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Word of Glory vs Etrnal Flame

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Just started a new pally tank and I'm a little confused when reading the protection pally guide. The healing ability listed under active survival abilities in the guide is Word of Glory, but that seems to be a Retribution ability, while Eternal Flame is in my ability list. Am I completely missing something?

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I've been using EF and haven't seen anyone who raids top tier not using it, might just be an oversight.


Edit: I went in and checked just to see, and it seems the guide says that EF is currently the best choice: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/protection-paladin-pve-tank-spec-builds-talents-glyphs

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Eternal Flame is a talent that replaces Word of Glory. Everything that affects Word of Glory also affects Eternal Flame. (Except Glyph of Harsh Words). Wherever you read Word of Glory, pretend it says Eternal Flame if you have the talent active. Eternal Flame is the best choice for prot paladins, so you don't have to change talents.


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It sounds like the OP is asking why Eternal Flame is listed in his spellbook instead of Word of Glory? To answer that question, you may be using the Eternal Flame Level 45 Talent choice. Eternal Flame eplaces the ability of Word of Glory, this is similar to how Fist of Justice replaces Hammer of Justice as your Level 30 Talent choice. [1]


[1] https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/protection-paladin-pve-tank-spec-builds-talents-glyphs

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      Hi all,
      I have been tasked with gearing my Paladin to heal for my guild and in looking at Logs over the last year i do not see many people using eternal flame or holy radiance.  My question is why not?  Selfless healer seems to be the more popular build but it has been my experience that FoL is not mana efficient enough to be spammed.  Has something changed to mitigate this with regards to FoL use? 
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      This is my first post here in Icy veins forum. I Love your guides all of them.
      With 5.4 now live, Now the raiding starts again. I am one of the main healers in my group but still I have doubts which talent is better for 10 man
      Actually i think the eternal flame is not a nice talent since the nerf but im not sure.
      Im not a healing theorycrafter (dps only).
      The issue here which one is better talent for raiding 10 man.
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      PD: An apology for my English is not my native language
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      On this website as well as a few others it says that Sacred Shield is better to pick over Eternal Flame for Holy. Honestly, I don't see it. I love the HoT on Eternal Flame. It works so well with Illuminated Healing. If there is a HoT ticking away on the player it will keep Illuminated Healing going. It won't drop off after 15 sec and be wasted. It'll just add to Illuminated Healing until the person takes enough damage to use it up.
      Now, I know how good Sacred Shield is. I was the one yelling at pally tanks for not putting it up back when it was first introduced. For me though, I only pick Sacred Shield for prot now.
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