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[US-Proudmoore][A] <Eternal Kingdom> 25m 14/14H Recruiting

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Eternal Kingdom a US alliance guild on Proudmoore currently looking for more quality raiders.

Our guild was formed three months into SoO (our first 25N raid was Dec. 4th) by a group of top raiders from various servers who had met while running flex modes together on OpenRaid. During those runs, we discovered we shared the common goal of forming a US Top 100 raiding guild built in a friendly, respectful raiding environment. Our founding members came with a wide variety of experience which which ranged from multiple raiders with extensive experience at both the US and EU Top 100 level from Vanilla onward all the way to players new to progression raiding in SoO. From this foundation, and in spite of our late start on Proudmoore, we built a team that is now 14/14H and US209.

Our multiple raid teams are going strong, growing and accelerating into WoD. We have 3 raid teams actively raiding and are looking for players to boost our ranks and join our team. Our principal raiding goal is to attain US Top 100 results, while simultaneously offering a variety of other raid environments to our members. So, if you're interested in joining us, please check out our site http://eternal-kingdom.enjin.com

Many of us are working professional with a lot going on, we raid late to accommodate work schedules and family life.

Monday 9pm-12am PT (25H - Champion & 10H* Knight Team)
Tuesday 9pm-12am PT (25H - Champion Team & 10H* Knight Team)
Wednesday 9pm-12am PT (25H - Champion Team)
Thursday 9pm-12am PT (25H - Champion & 10H* Knight Team)

Friday Fun Night ~9pm to something: We usually clear SoO flex first then move on to PVP, Legacy content, Challenge modes etc... no commitment but if you happen to be on there should be something to do.

Saturday 8pm-12am PT (25H - Honor Guard Team)
Sunday 8pm-12am PT (25H - Honor Guard Team)

*Knight team will switch back to 25H in the near future.

Please Note: We may add other raids and/or raid days as we add more teams and develop as a guild.

As mentioned above Eternal Kingdom was formed from the "Dust of Azeroth" late 2013.  We have experienced tremendous growth and have a very strong, healthy, friendly, and active community of raiders.

Primary Goal: Maintain a safe and professional guild atmosphere, one in which people and relationships are what matter most! A guild were everyone has a place to have fun and just be themselves =)

Progression Oriented Goals:
1) Maintain multiple raid teams that clear Mythic/Heroic Content
2) Have a raid team that places the guild as one of the top 100 raid guilds in the US.

We will be posting our OpenRaid events to this thread.  Feel free to try us out for a raid ID and check out how we do raiding.  If you would like to join the guild please head to our website http://eternal-kingdom.enjin.com and fill out an application.

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