Sanctum of Domination Raid Guides in Shadowlands (9.1)

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Sanctum of Domination is the second raid of Shadowlands, introduced in Patch 9.1. It houses 10 bosses with Sylvanas Windrunner as the final boss.



For eons the Jailer was bound within The Maw. Now, his endless armies gather as he expands its boundaries to consume Oribos. In the face of annihilation. Bolvar marshals his last remaining allies to charge into the heart of Torghast and confront the Jailer where he is most powerful.


Sanctum of Domination Raid Entrance

The raid is located in a new area of The Maw called Desmotaeron. The exact coordinates of the raid entrance are 70, 32, as depicted on the image below.


Unlock Schedule

The raid will open on Normal and Heroic difficulty with the start of Season 2 on July 6, 2021. Mythic difficulty and the first Raid Finder wing will become available one week later on July 15, 2021, with more Raid Finder wings to follow in the coming weeks.

  • July 6: Normal and Heroic difficulties;
  • July 15: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 (The Tarragrue, The Eye of the Jailer, The Nine);
  • July 27: Raid Finder Wing 2 (Soulrender Dormazain, Remnant of Ner'zhul, Painsmith Raznal);
  • August 10: Raid Finder Wing 3 (Guardian of the First Ones, Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, Kel'Thuzad);
  • August 24: Raid Finder Wing 4 (Sylvanas Windrunner).

Boss Guides by Ready Check Pull

The following section will be updated in the future with strategy guides written by Ready Check Pull, the popular YouTube channel for boss strategies.

Note that the order is only according to the dungeon journal and does not represent a killing order. Boss order is outlined in the next section.


Encounter Journal

Below, you will find the links to our Encounter Journal pages for each boss of the raid.


Boss Order

The section will be updated with the correct boss order in the near future.


Raid Skip

If you defeat Kel'Thuzad four times and collect four Phylactery Shard Icon Phylactery Shard on any difficulty, you will unlock a raid skip that allows you to skip directly to Kel'Thuzad. We do not know at this time which NPC you must talk to in order to skip directly to the penultimate boss of the raid.


The Great Vault

The Shadowlands Weekly Chest requires you to defeat a certain number of Sanctum of Domination bosses to receive items in the Raids category. You can read more information about the Great Vault in our detailed guide.



In the following sections, you will learn all necessary information about loot that drops in Sanctum of Domination, the second raid of the Shadowlands expansion.


Item Levels

Here are the item levels of rewards from the Sanctum of Domination raid. The final 2 bosses drop better loot from the rest of the bosses.

  • Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 213-220;
  • Normal Difficulty: Item Level 226-233;
  • Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 239-246;
  • Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 252-259.

Notable Loot

Hunters will be able to acquire a Legendary bow and a a quiver from Sylvanas in Chains of Domination.

There are also three total mounts and four battle pets players can obtain from this raid, detailed in the endgame sections of our larger Patch 9.1 collection guides.


Conduits Item Level

Many Conduits have a chance to drop in the raid, but you can acquire them from all Shadowlands sources as well.

The Conduit item level range for the raid is 184-226.

  • Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 184 Conduits;
  • Normal Difficulty: Item Level 200 Conduits;
  • Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 213 Conduits;
  • Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 226 Conduits.

You can find more information about Conduits in the guide below.



Completing all objectives of the Glory of the Dominant Raider Icon Glory of the Dominant Raider meta-achievement rewards the Bracer of Hrestimorak Icon Bracer of Hrestimorak mount.


Hall of Fame Achievements

Hall of Fame: Sylvanas (Alliance) Icon Hall of Fame: Sylvanas (Alliance) / Hall of Fame: Sylvanas (Horde) Icon Hall of Fame: Sylvanas (Horde) — If you are among the first 100 Alliance/Horde guilds worldwide to defeat Sylvanas Windrunner on Mythic difficulty, you will be granted the Famed Bane of the Banshee Queen title.


Mythic Achievement

Mythic: Sylvanas Windrunner Icon Mythic: Sylvanas Windrunner — When you defeat Sylvanas on Mythic difficulty, you will receive the Breaker of Chains title.


Vantus Rune

Scribes will be able to create Vantus Rune: Sanctum of Domination Icon Vantus Rune: Sanctum of Domination in Patch 9.1, which increases Versatility by 100 when fighting against a certain boss in the raid. The effect lasts for a whole week.


Class Advice for Sanctum of Domination Bosses

For each class, we provide boss-by-boss advice, complete with actual tips, but also recommendations for talents and Legendary Powers.



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