if you prefer written content (but we'll also add the written guides below each video). We'll start off with the one we all want, the golden hand aka Hand of Nilganihmaht, which is also the longest video, as the rest come in under 3 minutes.



? Nilganihmaht Control Ring is the golden version of the crawling hand mounts. It is a "secret puzzle" mount, and is obtained by aquiring 5 rings: ? Nilganihmaht's Stone Ring ? Nilganihmaht's Silver Ring ? Nilganihmaht's Runed Band ? Nilganihmaht's Gold Band ? Nilganihmaht's Signet Ring within the maw and delivering them to Hand of Nilganihmaht at /way 25.5 36.8 in a cave called "Forlorn Respite". Hand of Nilganihmaht will only be in the cave if you are in the rift phase of the maw.

The rift phase is a new concept in patch 9.1. It's basicly a spectral realm of the maw as we know it, and all mobs will be replaced with others. To enter the rift phase you have three options.
Option 1: Using ? Unbalanced Riftstone while on the night fae covenant assault quest ? A Shady Place
Option 2: Entering a maw rift in korthia with ? Repaired Riftkey and walking to the maw. ? Repaired Riftkey is purchaseable at Tier 4 with the new rep in Korthia The Archivists' Codex for 100x? Cataloged Research Be aware that the portals in Korthia only let you in for 15 minutes at a time, and then you get booted out and have to go back to find another portal, whereas while you're on the assault quest you can pop in and out infinitely.
Option 3: Find a person with ? Collapsing Riftstone, and open a portal into the rift. This portal is shareable when in group, so it's a good way to skip farming for tier 4 with the new rep, or waiting until a specific quest is up. ? Collapsing Riftstone has a low dropchance from rares.

With that out of the way lets get to how to obtain the 5 rings.

? Nilganihmaht's Stone Ring is obtained by combining ? Quartered Ancient Ring ? Quartered Ancient Ring ? Quartered Ancient Ring ? Quartered Ancient Ring. To get the Stone Ring, a Necrolord Assault with the quest Putting A Plan Together has to be active, as you need the Centurion vehicle that becomes available after completing it to access two of the rings (and unlock the other two).

? Quartered Ancient Ring is obtained from a Mawsworn chest atop the walls in Perditions Hold at /way 35.0 69.7

? Quartered Ancient Ring is obtaining by killing and looting a Maw Mad Construct, this NPC will start spawning after looting atleast one of the other quartered ancient rings, during the Necrolord Assault event in the maw. It spawns in different locations in Perdition's hold and will yell a message in chat:

You cannot have it! It is mine, stay away filthy Maw Walkers!

? Quartered Ancient Ring is obtained from completing the quest ? Clearing the Walls, obtained from the ? Defense Map. You have to enter the Overcharged Centurion you unlocked by completing Putting a Plan Together, and head to /way 30.3 55.9 where the specific Mawsworn Cache that contains the Defense Map is and you must have access to the Overcharged Centurion to destroy the Pylons for the quest.

? Quartered Ancient Ring can be found at several places in Perdition Hold on the floor after looting at least one other Quartered Ring - A nice spot is by the vases just right from facing the rare Shadeweaver Zeris. /way 33.69, 66.24

Now that you've aquired all 4 quartered head to Zovaal's Cauldron at /way 36.0, 41.0 and craft ? Nilganihmaht's Stone Ring

? Nilganihmaht's Runed Band drops from Torglluun at /way 28.7, 25.0 in The Rift phase of the Maw.

? Nilganihmaht's Silver Ring is obtained from Domination Sealed Chest at /way 66.0, 57.4 behind the staircase.

To open the chest however you need 4x? Seal Breaker Key

These can be obtained in any order you like.

First key is obtained from 5%(ish) dropchance from Maldraxxi Defector found around /way 66.6 52.2. These are elite mobs, but can be soloed with decent gear. I haven't been able to confirm yet, but i believe that you need to finish your campagin up until the point where

Spoiler: Reveal Spoiler

, as i farmed out 200 defectors with no drop before doing this campaign quest, and got it on my 4th kill afterwards. But might just be unlucky pls let me know.
Second key is obtained from ? Feeder's Hand and Key that drops from Ylva at /way 66.8 42.2. This is a rare elite mob and you'll probably have a hard time soloing this.
Third key is from a keyring inside a building. The entrance is next to Deomen the Vortex at /way 66.9 56.2. Head down the stairs and on the far end back wall on the right hangs The Harrower's Key Ring which is the third key.
Fourth key is obtained from a Helgarde Supply Cache at /way 65.7, 38.7

Once all four keys are obtained, head to Domination Sealed Chest and recieve ? Nilganihmaht's Silver Ring.

? Nilganihmaht's Gold Band Is found sitting on a spike on some structure, atop a long ground pillar run. It's located at /way 19.15, 32.28.
It's quite the climb, and some parkour will be needed, I suggest you start at /way 18.58, 38.99 and jump out on the foot of the pillar, you'll then have to find the right pathing and follow it all the way to the top.

? Nilganihmaht's Signet Ring Drops from Exos, Herald of Domination

To summon Exos, Herald of Domination you need combinate 3 items to create ? Domination's Calling.
I got all items on my first try.
Dominion Etching: Pain drop from Talaporas, Herald of Pain.
Dominion Etching: Loss drop from Apholeias, Herald of Loss.
Dominion Etching: Grief drop from Ekphoras, Herald of Grief.
With 3 other players, stand on the corners of the platform and cast ? Convocation of Pain to summon these rares.

/way 28,9, 11,6 Talaporas, Herald of Pain
/way 19,4, 41,4 Apholeias, Herald of Loss
/way 42,1, 21,2 Ekphoras, Herald of Grief

Exos, Herald of Domination is located on Altar of Domination (upper level) - The Maw.
To enter on Altar of Domination you need open a Gate in Perdition Hold.
To open the Gate you need the achievement ? Prepare for Trouble! (click on this achieve for more info).
/way 33,0, 57,0 Gate 1
/way 34,9, 66,4 Gate 2

After opening the gate, run to the rare location on Altar of Domination and use ? Domination's Calling on the center of the room.
/way 23,0, 68,4 (cave entrance)
/way 46,0, 47,7 center of the room

After using ? Domination's Calling a portal will appear in the center of the room.
Enter on this portal to reach Altar of Domination (upper level) and kill the rare and recieve your last ring.
/way 20,6, 69,5 Exos, Herald of Domination

You can also just find someone with ? Domination's Calling an jump into the portal. Also the portal is up for quite some time, so before setting out to acquire a ? Domination's Calling for yourself, I'd check if the portal is already up.

Once all five rings have been obtained head to Hand of Nilganihmaht in the rift phase of the maw. Placing all 5 rings on the hand will trigger a quest, where Nilganihmaht offers to aid you against Zovaal, however he can only offer part of himself which is of course the hand. The quests rewards you with the mount. Congratulations!

Then we're on to the Dusklight Razorwing, also a hidden one:



To obtain the mount you'll have to gather 6x Razorwing Egg and deliver them to the nest from where they came. The Eggs are dropped by gorgers, scavengers and worldeaters. These mobs can be found at 37.8, 48.8 and 54.80, 20.34 in Korthia, with the latter being my favorite place to farm. Keep in mind that the animites doesn't drop the eggs, so no reason to kill these when farming. The eggs are NOT unique, and you can gather all 6 before turning them in to the nest. The nest is located at 25.58, 51.17, and a Duskwing Matriarch friendly NPC will be hovering above the nest. When placing the first egg in the nest, a nestguardian will spawn and attack you, this is a normal mob and everyone should be able to kill it. the next 4 eggs placed will trigger a "A cry of gratitude rings out from above." in the chat for you. Upon placing the 6th egg the Duskwing Matriarch will descend to you and you'll see "The Duskwing Matriarch roars and gives you a gift in thanks.", and this is where you recieve your mount.

Then we have the fabulous Reins of the Wanderer Reins of the Wanderer:



New mount coming in patch 9.1 for anyone interested.

Reins of the Wanderer is obtained by finding the wandering doe Maelie the Wanderer in Korthia and bringing her back to her owner Tinybell every day for six days in total. On the sixth day when you return to Tinybell after finding Maelie the Wanderer, she'll give you a quest which rewards Maelie as a mount.

Maelie the Wanderer can be found in several different spots in Korthia, all of which require a small amount of parkour to reach. She'll usually be near cliffs or begind big tree roots. When you find Maelie the Wanderer you have to click her to cast Reassure, this'll reassure Maelie the Wanderer and she'll return to Tinybell in Keeper's Respite for the day. Next day she'll have run off once again. As for now it seems that Maelie the Wanderer will stay in the same spawn spot all day, so try asking around if people have seen her earlier in the day to get a hint at where she'll spawn. I also suggest using the dungeon finder tool to see if anyone has found her up and is willing to share.

Coords for Tinybell:
/way 60.6 21.8

Coords for all the spawnpoints I've seen reported:
/way 43.0 32.6
/way 49.3 41.7
/way 50.3 22.9
/way 39.7 34.9
/way 61.3 40.4
/way 30.0 55.6
/way 42.8 60.4
/way 60.0 15.2
/way 38.4 31.4
/way 41.3 27.5
/way 35.8 46.6

And to end the guides, an armored horse, aha Fallen Charger's Reins, with no written guide for this one, but it's a pretty short video so that shouldn't be a problem!


Thanks a lot to Arhqirah for the videos and hopefully this will help get players some new mounts!

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3 hours ago, Dejo93 said:

Quite handy, I must say

I think I get your pun, but I can't quite place my finger on it.

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