Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Filling Your Toy Box

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Learn how to get all of the Toys in Warlords of Draenor!

Looking for something to pass the time while waiting for the upcoming expansion? Already have your Legendary Cloak and want something else to grind for? How about collecting all of the currently obtainable items which will be changed to Toys in the upcoming expansion! Think your backpack (and bank) can handle it?

We've put together a list of all of the items currently classified as "Toy" in the Warlords of Draenor Alpha. For ease of use, this list is sorted by source of obtaining the Toy. Of course, as this is the current list from the latest Alpha build, the list is subject to change. Items will certainly be added in later Alpha builds, so please keep in mind that this list is in no way indicative of the final Toy Box we will see once the expansion goes live! Please also be aware that some of these items are no longer obtainable. However, there is always a possibility that Blizzard could retroactively re-award or otherwise add a method of re-acquiring these items if they have been deleted. For example, they could mail another inv_misc_enggizmos_20.jpgCrashin' Thrashin' Flyer Controller to all players who have earned the corresponding Feat of Strength. We'll have to wait and see!

Check out our guide detailing where and how to obtain all of the current Toy Box items! Bear in mind that there's are quite a few potential items which are not yet classified as Toys. We'll be updating this guide as more items are added to the Toy Box in future Alpha builds!

Be sure to also check out our preview of the Toy Box UI, which shows off the in-game UI and explains the features!


These Toys are earned upon completion of various achievements, some of which require a bit more work than others. Avid Pet Battlers will probably appreciate the Safari Hat being added to the Toy Box!
  • inv_holiday_brewfestbuff_01.jpgHonorary Brewmaster Keg
    This item is awarded by the achievement inv_misc_archaeology_vrykuldrinkinghorn.Pub Crawl, which requires the player to complete a variety of achievements within the Brewmoon Festival, Unga Ingoo, A Brewing Storm and Greenstone Village scenarios. The achievements can be earned on any difficulty, but all meta-achievements must be earned on the same character.
  • inv_helm_cloth_petsafari_a_01.jpgSafari Hat
    This item is awarded by the achievement inv_pet_achievement_defeatpettamer.jpgTaming the World, which requires the player to defeat 40 Master Pet Tamers in Pet Battles across the world.
  • inv_misc_book_11.jpgThe Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery
    This item is awarded by the achievement inv_misc_book_11.jpgHigher Learning, which requires the player to find and read all of the volumes of "The Schools of Arcane Magic" found in Dalaran. The books are random spawns and this can be a time-consuming activity, as the books will only spawn every couple of hours.
  • inv_misc_coin_18.jpgTitanium Seal of Dalaran
    This item is awarded by the achievement inv_misc_coin_02.jpgThe Coin Master, which requires the player to complete three Fishing meta achievements. The player must fish every single character's lucky coin out of the Dalaran fountain, so this can be another time-consuming Toy to earn!


All archaeology Toys can be randomly discovered when completing artifacts for their respective branch. All Toys are Rare quality discoveries. Do keep in mind that certain branches of Archaeology will have minimum skill level requirements in order to access dig sites to survey. Good luck!

Night Elf Archeology (75 Archaeology Skill Required)Dwarf Archeology (75 Archaeology Skill Required)Draenei Archaeology (300 Archaeology Skill Required)Nerubian Archaeology (350 Archaeology Skill Required)Tol'Vir Archeology (450 Archaeology Skill Required)

Dropped by NPCs

These Toy items have a rare chance to drop from mobs around the world (mostly in Pandaria). Most of the items have specific drop sources, which are typically rare spawns found in Mists of Pandaria zones. To make locating the mobs and farming these drops easier, the drop lists have been organized by the general location of the source mob's spawn.

Mists of Pandaria Toy Drops
Valley of the Four WindsKun-Lai SummitDread WastesVale of Eternal BlossomsTimeless Isle Toy DropsIsle of Thunder Toy DropsNon-Pandaria Toy Drops

Miscellaneous Sources

These Toys didn't really fit best in any other category due to the special circumstances of being obtained. Some of these toys are significantly harder to acquire (inv_ingot_04.jpgUnsealed Chest items, I'm looking at you)!


Engineers rejoice! The various crafted teleporters are now considered Toys, and you can easily hotkey your various teleportation Toys and free up some bagspace! It's worth nothing that while the Wormhole Generators are not currently included on this list, there's certainly no reason we can't expect them to be added in a later build.
  • inv_misc_enggizmos_07.jpgDimensional Ripper - Area 52
    Crafted by Engineering. Requires 350 Goblin Engineering to craft and use. Binds when used, can only be used by Goblin Engineers. Will not show up as incomplete in a Gnomish Engineering character's Toy Box.
  • inv_misc_enggizmos_12.jpgUltrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station
    Crafted by Gnomish Engineering. Requires 350 Gnomish Engineering to craft and use. Binds when used, can only be used by Gnomish Engineers. Will not show up as incomplete in a Goblin Engineering character's Toy Box.
  • inv_misc_enggizmos_07.jpgDimensional Ripper - Everlook
    Crafted by Engineering. Requires 260 Goblin Engineering to craft and use. Binds when used, can only be used by Goblin Engineers. Will not show up as incomplete in a Gnomish Engineering character's Toy Box.
  • inv_misc_enggizmos_12.jpgUltrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan
    Crafted by Gnomish Engineering. Requires 260 Gnomish Engineering to craft and use. Binds when used, can only be used by Gnomish Engineers. Will not show up as incomplete in a Goblin Engineering character's Toy Box.
  • inv_misc_book_07.jpgRituals of the New Moon
    Crafted by Inscription. Requires 350 Inscription to craft. Binds when equipped, can be used by anyone. When this item is crafted, it creates one of four items. Each item has a different color wolf transformation (Grey, White, Red and Black) and the Toy Box has slots for all four. Players will be able to purchase this item on the Auction House.


These Toys can be purchased from vendors for either gold or a special currency. No special reputation is required for these items, making them some of the more relatively accessible Toys.
  • inv_misc_head_clockworkgnome_01.jpgWind-Up Train Wrecker
    This item can be purchased from toy vendors in Orgrimmar, Stormwind and Dalaran for 250 gold. It may also be found in the inv_holiday_christmas_present_01.jpgStolen Present obtainable during the Feast of Winter Veil.
Requires a Special Currency


These Toys are rewarded from quest chains at various levels. There are quite a few more quest reward items that players would certainly consider a Toy, such as the ever-so-popular inv_misc_gem_variety_02.jpgRainbow Generator and the loveable inv_jewelcrafting_goldenhare.jpgPuntable Marmot. It's worth mentioning that the latter was originally included in the first screenshots revealed of the Toy Box, even though it isn't listed in the current build. Of course, we can expect quite a few additions to the Toy Box, so don't worry if your favorite Toy isn't listed!
  • achievement_reputation_kirintor_offensivKirin Tor Beacon
    Awarded upon completion of the quest The Storm Gathers, which requires the player to travel to the Isle of Thunder. Available to Alliance characters only, and will not show up as incomplete in a Horde character's Toy Box.
  • achievement_faction_sunreaveronslaught.jSunreaver Beacon
    Awarded upon completion of the quest The Storm Gathers, which requires the player to travel to the Isle of Thunder. Available to Horde characters only, and will not show up as incomplete in a Alliance character's Toy Box.
  • inv_qirajidol_war.jpgTime-Lost Figurine
    Drops from Terokk, Level 72 Elite in Terokkar Forest. This mob can only be fought during the quest Terokk's Downfall, which is a Sha'tari Skyguard quest available at Skettis in the Terokkar Forest. To obtain the quest, players must start the quest chain with the quest World of Shadows, available from Severin. The trinket is not a guaranteed drop.


These Toys are obtained as rewards from various reputations. Each of these items requires a specific reputation level with its respective faction in order to be purchased. Some may also require specific currencies to be purchased.
  • inv_shirt_guildtabard_01.jpgArgent Crusader's Tabard
    Sold by Dame Evniki Kapsalis in Icecrown for 50 ability_paladin_artofwar.jpg [/wowicon]Champion's Seals. This item can only be purchased once the player has championed all factions of the Argent Tournament, earned Exalted status with as well as the right to represent every Alliance or Horde race's faction in the Argent Tournament. Quite a bit of time is required to obtain this item, as reputation is earned primarily through daily questing, but the daily quests are relatively easy to complete for a max-level character.
  • inv_fishingchair.jpgNat's Fishing Chair
    This item will be mailed to a character upon reaching Best Friends reputation with Nat Pagle. Reputation is earned by turning in rare fish to Nat Pagle in Krasarang Wilds.

Trading Card Game

This items can only be obtained by redeeming codes found on corresponding loot cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. The cards are only somewhat rare, and while sets will go out-of-print, it's not uncommon to find cards from older sets online on sites such as eBay. Be prepared to pay a bit for some of these items, as the average sale price is around $35.00 per item. You can find listings on WoW TCG Loot.
  • achievement_boss_illidan.jpgDemon Hunter's Aspect
    Redeemable from the loot card "Demon Hunter's Aspect" in the War of the Ancients expansion.
  • inv_misc_idol_01.jpgMagical Ogre Idol
    Redeemable from the loot card "Magical Ogre Idol" in the Crown of the Heavens expansion.
  • inv_box_01.jpgPicnic Basket
    Redeemable from the loot card "Rest and Relaxation" in the Through the Dark Portal expansion.
  • inv_fishingchair.jpgFishing Chair
    Redeemable from the loot card "Gone Fishin'" in the Fires of Outland expansion.
  • achievement_dungeon_outland_dungeonmasteDark Portal
    Redeemable from the loot card "Dark Portal Hearthstone" in the Betrayal of the Guardian expansion.
  • spell_fire_twilightfire.jpgGrim Campfire
    Redeemable from the loot card "Grim Campfire" in the Worldbreaker expansion.
  • trade_archaeology_uldumcanopicjar.jpgSpurious Sarcophagus
    Redeemable from the loot card "Spurious Sarcophagus" in the Tomb of the Forgotten expansion.
  • inv_misc_toy_06.jpgPaper Flying Machine Kit
    Redeemable from the loot card "Paper Flying Machine Kit" in the March of the Legion expansion. Also can be found on the Black Market Auction House.
  • inv_misc_discoball_01.jpgD.I.S.C.O.
    Redeemable from the loot card "Disco Inferno!" in the Hunt for Illidan expansion.
  • ability_mage_netherwindpresence.jpgEthereal Portal
    Redeemable from the loot card "Portal Stone" in the Icecrown expansion.

World Event

These Toys can be only be obtained during specific world events. You can check out the in-game calendar (/calendar) to find out the dates and duration of each in-game world event. Many of these items require event-specific currencies which can be earned via daily quests.
  • inv_misc_football.jpgThe Pigskin
    This item is sold by toy vendors found in major cities for 40 gold. It can also be found in the inv_holiday_christmas_present_01.jpgStolen Present rewarded from the daily quest You're a Mean One... This item is only available during Feast of Winter Veil world event.
  • [wowicon=archaeology_5_0_emptykegofbrewfatherxinwoyin]Pandaren Brewpack
    This item is sold by event vendors found inside (and outside) of Ironforge and Orgrimmar for 100 inv_misc_coin_01.jpgBrewfest Prize Token. This item is only available during the Brewfest world event.

No Longer Available

There are a handful of items in the current Toy Box that are no longer obtainable. These items were rewards from specific in-game events which have since been removed, so it is not likely that Blizzard will re-introduce any of these items. There is no word yet on whether or not Blizzard will be able to retroactively re-award any of these items, though most of them do have corresponding achievements which can indicate that the item was earned. We will have to see how Blizzard decides to handle this.
  • inv_misc_orb_03.jpgMini Mana Bomb
    This item was awarded to Horde players at the conclusion of the Mists of Pandaria Fall of Theramore launch event.
  • inv_misc_tournaments_symbol_troll.jpgDarkspear Pride
    This item was awarded to Horde players as a quest reward for completing the Operation: Gnomeregan questline prior to the launch of Cataclysm.
  • inv_misc_tournaments_symbol_gnome.jpgGnomeregan Pride
    This item was awarded to Alliance players as a quest reward for completing the Zalazane's Fall questline prior to the launch of Cataclysm.
  • inv_misc_missilesmall_purple.jpgPerpetual Purple Firework
    This item was obtained through redemption of 3,000 UDE Points, a discontinued points system from when Upper Deck made the WoW TCG. It is no longer possible to obtain this item.
  • inv_misc_idol_01.jpgCarved Ogre Idol
    This item was obtained through redemption of 25,000 UDE Points, a discontinued point reward system from when Upper Deck made the WoW TCG. It is no longer possible to obtain this item.

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This is a really impressive guide!  I'm going to grind a few of these out myself.

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Yes, this really is an excellent topic to bring up, as I was just thinking about some of the things I was going to do until the next expansion comes along. Thank you miyari for taking the time to create such a thorough & complete list, perfect for a 'completionist like myself. I love it!

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So many of these toys are actually pretty hard to get! I don't even have the most of them; most of the toys I have aren't on the list yet (but there's no reason they won't be), so I'm not sure if I can yet spare the inventory space. I've long since dumped tons and tons of gear, though, so I technically do have the room, I guess. I always do a mass-purging of items prior to expansions; I'm pretty sure we'll get that extra void storage prior to the expansion release, so that'll certainly help!

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Ive been looking for a list such as this, and until now all I have found is screenshots of various pages. I was looking to see if the Brazier of Dancing Flames (purchasable in Midsummer Festival for 350 Burning Blossoms) was in the toy box. From the below screenie I found it was,,, but it may have since been removed... still for the sake of an hour farming the bonfires might be a worthwhile purchase for anyone wanting to complete the toy box.



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Yeah, definitely keep in mind that this list is Blizzard's first real sweep since implementing the feature and they're bound to add a ton more items to the Toy Box in future Beta updates, so don't get distraught!

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Blessing of the old god is in the toy box in beta but not in your archeology list. You also have a few listed that aren't toys, is that because they will become part of the toy box later on?

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Blessing of the old god is in the toy box in beta but not in your archeology list. You also have a few listed that aren't toys, is that because they will become part of the toy box later on?

Miyari is no longer working with us, so it is unlikely that she will come and answer your question or update the guide sad.png

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      Players have been comparing the Netherlight Crucible to Reforging and Ornyx sat down with the development team to answer some of the concerns.
      Reforging was a simple and mechanical choice of replacing worst stats with best stats on every item. The Crucible is only affecting a small subset of items offering more varied situations than reforging 30 Hit into Haste. Respeccing Crucible traits is generally a bad idea, because players would be able to pick traits based on perfect optimization for any given situation during raid progression. Relics become Soulbound on inspection to avoid everyone porting in and out of raid to pass the relic around to see who it's best for. You can learn more about the Netherlight Crucible in our guide.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Hey guys!

      We’ve been seeing a lot of discussion going back and forth on the Crucible lately, so we’ve had some conversations with the development team and I wanted to pop in and share a few points that came out of it.

      Regarding comparisons to Reforging – Reforging was always a simple, mechanical choice. Players were, at the end of the day, simply replacing their worst stats with best stats on every item that didn’t already have your best stats up to a mechanical limit. The Crucible, by comparison, is only affecting a small subset of items and presents much more varied situations than say “change 30 Hit Chance into Haste”.

      We’ve also seen a bit of discussion around players desiring the ability to respec the Traits that are locked on the second and third tiers of relics. We feel that the ability to respect Traits would lead to players picking traits based on perfect optimization for any given situation, which could lead to players leaving a raid to change to AoE-centric traits for the next fight during raid progression. While we feel that’s a nuisance in itself, this would also make the system feel like a watered-down version of talent rows, and would undermine the choice that is made when selecting your Relic Traits.

      That being said, Relics are items and will be replaced; we do expect players to make choices and experiment with this system. Since there is still new content ahead of us in Antorus, better Relics will be available and players who make choices they may not like now will have the opportunity to get new Relics before long with a potentially new set of Trait choices.

      As a note, we are also fine with the current state that Relics Soulbind on inspection in the Crucible. We believe the alternative of everyone porting in and out of the raid to pass the relic around and see who it’s best for is far, far worse. Players are smart and will be able to make educated decisions based on the information that’s available to them. As I said, we do expect experimentation however.

      A final note: I saw the post on Reddit laying out three choices for Relics, asking players which one they would pick -
      Relic A : 930 Ilvl BiS main trait, 3rd BiS bonus trait, but forces worst tier 2 crucible trait Relic B : 915 ilvl BiS main and bonus trait and 2nd BiS crucible tier 2 trait Relic C : 940 ilvl 2nd and 4th BiS traits and BiS crucible tier 2 trait. The poster responded by saying the only way to know is to sim it. If you’re generally a player who simulates gear upgrades to make decisions, you’re probably going to do that anyway, and that’s fine. If you’re a player going off basic guidelines such as “I play a fire mage so I want Critical Strike” you will get by as you always do in this situation and pick what you think is best for your particular class or spec. 

      Thanks for all the feedback on the topic so far, I’ll be on the lookout for future discussions, as always.
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      Netherlight Crucible is only one week away. Learn more about the new relic customization option added in Patch 7.3.
      Table of Contents 
      What is the Netherlight Crucible Location of the Netherlight Crucible How to Unlock the Netherlight Crucible Legendary Items & the Netherlight Crucible Netherlight Crucible Traits Relic Slot Levels Previewing Traits Netherlight Crucible Paths Frequently Asked Questions What is the Netherlight Crucible? [Return to Top]
      A new way of relic customization added in Patch 7.3. Remember the previously scrapped secondary traits on relics? It's a more polished version of them, giving players a little "more control" over the RNG.
      Location [Return to Top]
      The Netherlight Crucible can be found at 56, 67 aboard the Vindicaar.
      How to Unlock the Netherlight Crucible [Return to Top]
      Netherlight Crucible will be available to players starting September 12. The only prerequisite is to complete the Argus campaign in Mac'Aree, and a quest "The Netherlight Crucible". Unlock the Netherlight Crucible to get the Now You're Cooking with Netherlight achievement.
      Legendary Items [Return to Top]
      Insignia of the Grand Army is a new Legendary item of item level 1,000 that will be rewarded from defeating Argus the Unmaker in Antorus the Burning Throne (The Death of a Titan). It increases the effects of Light & Shadow powers granted by the Netherlight Crucible by 50%. Note that Antorus will be available later this year.
      Netherlight Crucible Traits [Return to Top]
      The Netherlight Crucible has three relic slots and tiers of traits.

      Tier 1
      The first tier is available immediately after unlocking the Crucible.
      Netherlight Fortification is the same trait for each relic, allowing you to increase the item level of your Artifact weapon by 5 item levels per slot (up to a maximum of +15 item levels). Tier 2
      The second tier contains 1 random Light & 1 Shadow power (regardless of your class or specialization) drawn from the following pools of power:
      Light Powers
      Infusion of Light Light's Embrace Light Speed Refractive Shell Secure in the Light Shocklight Shadow Powers
      Chaotic Darkness Dark Sorrows  Master of Shadows Murderous Intent Shadowbind Torment the Weak Tier 3
      Any Artifact trait (with more than one rank) that isn't yet empowered by the selected relic can be present here.
      In the first relic slot, I have Crashing Ember that empowers Weapons of the Elements by +1. That means, Tier 3 of that relic can contain any other Artifact traits, except Weapons of the Elements. In the second relic slot, I have Reactive Pylon Casing that empowers Wind Surge, so Tier 3 of this specific relic can have any other traits except Wind Surge. Relic Slots Levels [Return to Top]
      Relic slots are gated behind Artifact Level. They have three levels, corresponding to the three tiers of traits. You can increase the item level of your Artifact weapon by +15 immediately after you unlock the Crucible.
      Relic Slot 1 Row 2 > Relic Slot 2 Row 2 > Relic Slot 3 Row 2 > Relic Slot 1 Row 3 > Relic Slot 2 Row 3 > Relic Slot 3 Row 3.
      Relic Slot 1 Row 1 - Available immediately after you unlock Netherligh Crucible Row 2 - Available at Artifact level 60 Row 3 - Available at Artifact level 69 Relic Slot 2 Row 1 - Available immediately after you unlock Netherligh Crucible Row 2 - Available at Artifact level 63 Row 3 - Available at Artifact level 72 Relic Slot 3 Row 1 - Available immediately after you unlock Netherligh Crucible Row 2 - Available at Artifact level 66 Row 3 - Available at Artifact level 75 Previewing Traits [Return to Top]
      An unsocketed relic can be inserted into the Crucible at any time. Previewing traits makes the relic soulbound, so you won't be able to trade it with anyone.

      Paths [Return to Top]
      It isn't possible to unlock all traits in the second and third tier. We have four different path variations.
      Netherlight Fortification > Tier 2A >Tier 3A Netherlight Fortification > Tier 2A > Tier 3B Netherlight Fortification > Tier 2B > Tier 3B Netherlight Fortification > Tier 2B > Tier 3C FAQ [Return to Top]
      We compiled all Q&A from Blizzard about the Netherlight Crucible and you can find them below.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Q: What are the requirements to access the Netherlight Crucible?
      A: Our intent at this stage of development is for there to only be two requirements: your character is level 110, and you have the account-wide achievement "Now You're Cooking with Netherlight." That achievement is given as part of the final chapters of the 7.3 story campaign, which is planned to open week 3 of the patch (so 15 days after release).

      We've been able to isolate a couple of bugs - partly due to responses to this thread, so thank you! - that are currently on the PTR preventing access to the Netherlight Crucible unless you have a rank in Concordance of the Legionfall. That's an unintended restriction, which we're working on fixing for a future PTR update.
      Q: Why are you adding this system? What’s with the RNG?
      A: The Netherlight Crucible (aside from being an important part of the 7.3 storyline) is intended to help with an issue with Relic availability that players have been reporting for some time now. As Ion explained during our last Q&A, there are technical issues with the way Relics were built that limit which bonus traits can be available from raids. This has caused a number of raiders to feel as though their best bet is to run Mythic Keystone dungeons constantly in the hopes of having a Relic with their ideal bonus trait drop (and Titanforge for a high item level).

      Those who were following development of Patch 7.2 may recall an earlier take on an improvement for this issue, where we experimented with adding a single, randomized second bonus trait to Relics. Ultimately, we decided that was the wrong approach, and wanted a system that put a little more control in players’ hands. So, while the Netherlight Crucible does still have an element of randomness, it presents you with several options to choose from.
      To be clear: we believe that having some element of randomness is important. Our goal was not to simply allow players to choose the precise bonus traits they wanted (you already do that, more or less, when spending Artifact Power). We still want there to be those exciting moments where a Relic gives you a great outcome. The Netherlight Crucible is intended to make Relics more valuable on average, not to make all Relics be equal value. 
      Q: Will I be able to trade Relics with other players to see who gets the best options at the Crucible?
      A: No. Previewing a Relic at the Netherlight Crucible will bind it to your character and remove the ability to trade it. This is because those trait options don’t actually exist on the Relic until you attune it to the Crucible, in a process similar to enchanting a piece of gear. It also prevents raid teams from feeling like they need to send everyone who might be interested in a Relic back to the Vindicaar before continuing.
      Q: Will the Netherlight Crucible work on Relics acquired prior to 7.3 release?
      A: Yes. However, keep in mind that it will take some time (likely several weeks) to unlock the later stages of the Netherlight Crucible, where the additional bonus traits come in. We don’t expect that stockpiling Relics prior to 7.3 will give any real advantage in practice.
      Q: Doesn’t this just mean I’ll want my best two traits on each Relic now?
      A: For the hardcore min/maxer, yes, there will still be a “best” outcome for your Relic configuration. However, there are now more Relics that can achieve that state (as Relics with your second-best trait can now roll your best trait at the Crucible), and you’ll encounter fewer “bad” Relics along the way.
      Q: Why do I have to go back to the Netherlight Crucible to upgrade my Relic? Didn’t you want to get away from mechanics like that?
      A: Players often compare this to the old Reforging system, and our dislike of having to visit a vendor after each and every upgrade. That hasn’t changed. The Netherlight Crucible only affects Relics – you won’t need to visit the Crucible every time you pick up a new pair of boots.
      Q: How do the Relic "talents" unlock?
      A: As your Artifact increases in level (by spending Artifact Power), your Relic slots will level up as well. When you first unlock the Crucible, you'll have access to the first additional trait (a +5 increase to your Artifact's item level) in each slot. The second row unlocks at Artifact level 60, 63, and 66 (for the left, center, and right Relic slots respectively), and the third and final row unlocks at Artifact level 69, 72, and 75. This should all be pretty apparent when you look at those slots in-game, but may not be showing clearly via datamined info.
      Q: What did you mean by "it can't double roll a trait"?
      A: Just that you will never be able to upgrade a Relic to increase the same Artifact trait twice. If your Relic already has a bonus rank of Wrath of the Ashbringer on it, that trait will not be one of the three options presented in the bottom row of the Crucible's upgrade tree.

      In other words, there's no risk of having your Wrath of the Ashbringer relic be "ruined" by not rolling a second bonus to Wrath of the Ashbringer, because that could never have happened in the first place. However, if you get a relic without Wrath of the Ashbringer, there's now a chance that it'll gain it from the Crucible.

      Additionally, those three options will always be unique; it won't, for example, give you the "choice" between Deflection, Deflection, or Deflection. Aside from making sure you always have options, this means that your odds of having your favorite trait appear on a Relic you'd otherwise have discarded are actually pretty decent.
      Q: How do the ranks for the first two rows work?
      A: There are no such ranks. We think this is coming from some confusion about how the Netherlight Crucible is showing up in datamining, versus how it actually operates in-game. Once you've unlocked a row in the Crucible, you just select the option you like, and that's it - there's no additional leveling up of those options beyond that.

      For those peeking into the data (or anyone else who might be curious): this is because of how we built the system to allow the unlockable effects to stack between each relic. It's just a subtle behind-the-scenes optimization on our end.

      Hopefully that will help clear the air about how the Netherlight Crucible works, but we're sure you have more questions, so ask away and we'll do our best to answer what we can! We'll aim to provide an update sometime next week. Thanks!
    • By Stan

      Senior Art Director Samwise Didier is conducting an AMA over at r/wow today. If you've got any interesting questions, don't hesitate to ask!
      Samwise Didier (Source)
      Hail internet!
      My name is Samwise Didier! I joined Blizzard Entertainment in 1991 and contributed art for many Blizzard games like: World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, and my current project, Heroes of the Storm. This past year, I ventured into writing and illustrating my own stories, in collaboration with one of the best publishers, Insight Editions. My latest novel, The Last Winter, is a tale of fantasy and adventure, taking place on the mountainous island of Mistgard. The united armies of frost and fire giants, led by Lord Wintyr and King Sumyr, march across frozen seas to bring destruction and doom to the island and it's inhabitants, the Pandyr. As ice and fire rain down from the sky, the fractured tribes of the Pandyr must put aside old prejudices and unite in order to defend their tribes, their island, and their very existence.
      The Last Winter will be released October 3rd and is available for pre-order now!
      Alrighty internet friends, I am ready for your questions.
      (Note: once this post is an hour old, we will begin answering questions)
      Placeholder for tweet 910329835628535808 For more information about Samwise, you can check out Black Heart Tavern's interview here.
    • By Stan

      Blizzard released a new three-part audio drama called "A Thousand Years of War" - The Story of Alleria & Turalyon, written by Robert Brooks and narrated by Stephen Pacey.
      The story talks about Alleria & Turalyon fighting on Argus to end the Dark Titan's crusade, joining the Army of the Light and Alleria embracing the Void.
      You can also download a PDF version of the drama here. The mp3 versions are cut off at 5:22 for some odd reason.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner and High General Turalyon’s disappearance was not the end of their last war, but rather the beginning of a new and more terrible one.
      After joining the Army of the Light, Alleria and Turalyon’s war against the Burning Legion took them all the way to the seat of the demons’ power: Argus.
      The Burning Legion is attacking Azeroth. The Army of the Light is on the verge of defeat. Alleria and Turalyon are on opposite sides of the cosmos, desperately searching for the key to ending Sargeras’s crusade.
      MP3 Downloads: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
      PDF Download
    • By Stan

      In the initial build of Patch 7.3.2, many Tier 21 set bonuses have been updated.
      Tier 21 Set Bonuses
      Death Knight
      Item - Death Knight T21 Frost 4P Bonus - Frost Damage Flashy Proc - When you deal Frost damage, you have a chance to release a barrage of icy spikes at your target dealing [ 3.000 * 280 0% of weapon damage ] Frost damage. Druid 
      Item - Druid T21 Feral 2P Bonus - Rip Chance to Double Tick - When Rip deals damage, there is a 10 20% chance for it to deal damage again. Item - Druid T21 Feral 4P Bonus - Rip Ticks Proc Free Ferocious Bite - When Rip deals damage, you have a 4% chance to cause your next Ferocious Bite to consume no Combo Points be free and count as if you spent the maximum amount of Energy. Mage
      Item - Mage T21 Fire 4P Bonus - Combustion Increases Crit Damage - Combustion also increases your critical strike damage by 12 50% for 14 sec. Item - Mage T21 Frost 4P Bonus - Brain Freeze Buffs Frostbolt - When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Frostbolt or Ice Lance is increased by 75%. Monk
      Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Gust of Mists Applies HoT - When Gust of Mists heals a target, they have a 100 101% chance to gain Tranquil Mist which heals them for [ 4 + 320% of Spell Power ] health over 8 sec. Rogue
      Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus - Combo Points Spent Buffs Backstab - Each Combo Point spent reduces the cooldown of Symbols of Death by 0.2 sec. Backstab damage increased by 30%. Shaman
      Item - Shaman T21 Elemental 2P Bonus - Lava Burst Buffs Maelstrom Spenders - Each cast of Lava Burst increases the damage of your next Earth Shock or Earthquake by 20% 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. Item - Shaman T21 Elemental 4P Bonus - Earth Shock Overload - Earth Shock and Frost Shock have has a 15 30% chance to cause an Elemental Overload. Warlock
      Item - Warlock T21 Affliction 2P Bonus - Drain Soul Increases UA Duration - When Agony Drain Soul deals damage, there is a 2 15% chance to increase the duration of Unstable Affliction on the target by 1.0 sec. Item - Warlock T21 Affliction 4P Bonus - Corruption Causes Drain Soul Tick Faster - When you cast Unstable Affliction, all targets within 60 yards suffering from your Agony immediately take 1 Shadow damage. When Corruption deals damage, you have a 2% chance to increase the speed at which Drain Soul deals damage by 100% for the next 10 sec. Warrior
      Item - Warrior T21 Fury 4P Bonus - Recklessness Buffs Rampage - When you activate Battle Cry, the damage of your next Rampage is increased by 75 150% for 8 sec.