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[H][US][Bleeding Hollow] <Never Lucky> is recruiting for Heroic & Semi-Casual Mythic Raiding!

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About Us:
<Never Lucky> is a Semi-Casual Progression guild on Bleeding Hollow [US], looking to grow and push content as far as we can, while still having an enjoyable social atmosphere. We are AOTC in Castle Nathria, 8/10 Heroic in Sanctum of Domination and are aspiring to be a Semi-Casual Mythic Progression guild in 9.1 and onward, with Cutting Edge goals. We like to keep a laid back raid atmosphere, but buckle up when we need to.

WarcraftLogs Profile | WoWProgress Profile | Raider.IO Profile

Raid Information:
Raid Schedule:

  • Tuesdays 20:00-23:00 Eastern/Server Time
  • Sundays 19:00-22:00 Eastern/Server Time

*We start invites 15 minutes prior to raid start time

Recruitment Information:

  • We are currently looking for skilled DPS and Healers for progression through AOTC and to fill out our 20 person roster for Mythic Sanctum of Domination. Specifically looking for players who are active outside of raid times, Hunters, Mages, & Priests, but accepting all classes.

M+, PvP, & Social:

  • Currently recruiting all roles & classes for M+. We have a semi-active keystone crew, and we could always use more people to join in on the fun! Looking for players who can tank and heal for M+!
  • Although we do not run a ton of PvP, we are always open to getting people to come in and run some with us!
  • We are also a social guild, with a fairly active discord! We play other games together as well! (Including classic TBC)

How To Reach Us:

  1. Please apply via our Guild Application.
  2. You can reach us in game via mail/DM (YeetMcYote-Bleeding Hollow, Hairbearr-Bleeding Hollow)
  3. You can reach us on Discord (shaneboring#7645, Hairbearr#2113)
  4. You can reach us by email ([email protected])

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