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Hi Monks,


I also have my alpha invite and will be testing out all specs.


Currently playing BrM

500ilvl gear given

First thoughts:


- Clash gone, i didnt think i would miss it this much sad.png

- Feels much less busy than current live with the stat/spell squish

- Already have had my first "Why are you so squishy" in a 5 man lol.

- lol 6k keg smash crits

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Did you find the dungeon to be difficult in anyway? Did you get a perk at 91? If so, which one? What did you think of it?

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Did you find the dungeon to be difficult in anyway? Did you get a perk at 91? If so, which one? What did you think of it?

Apart from not having my normal stagger tracking addon and my health bar being the tiny blizz one so i didnt notice my hp drop at times it wasnt that difficult at all.

I had another dungeon completed earlier that cc wasnt used. That run was harder but there is only a couple of pulls where the cc really helped.


The perk at 91 was Empowered Blackout Kick (20% extra damage). I am yet to try the dungeon again with the new perk but i will probably tonight or tomorrow and ill post the logs.

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Has anyone had a chance to try out mistweaver yet? Been following some some of the changes and still undecided about whether or not mistweavers are looking a little better for Warlords. Curious how the new stance is feeling, and how the changes in general are.


Unless I'm mistaken, I saw MW are losing Zen Med and transcendence, hopefully like a lot of the warlock changes we get those back....


But yea seeing as we have a better chance of finding aliens than I do of getting an alpha/beta invite, I was just curious.



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Im planning to MW tonight or tomorrow as my next test along with the BrM empowered blackout kick.


Ill have a play around then ill do a DG and post the logs.


I want to get into a DG with some skilled dps to get a better idea of where the tank damage will sit. Just have to get on when some of the other mods are online, damn timezones :P

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