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Heroic Specialization for Monk Fan Conept by Sercan Özyurt

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Sercan Özyurt doesn't just do really really awesome art concepts for armor, mounts etc, as he also seems to dabble in gameplay concepts as well and today we get to check out his "Heroic specialization" for the Monk class, the Sha Bender!

Since we're clearly not getting a new class every 2 expansions anymore, Sercan decided adding to existing class fantasies would be the way to go, with these smaller in scale Heroic specs. Let's get into the cool art and then see the detailed description of the concept below, but it all sounds like a pretty great idea.






As you know, blizzard always tried to implement new classes on almost every 2 expansion. Our community always wanted to see new class variations based on lore (blademaster, warden, tinker etc) On these days, creating new class is very easy to imagine but very hard to implement to in-game because there is some restrictions about game combat balance. On shadowlands, there are no option for balance or current class fantasy if players have aims on pve or pvp content. So, I decided to create new ''Heroic Specializations'' besides of Heroic class for less balancing and avoiding huge build ups for a new class. Current Classes have much more potential to become 4th, 5th specilazitations with bound of lore.

-About Sha Bender Storyline-

In my fictional questline, Pandaria united again after nzoth invasion and they decided to select new Emperor as a voice of Pandaria on New World. (They never explored azeroth for a long time, They called New World to earth itself) Pandaria natives selects Pandaren - Yang Xin (I fallowed chinease culture to pick that name, it can also change) as a leader. On his celebretation at hearth of pandaria, Taran-zhu warns young emperor for anomally sha activities on pandaria. New emperor listened Taran-zhu and Lorewalker Cho guidence and sends shado-pan rangers with monk Player to sha activities. Players will learn more about sha activities. Old Shado-pan martial art master ''Wuon Za-him'' tries to bending emotions of evil and Taran-zhu afraids that power consumes him. Wuon beats Taran-zhu and warns the emperor for his destiny. Also it gives secret message to player with note of Order of Sha Cult location. As a player, we secretly fallow the message without informing Taran-zhu. On secret monastery, Wuon summons terrible sha creatures with evil emotions and he teaches ''we don't need to avoid our feelings, we must control them'' by controling his evil manipulations. After this screnario, He offers to join Order of Sha and learn techics of Sha.

-About Wuon Za-him-

He was a martial art master of shado-pan, who always curious about power of sha. He tried show controling sha to their students but, Taran-zhu declines his teachings and exiled him from shado-pan.

-About Sha Bender Combat-

Sha Benders uses negative emotions besides of Monks. They can control evil manipulations as physical power. Their current chi, turns to dark chi. When they fight, their anger increases. When they unleashes their anger, it consumes his oppenent fear. They are master of Blade and dagger enhanced with martial arts.

I hope you like it!

It definitely sounds like a really cool concept that could be applied to basically all classes, and would possibly be a very good alternative to the current borrowed power paradigm we've been going through since Legion. So thanks a lot to Sercan once more, and make sure to check him out over on his Artstation.

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GW2 do that and it work pretty well, won't be against it, but would be complicated with balance and so on.. You know, giving Blizzard work outside of regular open space harassment 

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