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Patch 9.1 Hotfixes: July 13th

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The hotfixes continue this week, as we get a really huge batch this time around. From many Sanctum of Domination changes, Mythic+ tuning, class tweaks, many item changes and a lot more!

Blizzard LogoJuly 13 (Source)



  • Soulbinds

Creatures and NPCs

  • Reduced the health of Mor’geth and his Soul Cages by 38%. Additionally, Soul Cages can no longer be Death Gripped.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanctum of Domination
    • Eye of the Jailer
      • On Mythic difficulty, using immunities such as Divine Shield could put players in a bad state where they had cleared their Scorn or Ire debuff but may not be able to control what debuff would be reapplied once the immunity wore off. Now using immunities will temporarily immune the damage but will not clear Scorn or Ire debuffs.
    • Soulrender Dormazain
      • Unleashed Tyranny damage reduced by 17% on Mythic difficulty.
      • Echoing Screams now ticks every 2 seconds (was 5 seconds) on all difficulties, with damage proportionally reduced on Normal, Heroic, and Raid Finder difficulties to keep total damage over time unchanged.
      • Echoing Screams damage reduced by an additional 10% on Mythic difficulty.
        • Developers’ notes: The bursts of damage from Unleashed Tyranny on Mythic difficulty could combine with Echoing Screams ticks to cause unreasonable damage spikes relative to the healing burden of the fight otherwise. These changes are aimed to smooth out those spikes.
    • Painsmith Raznal
      • Blackened Armor duration has been reduced.
      • Shadowsteel Ember damage reduced by 25% on Normal difficulty.
      • Slightly increased the time it takes for Shadowsteel Embers to reach their impact location on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Extended the encounter’s enrage timer on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Fixed an issue causing Flameclasp Trap to sometimes prioritize tanks over other targets.
    • Kel’Thuzad
      • Dark Evocation will now only be cast once when his energy reaches 40% and will not refresh until the boss regains 100% energy.
      • Reduced the size of the exit portal visual in the Phylactery.
      • Shadow Fissures now appear closer to players.
      • Reduced the number of Frostbound Devoted corpses that are available to revive.
      • Vengeful Destruction now properly functions as a wipe mechanic.
      • The Adventure Guide entry for Glacial Winds now displays the proper health threshold of 20% to begin casting the ability.
      • The Adventure Guide entry for Vengeful Destruction now displays the correct amount of health the Remnant needs to lose in order to interrupt the cast.
    • Sylvanas Windrunner
      • The total damage players must deliver to Sylvanas Windrunner has been reduced by approximately 5% in Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Sylvanas Windrunner now transitions out of Stage 1 at 84% on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
        • Developers’ notes: We felt that players were losing too much uptime due to mechanics, and getting out of the first phase much later than originally anticipated, so this is meant to curtail the length of the encounter without affecting difficulty too much.
      • Veil of Darkness radius has been reduced in the third stage of the encounter.
      • Banshee Wail and Banshee Scream radius reduced.
        • Developers’ notes: Our goal here was to help ease the space constraints imposed by larger raid sizes, without substantially reducing the difficulty of the encounter.
      • Defeated players will now be correctly moved to the first platform at the start of Stage 3.
      • Dispelling Banshee’s Bane with single-charge dispels now removes all stacks.
      • Mawforged Souljudge’s Lashing Strike initial cooldown increased.
      • Sylvanas Windrunner is now immune to Curse of Tongues.
      • Combat resurrection cooldown timers now take the duration of the mid-fight cinematic into account.
        • Developers’ notes: We don’t want players to feel like there’s a penalty to your battle rez if you skip the cinematic.
  • Mythic+
    • Tormented Affix
      • Oro Coldheart’s Biting Cold damage reduced by 25%.
      • Incinerator Arkolath’s Melt Soul now increases Fire damage taken by 50% (was 100%).
      • Fixed an issue where Tormented anima powers could proc from non-damaging spells.
  • Mists of Tirna Scithe
    • Tred’ova
      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Mind Link to become stuck on players.
  • Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
    • Defeating So’Leah when the party is set to raid will now grant credit towards “Tazavesh: Raiders of the Lost Artifact.”
    • Zo’phex the Sentinel
      • Fixed an issue where Armed Security would sometimes not disappear when the encounter is reset.
    • So’azmi
      • Relocators will now move to fixed positions prior to each Shuri cast and remain there until told to move to another fixed location later.

Items and Rewards

  • Shards of Domination bonuses now scale with the level of the associated Shards. More details can be found in this forum thread.
  • Several Sanctum of Domination trinkets have had their power adjusted. All values mentioned here are for the item level 226 version of these items, but higher item level versions have also been updated proportionally.
    • Titanic Ocular Gland Titanic Ocular Gland now grants 117 of your highest secondary stat (was 112).
    • Tome of Monstrous Constructions Tome of Monstrous Constructions now grants your damaging abilities a very high chance to deal 507 additional Shadow damage to your studied foe (was 467).
    • Shadowed Orb of Torment Shadowed Orb of Torment now grants 432 Mastery (was 268).
    • Ebonsoul Vise Ebonsoul Vise can now critically strike, is improved by your Haste, and deals damage immediately on application. Its damage over time effect has been reduced to 781 (was 1,324).
    • Salvaged Fusion Amplifier Salvaged Fusion Amplifier now causes your attacks to have a very high chance to deal 1,290 Arcane damage (was 1,189).
  • The quest items that unlock the covenant flying mounts, Spring Wilderling, Foresworn Aquillon, and Mastercraft Gravewing should now drop for members of their appropriate covenants regardless of Renown level. These mounts will now work the same way as the Necrolord rare Lord of the Corpseflies egg drop works.
  • The Vengeance mount now correctly appears in the Mythic Adventure Guide.
  • The Sanctum Gloomcharger mount now has a chance to drop from The Nine on all difficulties.
  • The Mailemental summoned by the Miniscule Mailemental in an Envelope trinket will be more reliable and have fewer long periods of contemplation.
  • Shaded Stone Statue Shaded Stone Statue and Porous Stone Statue Porous Stone Statue now share cooldowns with combat potions.
  • Reaching Combatant now awards the correct Unchained Gladiator’s Greatcloak transmog for the plate set.


  • Fixed an issue where Tower Inquisitor sometimes would not spawn for the quest “Rule 3: Trust is Earned.”

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Fixed an issue where players who were disconnected from the game were removed from the party.
  • Anima Powers
    • Priest
      • Voidwraith Signet Voidwraith Signet will no longer summon a Void Wraith upon killing a trivial or summoned enemy.

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15 hours ago, Starym said:

Reduced the health of Mor’geth and his Soul Cages by 38%.

Just a minor bit of balancing then, nothing big. They were almost spot on with this one..........

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      A bigger batch for the end of the week, focusing on Mythic+ dungeon changes, with some Torghast and minor class and item tweaks as well, with the Paragon reputation from the Archivist's Codex now working properly.
      July 23 (Source)
      Demon Hunter Fixed an issue with Hidden Helm and Hidden Cloak transmog options for Demon Hunters not using the correct appearances. Covenants
      Soulbinds Night Fae Fixed an issue where Podtender (Dreamweaver) would cause the player to die when accepting a queue. Dungeons and Raids
      Sanctum of Domination Remnant of Ner’zhul Fixed an issue that allowed cleave effects to hit his armor pieces on Mythic difficulty. Mythic+ Fixed an issue where dying after completing the dungeon in time could cause you to lose the ability to trade your keystone with Ta'hsup. Tormented Affix The spawn location of the 4th Tormented Affix lieutenant in Sanguine Depths has been adjusted to be available before Grand Proctor Beryilla. Spires of Ascension Devos Fixed an issue that would cause Archon's Bastion damage reduction buff to be removed with player immunity effects. Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Fixed an issue where Lethal Force would continue to affect players after Commander Zo’far’s defeat. Items and Rewards
      Paragon reputation gains for The Archivists' Codex faction now function properly. Torghast, Tower of the Damned
      Torments Raging can now be dispelled by spells that remove enrage effects such as Soothe . Reinforced: Unstoppable is no longer removed from the enemy upon the player’s defeat.
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      Blizzard President J. Allen Brack sent an internal email to Blizzard employees, addressing the allegations from this week's lawsuit.
      The president called them "extremely troubling" and said that he'd be "meeting with many of you to answer questions and discuss how we can move forward", according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.
      Placeholder for tweet 1418512291218264065 Here's a full transcript of the mail (courtesy of Jason Schreier).
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      Hello Blizzard - 
      I personally have a lot of emotions coming out of yesterday, and I know you do, too. The allegations and the hurt of the current and former employees are extremely troubling.
      I know many of you would like to receive more clarity. While I can't comment on the specifics of the case as it's an open investigation, what I can say is that the behavior detailed in the allegations is completely unacceptable.
      It goes - without saying - it is completely unacceptable for anyone in the company to face discrimination or harassment. It goes - without saying - that everyone should feel safe working here, whether we are on campus, at BlizzCon, or working from home. It goes - without saying - it takes courage to come forward, and all claims brought to the company are investigated by internal and (when needed) external investigators. We take these claims very seriously. Claims made without fear of retaliation, and many times, I attend to them personally, along with our other leaders. Stepping back - when I talked with Bobby about taking this job, one of the first things I mentioned was a revered saint of the Brack household - Gloria Steinem. Growing up, the value of women as equals, understanding the work that had been done for equal treatment, and the fact that there was still much to do, were common themes. This is just one of the reasons why the fight for equality is incredibly important to me. People with different backgrounds, views, and experiences are essential for Blizzard, our teams, and our player community. I disdain "bro culture," and have spent my career fighting against it.
      Iterating on our culture with the same intensity that we bring to our games is imperative, with our values acting as our north star. This is some of the most important work we do, both as professionals and human beings.
      A company is more than a legal construct that exists as a piece of paper in a filing cabinet in Delaware. The people that work at the company make it what it is, through their actions and creations. Each of us plays a role in maintaining a place of safety for one other. And it is also up to each of us to continue to craft the Blizzard we want - and commit to doing our part in keeping Blizzard great but always aspiring for more.
      The leadership team and I will be meeting with many of you to answer questions and discuss how we can move forward. In the meantime, I wanted to know that you can talk to any man ager, any HR partner, any member of the legal team, or to any one on the executive team [including, Hey J]. If you feel more comfortable by talking to someone outside of Blizzard, or prefer to be anonymous, you can contact the Way2Play Integrity Line (CENSORED).
      I feel angry, sad, and a host of other emotions, but I also feel grateful to work alongside a set of leaders and thousands of employees who join me in their commitment to continuous improvement.
      Thank you Blizzard.
    • By Stan
      Domination Socket Helper is an addon that prevents you from replacing/destroying Shards of Domination in Patch 9.1.
      Shards of Domination should always be extracted using Soulfire Chisel. However, if you decide to replace them, they will be destroyed in the process, which is where Domination Socket Helper comes in handy.
       What Does the Addon Do?
      Prevents you from replacing a Domination Shard and adds a button next to the socket which safely removes the shard.

      Destroying the item or selling it to a vendor is also blocked.

      I will add more functionality when I have time. (Hopefully, a window that lets you add shards without dragging them from your bags)
      You can download Domination Socket Helper here.
    • By Starym
      It's been a big few days for the Race to World First, as the EU re-clear meant an actually pretty tense race for World 3rd, as Pieces and BDGG went at it trying to see who can defeat Sylvanas first and we got 5 guilds past the Banshee today!
      While the top 2 has been determined for a while now, that doesn't mean the race is over, and we had yet another EU vs. US face-off on our hands! We actually had 8 guilds progressing on the final boss of the Sanctum today, but only BDGG, Pieces and Method were actually close to a kill. After a lengthy re-clear, both Pieces and Method were back progressing on the boss, and Pieces were doing well, managing to get under 50% in 134 pulls, and then after a few wipes, this happened:

      Yep, that's right. 0.16%. THE closest any guild has come to defeating Sylvanas... without actually defeating her. It took Pieces over an hour to recover from that close of a call, but they did manage to focus up and get that extra tiny fraction of HP down, claiming and defending their previous World 3rd!

      BDGG were the biggest  movers in this tier, as they caught up to Pieces quite quickly and gained 5 spots on the world stage since Nathria, earning their World 4th!

      And finally, we got our 5th place guild today, as Method also improved from their Nathria performance, climbing 2 spots!

      We still have plenty of guilds still progressing on Sylvanas, 6 to be exact, 5 spots in the top 10, and the Asia first yet to be crowned! And as a final treat, here's Complexity-Limit's multi-PoV World 2nd video:
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