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[Hyjal][H]<Legacy of Salvanas>(3/10H SOD) Rebuilding guild for core raid team

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Guild Name: Legacy of Sylvanas
Server: Hyjal
Faction: Horde
Contact Person: (GM) Bnet: Twilight#1783 , Discord: Twilight/Chris#2649 (RL) Bnet: Valckin#11875 , Discord: Valckin#9472

Type of Guild: We are a semi-core guild who like to get stuff done together, either it be old or new content of quest/raids/achievements/Mythic+ or just plain out fun casual pvp!
Current Raid Days/Times:  Tuesday/Wednesday (5pm-8pm Pacific)/(8pm-11pm Eastern)

Current Progression: 10/10 N SOD 3/10 H SOD
About Us:  We are recruiting (age 30+) new and old players. We are seeking consistent raiders and fun active players, nontoxic to join our team!
Recruiting: all class’s/specs
The guild is a 4 year old guild. 3/3/17. We are close friends and very open and friendly to all, LGBTQ+ friendly and also welcomed! . We love getting stuff done as a Guild group rather than pugging. We love to help new players learn their class/spec or with gold, bags or gearing etc. We are casual so you never have to feel pressured, We also understand real life can have its downside or just get busy days. We are just here to have fun and make new friends!

We, offer free guild repair for raiders and Discord.
As a raid leader I achieve AOTC every raid tier since The Black Gate.
Personal Progression
4/12M Ny'alotha
6/10M CN
9/10H SOD
If you think you would be a great fit plz reach out to one of us.

Guild website: https://guildsofwow.com/legacy-of-sylvanas
raiderio: https://raider.io/guilds/us/hyjal/Legacy Of Sylvanas

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