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A-Whitemane-OHANA 8/10

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About us:
OHANA is a guild that focuses on maintaining the spirit of Aloha in our daily lives and throughout our online lives. The guild prides itself on the cultural diversity and respect that we maintain towards each other and others. Members are encouraged to help one another, socialize, and have fun with each other. OHANA is open to all interested people, no matter their background, lifestyle, or geographic location so long as they can abide by the mission and focus of the guild.


Wednesday: 7:00 PM PST. - 11:00 PM PST. SSC/TK
Saturday: 11:00 AM PST. - 03:00 PM PST. SSC/TK
There are many Karazhan groups during the week.  You can bring your mains or alts. This isn't mandatory.
Tuesday 7 PM PST- 8PM PST- Gruul and Mag. This is not a mandatory raid

What we offer

• Organized raiding with detailed assignments.
• Fun and focused raiding atmosphere with an emphasis on pushing progression.
• A community where we always strive to keep everyone included in guild events and social interactions.
• Active leadership that has a full understanding of compositions, log analysis, raid logistics and a proven track record of success in retail, classic & private servers.


• High raid attendance.
• Good awareness and the ability to minimize damage taken.
• Proper raid gear that is gemmed and enchanted.
• Attend raids prepared and with consumables.
• The ability to learn from your mistakes and hold yourself accountable.
• Always looking to improve as a player and never being complacent.

• Fair, balanced, and transparent looting system. There is a loot prior soft reserve list on our discord that can only be changed by the guild leader.   We have one soft reserve for each raid. For example, you get to soft reserve one item in ssc and one item in tk. If it is not reserved raiders roll MS>OS.

High performing players of all classes and specs are encouraged to reach out, but our current focus is on:

Survival/MM Hunter
Enhance Shaman
Shadow Priest
Disc/Holy Priest
Elemental Shaman
Holy Paladin
Ret Paladin
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman

******** Contact Chuggy Bear#3217 or Meredith#8341*****

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