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A reason for pet feeding?

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I don't know if pet feeding is going away in WoD. If you played hunter earlier in wow, you might remember feeding your pet to keep him happy. I'm not suggesting we start that again, but I would want to see how things would go if we could feed our pet to give them buffs. You could (assuming you have not chosen WoWY for a talent) feed your pet crit food before a pull in a raid or dungeon for some bonus damage. Or if you were solo-ing a group quest, it could be a little easier if you gave your tank pet some Stam. food (or mastery food with varying effects based on your pet's specialization.) I would like this, because feed pet is a useless ability because you can simply mend pet with half the effect as a HoT, this would give feed pet a point to its current meaningless existence. The only problems I can see with it other than the one previously stated, is that some buffs (strength,agility, intellect, haste, certain new stats coming to WoD that will surely come in food form) wouldn't be the best. Also, buffing your pet could be something else hunters feel "forced" to do (BM for Brez complaints.) One more thing though, it was slightly different than a person, it lasted 60 minutes, AND through death would be nice. Ideas?

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Implementing pet food buffs would be a step back. I don't want to have to carry more raid consumables in my bag or have to remember buff my pet.

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I'm not implying new food, I'm saying we are using food we can eat as well. Plus we can have bigger stacks of that food. I'm also saying I would like more versatility when trying to solo things (group quests/elites/rares) with pets. We are losing all crowd control from pets except slows, I don't know though. I just want pet crit & Stam(or good mastery buffs) :/

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