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[Argent Dawn][A] <A Company of Fools> Recruiting Raiders & Socials now!

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<A Company of Fools>

We are a Guild run by a group of friends and an active, fun and safe social community where our members can get the most from WoW. We operate as a council, instead of having one leader, to promote the best possible Guild environment for everyone. Our leaders have a mixture of WoW experience with some being from a raiding background and some having focused on RP and PVP as early as Vanilla. We're silly and we like to have a laugh, we refuse to take ourselves too seriously and we want to enjoy WoW together!


What We Do:

  • Achieving Curve for each tier of raiding. 

  • Regular Mythic+ runs.

  • Some of our members enjoy RP when not raiding and would love to hold events with enough interest.

  • Alt levelling and gearing.

  • Battlegrounds/Arenas. 

  • Mog & Mount runs.

  • Playing other games over discord in downtime.


What We Are Looking For:

WoW experience is not an issue, as we accept any level, as long as you are willing to learn and grow. We want positive, kind and friendly members, with the drive to raid twice a week and clear content with us, while having fun doing it. You will be expected to bring your own consumables, and for your gear to be fully gemmed and enchanted, which we can help with if needed. Speaking on Discord is not a requirement, but we need you to be willing to listen and take direction. Social members are also very welcome!


We hope to hear from you soon! 

Raid Times:

Raids are on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 7pm till 10pm server time (6pm-9pm GMT)


Contact Info:


Battlenet: Shpadoinkle#21269

Discord: Shpadoinkle#3404


Discord: MadCrow#1282

Battlenet: MadBonees#2860

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