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Keybinds for frost mage

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Hello guys,


I am back to playing WoW and my keybinds are so outdated that I am not used to them anymore, I would like somebody to tell me best keybinds for frost mage using keys such as Q,E,R,T,F,G,V,(C?),X with shift/ctrl/(alt?). I might also buy razer naga so keep that in mind. I know it is all user preference but it doesnt matter for me anymore as I can get used to them easily. Also any good macros these days?



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The first thing you need to know is: What spells will you cast the most (for example the spells in your rotation and dps cooldowns). Other spells like Ice Block / Ring of Frost you can put on Shift+[?]. 

I suggest you look at these 2 topics, it will give you a general idea where to bind:






Macros can be found here:


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Hey Craity,
Let me provide you with the keybinds i use and some explanation why i feel they are optimal.

1: Frostbolt. Using my pinky for my filler spell leaves the high reaction buttons to my faster fingers

2: Ice Lance: This finger (on the right of your left hand pinky) is centered and you probably won't move it during an encounter.

3: Frostfire Bolt: Same as Ice lance

4: Living Bomb: Index. Your index is your fastest finger and the only one capable of reaching buttons like F, C, R etc without ruining your rotation. Placing a spell that's used once every 12 seconds on my index seems the way to go for me.

Q. Evocation: This is right under my (1), so whenever I am casting evocation I won't be casting frostbolt. The transition seems smooth to me.

E: Icy Veins. Another button my index reaches rapidly

R: Frozen Orb. Same as IV

T: Ice Barrier/Temporal Shield. Again you can reach that button pretty fast

F: Blink. Same. This is in the close range of the index

G: Spellsteal: This is abit too far, so i use Spellsteal here.
H: Slow Fall: This keybind is in the proximity of Bangladesh for my index so i bind this random spell there.

C: Blazing Speed/Ice Floes: In my keyboard i can bend my fingers just enough to reach C fast without moving little finger, ring finger and middle finger from buttons 1-2-3

X: Ice Block: This is a button you can reach instantly with both your index, but sacrifice dps uptime to do so. Which basically is what iceblock is.


The area right under my little finger on my hand rests on Ctrl so i can press it without moving any fingers. I place key spells here, both DPS wize, and control wise

Ctr-1: Counterspell 

Ctr-2: Pet Freeze

Ctrl-3: Engineering Boots

Ctrl-4: Alter Time

Ctrl-Q: Cone of Cold


I can press Alt with my thumb without moving the rest of my hand, but this feels weird so i don't have main spells here.

Alt-1: Ring of Frost/Frostjaw

Alt-2: Greater Invisibility/Cold Snap

Alt-3: Alter Time Cancel Macro

Alt-4: Potion


I use a shift modifier for AoE only, because AoE is something that doesn;t happen often for short periods. The only exception is CoC.

Shift-1: Blizzard

Shift-2: Flamestrike

Shift-3: Arcane Explosion


Keep in mind these binds work best FOR ME. You might prefer to move with ESDF instead of WASD or want to have certain spells on certain positions. I also recently bought a naga, and i suggest you do as well, because having buttons there is extremely optimal.


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Berlinia thats exactly what I was waiting for! What about yours frost nova? I think u missed some spells here or are you not using it?
oh and do you use any arena macros? such as counter spell arena1?


spells such as, deep freeze, fire blast, invisibility, mirror image, frost nova, remove curse, poly, time wrap - do you not have them key binded? Im sure you do

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Hey Craity

I am actually using Razer Naga, so these were some of my keybinds before i got the naga so i have an additional 12 keybindings. You are right quite some spells are missing but you have to keep in mind. I do not PvP. I just tried to translate my logic on certain keybinds on a keyboard only frame for you.
I have mirror image on Ctrl-C, as you use it only once every 3 minutes.

I would use Fireblast on something like Shift-E and Invisibility I already have bound on Alt-2. Frost Nova I don't use often in PvE, but as it has quite the importance in PvP, I would put it on Ctrl-Q. Remove Curse is a spell that for me has no use in PvE and I do not know how important it is on Pvp. 
To be absolutely honest TimeWarp and Poly I do not have keybound. I use poly so unoften that i sometimes open it from spellbook xD. Timewarp I click.


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