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The Anima Cap Is Becoming a Problem

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It seems the previously seemingly huge 35,000 Anima cap in Sanctum reservoirs is becoming an issue for some players, as they're just completely full-up!

With many players having saved the blue stuff up for patch 9.1, the limitations were already a little annoying before it hit, but now they're even more problematic, as some players have actually bought everything they could on their character AND are still capped at the very start of the patch!


Some precisions : I know it's not everyone that have so much time to unlock everything with anima. (And not everyone wants to spend so many time farming anima.) But I love farming and this became really frustrating with the new patch.

We will need this anima, but not now, because everything is time-gated ! Okey, fine. But can I, please, deposite it ? PLEASE ?!

- Meraviilla

Other players have also basically started deleting the Anima items, with the same issues:

What can i spend anime on if i'm capped with all covenant awards unlocked?
I cant figure out what to use my anime on and my inventory is starting to get full of it. Any suggestions? - RandyVivaldi
I have the same problem. I have all the mogs, pets, mounts so I started deleting the anima. Why is it even capped? War resources were never capped and anima is basically the same thing named differently. - depaerture
I do not yet have this issue, but I can see it coming on the horizon already. It's a bit weird they haven't addressed it in 9.1 with some sort of anima-sink or a way to transfer it to alts. - Azerate2016

As you can see, Meraviilla isn't the only player that's mentioned this issue and it really would be a great addition to have some sort of Anima-transfer for alts available, similar to the Soul Ash one. It would also certainly benefit everyone and not just the over-prepared, as it would make purchasing the many transmog options and mounts of the various Covenants a lot easier. Now, as has been pointed out in the thread, you can trade Anima for gold via the 100 Anima equipment, but that's just a relatively inefficient way of gold farming, not really solving the issue.

Perhaps the pretty major increase in Anima gains during 9.0.5 messed up some calculations? In any case this is one to keep an eye on, as more and more players get everything they need from Anima (for now) but still continue to play and gain it, making the cap a bigger issue to a larger amount of players.

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All I can say is QQ. This is a petty thing to be mad about and is already solved by either buying stuff with anima, or banking the extra you get in your banks, or by just getting rid of the turn in items. There shouldn't be this big of an outrage.

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the thing is the cap make no sense because if blizz wanted to hinder you from hoarding a gigantic ton of anima so you cant just buy everything that comes in the next patches it dont hinder you at all cause you can just hoerd the tokens on your bank i hope someone at blizz realises that better sooner then later and just get rid of the cap

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I was already capped at the patch. I've already earned at least another 30k since the patch. I don't like the NF transmogs and I'm not big into mounts, so I don't buy that stuff. For me, the only real outlet to spending it, is the adventure/command table (and healing companions). So, my bank is filling up quickly. It would be nice if there was another outlet to spend this stuff on.

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I've purchased every mount, every mog, every pet, every piece of armor.  I've quit doing WQ that give anima, I've quit doing table missions that give anima.  I get anima from dungeons, raids, and the new daily quest and exploration items in Korthia (and related activities) only.  Every single day I end up deleting hundreds of anima items in my inventory ... one ... at ... a ... time.  This can NOT be the intended game play.  

They could make the anima items worth 1 copper and I could set an addon to auto sell them and I would be happy.  But at the end of each play session having to drag an item out of my inventory, click okay and repeat dozens of times... just to remind me that something is wrong.   If this isn't you, great!  You don't have the problem... others do.


Here is the anima I got from just over an hour today ... https://imgur.com/zUVdRHc


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