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FFXIV Official Illustration Countdown - 11 Days Left

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Endwalker, the FFXIV art team is publishing one piece of art each day until the expansion's official release on Tuesday, December 7! You can view today's illustration from the official Square Enix post below.

Square Enix LogoEndwalker Countdown - 11 Days Left (Source)


Count down the days to the release of Endwalker with a new, breathtaking illustration each day, courtesy of the FFXIV Art team!


You can view find yesterday's countdown illustration here.

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    • By Neviriah
      Final Fantasy XVI fans, rejoice! The first DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, is out now, and the second DLC, The Rising Tide, is coming soon. Plus, FFXVI wins Best Score and Music at the Game Awards 2023!
      Final Fantasy XVI players have a lot to look forward to this month, as Square Enix has just announced the first of two planned DLCs for the game, titled Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide. During the Game Awards 2023, an amazing trailer for both DLC’s has been released. Take a look at it:
      Echoes of the Fallen released after the Game Awards, and can be played right now! It can be purchased for a discount price and is available for 9.99€. However, players who are interested can purchase an extension pack, which directly contains both DLC’s for the price of 24.99€. For any purchase, you will also receive Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword and a new music sheet in-game.
      The story of this first DLC is set during the main story, right before the end of the game, and will allow Clive, Jill and the others to go on new adventures and face new enemies. Additionally, the Echoes of the Fallen DLC comes with a new story, enemies, weapons, accessories and raises the maximum level.
      The second DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, The Rising Tide, is expected to arrive in Spring 2024 and will feature another new story chapter that might introduce a long lost Dominant. If you have completed the main game, you may have some clues about who this Dominant is. If not, we suggest you finish the game first before exploring the DLCs, as they may contain spoilers.
      FFXVI has also received the award for Best Score and Music at the Game Awards 2023. We would like to congratulate Soken and the whole team behind this amazing soundtrack. They have created a musical masterpiece that enhances the emotions and immersion of the game.
      Final Fantasy XVI is currently available for PS5, and will be coming to PC in the future. However, there is no official release date for the PC version yet. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information. 
      If you own a PS5, you can download the first DLC right now and start playing! Enjoy more adventures with Clive and his companions in the beautiful world of Valisthea!
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      To commemorate this milestone, the game's official website has launched a special 10th anniversary site, where anyone can enjoy various content and events related to the game, whether it is past stories or future collaborations. During this month of December, before Christmas, some famous personalities related to FFXIV will deliver a message to the world, sharing their congratulations and appreciation for Final Fantasy XIV and its amazing community. 
      Every day until Sunday, December 24, a new message will be shared, and can be viewed on the 10th anniversary site here:
      FFXIV - 10th Anniversary Website Some of the people who have sent a message so far are Yoshitaka Amano, and Hironobu Sakaguchi. However, many more are to come in the next few days, so keep an eye out on the official website!

      The messages are heartwarming praises and admiration for Final Fantasy XIV and the community, as well as containing personal anecdotes and stories related to the game. Some of the upcoming messages might also hint at possible future collaborations or projects involving Final Fantasy XIV.
      The anniversary website also features other content and events that everyone can participate in. Players can also enjoy 10th anniversary frames and stickers for the group pose feature in the game, so don't hesitate to take part in the festivities and share your own Final Fantasy XIV stories. 
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      The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2024 in Tokyo is a celebration of the game and its community. You can join the fun by attending the event in person or watching it online. Learn how to get a ticket and what to expect from the event.
      The first Fan Festival of 2024 will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on January 7th and 8th, 2024. As always, the event will be live-streamed for everyone to enjoy! However, this time, you can also watch the piano performance and The Primals concert online, but you need to buy a ticket to stream them live. The ticket will let you enjoy the full concerts from anywhere in the world.

      Tickets will cost around 3,500 yen. They will go on sale Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, and end on Monday, February 5th, 2024. 
      The concerts will be streamed on paid video distribution platforms StreamPass/FanStream, but be aware that the broadcasts may not be available in certain regions.
      The broadcast time and URLs will be announced at a later date, and the concerts will be archived and available for viewers who bought a ticket from January 9th, 2024 to February 7th, 2024.

      For more information about the Fan Festival 2024 in Tokyo, you can visit the official website.
      Whether you are attending the event in person or watching it online, you are sure to have a blast with fellow fans and adventurers. The Fan Festival 2024 in Tokyo is an event you won’t want to miss!
    • By Neviriah
      The Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Contest came to an end, and the winners have been announced! Check out some of the stunning hairstyles that might be added to the game in the future.
      The Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Design contest was held for A Realm Reborn’s 10th anniversary, and it has been filled with lots of wonderful art from players all around the world. In fact, the Final Fantasy team has been so amazed by all the innovative hairstyles, that they increased the number of winning entries from 30 to 40 players. 
      Here are some of the winning entries:

      If you wish to see all 40 winning entries, you can check out the official announcement.
      One of the winning entries might be chosen by Square Enix to be added to the game in a future update. However, this is not guaranteed. Also, your entry might still have a chance to be selected even if you are not among the 40 winners. But please note that the development team might need to modify the hairstyle design to make it suitable for all the characters in the game.
      The 40 winners will be rewarded with Fat Cat Earrings during November 2023. The prize will be sent through Moogle post in game, on the character selected during the submission process.

      Congratulations to the 40 winners of the Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Contest! And of course, to all the participants as well! The Hairstyle creations are amazing, and we hope to see some of them in the game soon!
    • By Neviriah
      Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your game to the collector’s editions of each expansion and get exclusive in-game items such as mounts, weapons, and more. The sale ends on December 8, 2023.
      Final Fantasy XIV fans can now enjoy the collector’s editions of each expansion for a 50%-discount. The editions include exclusive in-game items such as weapons, minions, mounts, and more. 
      The sale is available since Friday, 24 November 2023 until Friday, 8 December 2023 at 7:00 (GMT) / 18:00 (AEDT).
      Upgrading your game’s version to the collector’s edition is a way for you to enjoy unique and rare items that are only available through this option. For example, the "Endwalker" collector’s edition includes a majestic paladin mount and a Death Scythe weapon for the Reaper job, while the "A Realm Reborn" edition includes the famous Fat Chocobo.

      You can either purchase the bundle or a specific expansion to upgrade to the collector’s edition, if you only want to get some of the items.
      However, please note that if you already have one of the digital collector’s editions on your service account, you cannot access the bundle purchase, and you have to upgrade each expansion individually.
      To upgrade to the collector’s edition, visit the Final Fantasy XIV: Mog Station, and select the option to upgrade.

      Then, select the bundle or the specific expansion you want to upgrade to the collector edition, and proceed to check-out. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email, and the collector edition will appear on your service account. It may take some time to receive the items in-game.
      Be aware that this does not including the game expansion. This system is only available for players who already bought the game and the expansions, and simply wish to upgrade their normal versions to the collector editions.
      The Mog Station digital upgrade system is the only way for you to get the items if you already have the game, so don’t miss out on this chance to get them for a very low price.  
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