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The Ultimate Ironman: Specless, Gearless and Deathless to 60, Mobs and Quests Only - Without Grouping at Any Time

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The ranks of the specless increase once more, as simply not having a spec wasn't quite enough of a challenge for this particular Mage!

If you're not familiar with the specless trend, which began during the Shadowlands pre-patch , it's as easy as just not selecting a spec when prompted to and leveling to max from then on. This brings a whole lot of issues with it as well, as not only are you losing a spec's abilities, mastery, talents and PvP talents, the scaling also gets pretty messed up at a certain point and the damage you deal is very low.

Well, today we have a player who didn't quite see all the above inconveniences as enough of a challenge, as WoW_Majlu decided to add a "few" other limiting factors to their leveling: only using starter white gear (ending with an item level of 16), not using any gathering or pet battle XP or similar aka only leveling via mobs and quests AND decided not to burden any players with their spelcelssness either! They also did it before 9.1 and Shadowlands flying and, as a kicker, also never died:


First 25 lvl were easy, it became difficult around that point I had 3 dmg spells and you are not doing any dmg... mobs have i.e. 3k life and your frostbolt deals around 80 dmg. and it is getting worth every level you get.

So yes it is difficult without gear. you can try it if you want ?

Oh and I was very close to death several times... remember it is also without dieing

- WoW_Majlu

If you're wondering, as you can see in the picture above, it "only" took 2 days 3 hours and 53 minutes to get this done, and you can check out all the character's stats in their armory here. So congratulations to the ultimate ironman, as it will be a little hard to get to 60 using a more difficult setup than this, but perhaps we'll see it some day!

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