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Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Weapon Visual Preview (Video)

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Update: we now also got a special delivery from LeystTV, as our mention of the Jailer's mace got us a look! The mace actually has two entries/models, which have the same looks, and one is marked as "not transmoggable", while the other is not, so we may be getting to wield it ourselves (but it's still very unclear)!


It's loot time! The new 9.2 raid seems to be bringing some very cool bosses to the table (including some big surprises in the Anduin and Jailer encounters), so hopefully the items won't stray too far. Today we get to see what some of the weapons will look like, including some especially cool daggers! Unfortunately the Jailer's big mace isn't in this particular preview, but it should be an option for players, so we'll keep an eye out! Also no Kingsmourne, but that was to be expected, especially if we cure Anduin, as he might want to keep it for himself/destroy it.

LeystTV is taking us through a lot of the models with some very impressive ones in there, as we have a few very familiar ones too, from a Thunderfury wannabe to Taeshalach but white, and some particularly awesome ones, like the Algalon-style dagger which is definitely my favorite.

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" You get a helper " That's a probe from StarCraft.

And all of Blizzard games are rip off from Alien movie ,  Starship troopers and Warhammer?  

Played all these games and you wonder why Blizzard cba anymore with idiots doing this in the community 


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1 hour ago, Dejo93 said:

Kinda ok. I mean the entire aesthetic just looks like a Destiny 2 rip-off 



Eeeeh I find all that stuff very overblown... Most games look similar and with an MMO you're bound to have stuff that looks like other games. Everything listed there is extremely tangential (seriously those trials armors look nothing like the raid sets. Been a Destiny player since the start and I really don't see it at all).

The FF icon thing is just sad because it's literally a sigil that is shown like... 1 minute? Ever? But people like to whine so enjoy I guess... There's so much stuff to ACTUALLY be upset about but this type of shit just depresses me when people are SO happy to point out. The Traveler is also a TOTAL ripoff of the moon.

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