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Good day. I was forwarded here by Zagam to ask a question.


I am a 574 lock. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dunemaul/Warlog/advanced


And my simdps is 388kavg, with 340k-420k min/max.


I'm doing a steady 300k dps on most bosses if i do single target. But I want to do better. i want my dps be a lot closer to my simdps.


Here are the logs for my guild. I don't know how WOL works, so im posting the link.




I know i sometimes forget to use COE instantly. And my immo should be ~95%.


But what else am i doing wrong? Please help!



Thank you in advance.


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Ignore your sim DPS, the program is bad for telling you what you "should" be doing. Warlock is to complex of a class to sim well and beating the max sim is common.


Right off, why are you using a pure hit gem when you then reforge out of hit by more then 1k?


I've been doing class work for hours, I'll take a look at your logs in the morning if one of the other doesn't get to it first.


Don't worry mate, we can help :D

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I took a quick look at the most recent fights, you weren't in for a few bosses but I did look over the most recent Thok kill.


First of all, the fight lasted over 7 minutes, which is obviously going to cause DPS to be lower when 4-5 minutes is the norm these days.




- PBI and DS lined up well for the most part, the final proc you used DS after PBI had already faded, but it seems PBI just procced instantly for you and you had DS on cooldown for the final proc. Not too big of a deal. 


- Undending Resolve was used at high stacks of Roar and also on the bats. This helps a TON on thokky.


- Average chaos bolt damage was 1.3M, shows you lined it up with procs extremely well. I'd have liked to have seen this boss on warcraftlogs so we could also track resources to see if you ember capped, but for the most part this looks good.




- No potions used. Neither pre pot nor second pot on bats/execute. Perhaps I'm being blind, but not using a single potion is a heinous crime in today's day and age.


- Havoc usage let you down MASSIVELY. Your first havoc was nearly 2 minutes into the fight, meaning you didn't use it instantly on the jailer. This resulted in you not having it up for the bats. This is HUGE. Copying 6 shadowburns from bats to boss can be an extra 5m+ damage. You also only managed to shadowburn once or twice off the bats. Ideally each bat should be sniped. Yeah some of it will be overkill, but you'll also come out of the phase with 4 embers and over 10M damage worth of shadowburn goodness. You were top damage on bats which meant they weren't exactly globalled. Are you using a mouseover macro, and do you have tidyplates (or similar) set up to alert you when mobs hit 20%? Also don't forget to FnB Immolate (with 4 piece) and Rain of Fire those fuckers.

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Locky - it's a quick gem, considering i want more crit than haste right now. And i'm not losing much due to it there. (i actually dont even know how much.  



Liquidsteel - On Thok last week i did 360k dps, and around 155-160M damage.

I wasn't on Siege/Garrosh, as they were done in normal with crappy alts. Paragons were done on heroic, but it was a progression fight, so my dps on them could be a lot better.  


I am embercapped rarely. Most of the time it's when i dont have resolve/devo up. and no backdraft for CB on thok.  

I prepot in 9/10 fights. I use my secondpot in 2/10. Will fix it. Don't know why the logs aren't showing it.  

Havoc will be fixed. And Zagam told me to havoc Thok and SB the bats, but it's extremely hard to do, considering how big of a clusterfuck they are. I don't use any mouseover macros or anything of the matter. My SB glows when the target hits 20%.  

FNB and immo is a good idea, though I get full embers anyway IIRC.  

I'm still learning to manage procs perfectly. Lack experience mostly, working on fixing it.

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It's not hard to do if you set up your UI correctly.


I advise you download the curse client to get this and any future addons.


Get an addon called TidyPlates. Come back once you have it and I'll outline my settings really quickly, takes 2 seconds honestly.


Get the macros listed below. Shadowburn requires some small work around due to issue with mouse overs and such. The Havoc macro will attempt to Havoc the targets in order, make sure to focus Thok before the fight starts.


Shadowburn Macro


/cleartarget [@mouseover,harm,nodead]
/use [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Shadowburn
/targetlasttarget [@mouseover,harm,nodead]
Havoc Macro
/use [@mouseover,harm,nodead][@focus,harm,nodead][]Havoc

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2 reforges and a gem is all you need to get your gear up to your maxime of mastery>crit>haste without using a River´s Heart or by having too much hit
Link to AMR

If it does not show correctly, Sensei in your shoes, belt hit-> crit and legs crit -> hit.



Disclaimer:  Be aware that pushing around crit and haste is a mere thing of preference and won´t magically add numbers to your dps. 

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Liquidsteel - tidy plates installed. PC was buggy so it took longer than expected


2 new macros i will have to learn, but hey, anything that works.



Check - 14.96%  hit enough? Should i be 15%+, but not below?  

And yes I know, haste=crit. But i like crit more.

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No you have to have 15% hit, no questions asked.


Regarding Tidy Plates (how I set it up).


Type /tidyplates to bring up the options menu.


Set both primary and second spec theme to Quatre/Damage, or any of the other damage profiles you prefer (this is just visual).


On the left side, click "tidy plates hub: damage".


Back on the right side, click the drop down menu for Enemy Bar Colour, and set it "By Health".


Now just scroll down to where it says HEALTH, and set the low health threshold to 20%.

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I do not have a lock, but personally, I would shoot to get as close to 15% without going under. Even with the fraction of a percentage below, will be a DPS loss at some point during the fight. Think about if it's a quick nuking add and you miss a crucial spell that doesn't proc a crucial buff and the add doesn't die quick enough.. all that because you were .04% off from the cap.

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Not being hit capped is a huge mistake.  I feel awkward and dumb for playing at 14.99%.  You should always hit cap.  Always.  Your 14.96% is perfectly within reasonable levels to not assume a miss.  You'll miss 4 out of every 10,000 casts, or 1 per 2,500.  You should reliably see no misses in combat, but you MIGHT see an unlucky one.  Those are your odds.


EDIT: Why did you upgrade trinkets before your weapon?  Weapon is 2x the upgrade value as trinkets and higher than anything else by at least a factor of 2.

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Why don't u "Enable "At Least" Mode" on AMR at "Edit Weights".


(Yellow gem above it's mastery one)



Edited by JvChequer

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I'd be interested to see your logs for the night with your 14.96% hit. It may be surprising to see how many misses actually occur..

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Zagam/Geoda - I run 15.01% hit as it is seen by the armory. 


But user check0790 suggested I go 14.96. Which is why I even asked the question. Because i know 15% is a must. 



Zagam - i know. I was thinking with my arse. I'll upgrade it tommorow.




Also, if i remove my blue gem for boots, and put in a green one. I will get 300 AMR "score". I currently have 585K. Don't think it's worth it. So lets touch my skills, and not my lousy blue gem )

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Don't worry about actual misses running 14.96%.  You might see a statistical outlier or two that might make most freak out.  You're fine at 14.96.  Also, moving stats around to gain some small portion of another stat instead of Hit is going to make a difference so small, you won't recognize it.  Don't stress over AMR "score" or any other score other than your actual performance. 

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Cant look at WoL at work.  Got the same in Warcraftlog form?

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Start logging yourself then! Go to the warcraft logs website and download the client.


Then, before your next raid, type /combatlog


After the raid, open the client, locate the log file inside your WoW folder, and upload.

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Tried, was a pain in the arse. Specially if my RL does it for me. 

Is there a real reason to?

Many reasons. 


1 - he's using Worldoflogs.

2 - your logs can differ from his creating issues with DoT uptimes, spell uses, deaths, etc.  This comes to light on fights like Norushen where you're in two different phases.  Situations like Garrosh's MC make you quit seeing Garrosh as hostile which dilutes parses.

3 - not really a pain in the ass to download anything.  Simply type /combatlog when you go into raid and type it again to turn logging off or just exit game.  Use small interface window to upload log. 

4 - he's not doing it 'for you.'  He's not doing it for anyone in the raid if he continues to use WoL.  Learning how to log is step 1 of diagnosing your own problems.

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Okay. Will do it.


But from the current logs? I'd love just some general guidelines after you can read the logs.



P.S. Tidyplates apparently destroy my fps in boss fights for some reason. Nothing changed except tidyplates and im getting a lot less fps.

Edited by JuanJuany

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