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[H-Bigglesworth] Raiders seeking Raiders for group success.

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**<War Machine>** (11/11 Kara 2/3 M&G) is a social PvP/PvE guild looking for like minded individuals who are interested in performing at a higher level in all forms of content.

**ALL RAID TIMES WILL BE AT: 7pm-10pm Server Time / 10pm-1am Eastern Time**

**Current Raid Times:** 
Kara 1: Tuesday
Gruuls and Mag: Wednesday
Kara 2: Friday
General Cleanup/Extras: Sat-Sun

**Phase 2 Main Raid Times:** 
25 Mans: Tuesday/Wednesday (maybe Thursday for a bit if need be)
General Cleanup/Extras: Fri-Sun

As stated earlier, we are looking for active players who are always looking to improve and perform highly. We understand that burnout exist but we are not looking for raid loggers. You are expected to show up on time and fully consumed. Raiding is a team effort so respect the time we give each other and show up FULLY prepared.

Currently operating under a MS>OS loot system because honestly, who cares about this Phase 1 loot? In Phase 2 we will run the main 25 man raids under a loot council (loot prio sheet will be available), with considerations on general performance, attendance, etc.

Heals: CoH Priest, Disc Priest
Pumps: Enh Sham, Arms Warrior, Boomkin, Huntards
We are looking for all exceptional Healers and Pumpers.

We have loads more about us in our guild discord so if interested DM me on discord or whisper Tujingbu or Sthpinal in game!

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