Disc Priest moving over to ELVUI seeks help from ui & macro guru!

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Please forgive the length of this post and the number of questions within it,  I have serious brain fog having confused myself thoroughly after 3 weeks  trying to get them resolved! Any help you can give this old bird would be sooo appreciated! 



I have for a number of years used bartender, weak auras and Vuhdo (mouseover local keysets) never quite attaining a smooth and minimalist ui that I sought.  With the lack of updates due to the authors retirement of Vuhdo (my absolute favorite add-on) I have decided to go over to Elv ui and use its inbuilt raid frames as it has been recommended to me by others.


I have tried grid, healbot and can't get on with them after using Vuhdo.   So far as I understand I will still be able to utilise some of my add-ons being VEM (audio version of DBM), GTFO, RSA & Weak Auras (tracks many cd's/events including rapture) and I also will require the clique add-on which I have installed.  


Input Devices

I use a Logitech G600 mouse 12 thumb buttons (x3)  Binds for each of the 3 sets are bound 1 to =, ALT+CTL+1 to =, SHIFT+ALT+1 to = and are also mapped within the mouse software.  I have read that gaming mice can cause issues with Elv raid frames/clique?


I also have a G13 gamepad which is too large for my hand so I use it only for mod keys (shift alt ctrl g600 function key, mode key)  and movement via the joystick, I use the keyboard for chat everything else is bound to mouse or gamepad.  Not sure if this paragraph is relevant but I have included it for completeness just in case.


Questions about ELV Ui


1. Keybinds I have a number of characters and my keybinds should be global so that I can just slot the different spells into the toolbars which mimic the layout of my mouse on each character.  Is this possible or do I have to create keybind sets for each character?  Previously I would create a mouseover or sequence macro in game and drop it into the toolbar which I would then create a local key within vuhdo for the particular macro to the keybind in game.  It is my understanding that the local key is set within clique for use with elvui raidframe?


2. Raidframes If you could help me with howto's on these (grovel,grovel)


I know there are options on the right hand side for [ ] operators but I cant seem to select them by clicking on the list when I go back into the box to type them they have disappeared from view (yes yes, wrote them down lol)


a) Way toooo much colour going on here!  I am used to just 3 green, yellow, red, depending on health level over opaque black I can't see how to do this or if it is actually possible.


b) Text Name in class colour - can't get this right either I think its to do with the other colours underneath - help!


c) Agro Indicator? Id like a <<>> mark or a red border around the frame if someone has threat or at least something that is easy to detect.


d) Size is it possible to select a max size and have the bars resize themselves to fit within the frame?


e) Sorting I prefer to have just one frame, Vertical lists, with tanks first, then healers (me first), Melee dps and then ranged dps then pets and not to show them again in groups redundantly Ive tried the various sorting options can't seem to get this right.


f) Role Icon I have this selected for top right but it appears in the middle on the left - baffled.


g) Buffs & Debuffs I prefer to see the icons for these - say buffs on top area of the bar and debuffs on the bottom of the bar? would be nice to see only dispellable debuffs or just a different bar colour when they are applied, again having trouble with it.


h) AOE advice/Bouquets couldnt find this.



 Hovercast for mouseover I think but then what about the other macros?  Specifically multi functionality "help mouseover,focus,self, harm mouseovertargettarget," do I bind them in friendly or enemy or just as hovercast I am totally confused by this let alone how to do a dual profile per character.  I have checked out guides on utube but I remain bemused. Not sure where to start?


I also see that there has been no update for this since September 2013 I do hope it will be updated in the future.




My out of date brain is seriously fried about these I have tried so many syntax combos I just can't get them to work properly.


I need all, well most of my spells to be mouseover some will need to be dual functioning as the elv raid frames don't show players targets.

Priority for .help being mouseover, focus, self if nothing mouseovered or targetted

Priority for .harm, using shift as a mod, mouseovertargetstarget, my mouseoverfocus's target if I am not mousing over anything, then my mouseover or selected enemy target these will include one healing spell and one harm spell.


I need a sequence macro again with the above priorities and the shift as a mod for .jharm The harm sequence should not clip penance if spammed and should continue to cast the other spells if penance/pws is on cd.  


Harm spells I want to include in this are Shadow Word: Pain, Power Word: Solace, Penance, Smite, Smite, Smite

healing spells Power Word: Shield, Renew if this could be cast on the enemys target as an option aswell that would be just awesome.  There are some out there but I can't find these targetting combos specifically.  With regards to a reset command, don't understand it enough to say.  


If you need all the syntax for the failed attempts I can let you have them, although I don't see any purpose being served by them and this post is way too long as it is!


If there is anything I need to clarify please ask!


Thanking you all so so much in advance.









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I have never used Vuhdo nor Elvui but I have used Clique for quite some time so maybe I can help you with some of your questions.


1) My understanding is that you need to bind every spell (for each class) seperately in Clique. So lets say you have "Greater Heal" on Keyboard 1 and you want to use it on your Mousebutton 1 with mouseover over unitframes (I think Elvui uses Grid) too you'll have to bind "Greater Heal" on Mousebutton 1 in Clique. You can't bind Keyboard 1's action to Mousebutton 1.


2) If the raidframe is Grid then there are many good instruction videos on youtube about costumizing it


Clique) In the Clique-menu you can choose if a binded spell is loaded in the first, second or both speccs (right-click). If you want to bind macros you have to use the "bind other" button in the Clique menu. There you can past your macro but you'll have to follow the instructions (@mouseover has to be set).

It's working perfectly fine for me now. It's been around since Classic. I hope it will work in WOD as well... 


Macros) If you need the mouseover functions to work only when hovering over unitframes then Clique does that. You wont need a macro at all - just the Clique-binding. Else if you want your macros to target friendly chars your mousepointer hovers over (not the unit frames but the actual chars) you'll need macros with [@mouseover, noharm] set - I personally wouldn't recommend that.



Here was a lot of text I deleted again as i read till the end of your post. My personal recommendation is: Try binding one spell to one button. You have like 22 on your mouse - perfect for mouseover heal spells - and at least 10 easily reachable on your keyboard - enough for damage spells and cooldowns. 


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1) For my keybinds i use 41 keys (1 and Shift+1 counts as 2). You probably don't want to know the keys i use.


2)  Elvui has grid right? if it doesn't don't read the rest of the abc's


i use grid and im loving it, takes a bit of time customizing though. i can help you with the raid frames, only if you're using grid though.

a) no idea how to do this, you make the frame blink when they're dying though. (and x color when they die)

b) manageable

c) yes

d) yes

e) if you're a priest you want it to be party oriented, which you can make it column (or row) based 

f) i think so(?)

g) i can help with this.

h) no idea what you just asked.


3) I do not use Clique


4) I can help with the macro's



Send me a pm if you want my help!


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