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Heroes of the Storm PTR Bug Notes: November 30th

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Elitesparkle compiled a list of new bugs found in the Heroes of the Storm patch of November 30. The list also contains bug fixes that weren't found in the official PTR notes.

New Bugs

Healing Fountain

  • The cooldown text and the Invulnerable text are overlapping (post by /u/Spazzo965).

Battlefield of Eternity

  • The middle-left Healing Fountain belongs to top-left Keep and the middle-right Healing Fountain belongs to bottom-right Keep, following the Map's rotational symmetry.

Braxis Holdout

  • The middle-left Healing Fountain belongs to the top-left Keep and the middle-right Healing Fountain belongs to the top-right Keep, not following the Map's rotational symmetry.

Garden of Terror

  • Garden Terror can sometimes use Basic Attacks against Healing Fountains, despite them now being Invulnerable (comment by /u/Senshado).

Volskaya Foundry

  • The top-left Keep's Healing Fountain doesn't belong to any Town (post by /u/incrediblejones).
  • The top-right Keep's Healing Fountain doesn't belong to any Town.

Storm League

  • Sesonal Quest Line incorrectly states it requires 20 wins despite the highest Reward still requires 35 wins (screenshot by /u/Elitesparkle).

  • Nexus 6th Anniversary Gold Banner not unlocked while logging in.
  • Nexus 6th Anniversary Purple Banner not unlocked while logging in.
  • Nexus 6.5 Anniversary Banner not unlocked while logging in.
  • Heroes 6.5 Year Anniversary Spray doesn't have a description, but shows "Reward/Description/Spray/StaticAnniversary65" instead.
  • Heroes 6.5 Year Anniversary Gold Spray doesn't have a description, but shows "Reward/Description/Spray/StaticAnniversary65Gold" instead.
  • Heroes 6th Year Anniversary Purple Spray doesn't have a description, but shows "Reward/Description/Spray/StaticAnniversary6thPurple" instead.


  • Cho'Gall cannot carry the new 6.5/10 Forever Horse Mount on their shoulder (credits to /u/Gnueless).


  • Dishonorable Discharge (Level 1)'s third Reward is impossible to unlock.


  • When played by AI, this Hero has a chance to start the game with a placeholder Skin (post by /u/WorstMedivhKR).


  • Photon Cannon [E] keeps the current bonus Attack Speed from Warp In Pylon [D] when their Power Field is no longer there.
  • Echo Pulse (Level 1) doesn't check for Invulnerable enemies, making Particle Accelerator (Level 7) stack against them.
  • Particle Accelerator (Level 7) doesn't check for non-Heroic enemies.


  • Electric Charge (Level 4), when on allied Heroes, contributes to their Self-Healing/Shielding rather that Rehgar's (comment by /u/Spazzo965).

  • Colossal Totem (Level 7) can only be used to reposition Earthbind Totem within 8 seconds because it doesn't take into account the additional 50% duration.

  • Purification (Level 7) doesn't make Purge usable on Unstoppable enemy Heroes. Purge correctly consider them invalid targets: it's supposed to only Slow, which Unstoppable prevents to be applied. Purification incorrectly consider them invalid targets: it's supposed to deal damage to Shields (if present) and reduce healing received, which have nothing to do with Unstoppable.

  • Wellspring (Level 13) can sometimes cast a Chain Heal with an invisible segment.

  • Rising Storm (Level 16)'s damage keeps ramping up across different Lightning Shield's casts when not used on Rehgar, with the help of Blood and Thunder.

  • Elemental Conduit (Level 20)'s free Lightning Shield doesn't provide secondary Shields during the extra 3 seconds of duration provided by Rising Storm (Level 16).
  • Elemental Conduit (Level 20)'s primary Shield (equal to 10% maximum Health) expires about 1 second before the secondary Shield (equal to 1.5% maximum Health) does.
  • Pit Fighter (Level 20) counts Deathwing as allied Hero (comment by /u/Senshado).
  • Pit Fighter (Level 20) counts Erik as allied Hero twice (comment by /u/Senshado).
  • Pit Fighter (Level 20) doesn't lose stacks when allied Heroes die within range (comment by /u/Senshado), however, by looking at the Target Info Panel it looks like the benefits are correctly being updated.

  • Pit Fighter (Level 20) doesn't lose stacks when allied Heroes (eg. Alexstrasza using Dragonqueen) or Clones (eg. Samuro using Mirror Image) leave the battlefield within range, however, by looking at the Target Info Panel it looks like the benefits are correctly being updated.


  • Victory Rush (Level 7) incorrectly appears greyed out when off cooldown.


  • Zeal [D] incorrectly states that Whitemane loses 0 Armor when activating it, however, she correctly loses 25 Armor.


  • When played by AI, this Hero has a chance to start the game with a placeholder Skin (post by /u/WorstMedivhKR).


  • Hunter Killer [W] deals no damage. As a consequence, Mutalisk (Level 16) too.


  • Deep Burn (Level 7) shows 1 instead of 2 Energy per Basic Attack in the floating combat text.
Bug Fixes


  • Resolved issues when the attacker is Blinded or the target is Evading:
    • Uther's Hammer of the Lightbringer (Level 1).
    • Valeera's Slice and Dice (Level 7), and Rupture (Level 20).
    • Varian's Heroic Strike (Trait).
    • Whitemane's Saintly Greatstaff (Level 7), and Scarlet Wrath (Level 13).
    • Zeratul's Shadow Hunter (Level 1), Psionic Strength (Level 4), Master Warp-Blade (Level 16), and Unwavering Pressure (Level 20).
    • Zul'jin's Grievous Throw [Q], Eye of Zul'jin (Level 13), and Let the Killing Begin (Level 16).


  • Tour Bus (Level 20) no longer allows ETC to Powerslide twice with Crowd Surfer, even if it didn't extended Mosh Pit's duration the second time.


  • Accelerated Contamination (Level 16) can no longer grant cooldown reduction from dead Heroes, except for Heroes who have a special death state (post by /u/Spazzo965).


  • Vault of the Wardens [D] now has its cooldown listed in the tooltip.


  • Adrenaline Rush [E] now correctly breaks Raynor's Stealth when cast.


  • Creed of the Hunter (Level 1) now correctly gives a maximum of 6% bonus Attack Damage from Hatred rather than 5%.

  • Death Dealer (Level 4) now correctly gives 15% bonus damage rather than 14%.


  • Victory Rush (Level 7) can no longer be manually activated by targeting an enemy and go on cooldown by doing nothing in the process.

  • Shattering Throw (Level 13) now uses the correct value for Attack Damage against Shields when having Twin Blades.


  • Radiance (Level 16) now correctly disables Zeal's negative 25 Armor component and gives 15 Armor, rather than not disabling it and giving 40 Armor to compensate the negative 25 Armor and still end up with the advertised 15 Armor.


  • Corpse Explosion (Trait) is now ignored by Call for Help.


  • Bubble Hearth (Level 20) can now correctly be interrupted by Stuns during the initial channel, rather than just having its cast delayed.


  • Devoring Maw [R] no longer fails to show enemy Heroes within it when catching non-Heroes.
  • Medusa Blades (Level 4) now correctly deals 33% damage to laning Monsters.


  • Shroud of Adun (Level 13) now contributes to Zeratul’s Self-Healing/Shielding in the Stats panel.
  • Shadow Stride (Level 20) now contributes to Zeratul’s Self-Healing/Shielding in the Stats panel.


  • Deep Burn (Level 7) no longer counts the main target of Zarya's Basic Attacks twice.


  • Amani Rage (Active) can now have its cooldown announced to your team.
  • Ensnare (Level 13) can now have its cooldown announced to your team.


  • Roar (Level 13) has been buffed by 25% when hitting 2 or more Heroes (from 150% to 175%) too, not only by 25% when hitting 1 Hero (from 25% to 50%) like stated in Patch Notes (comment by /u/baconit420).


  • Photon Cannon [E] doesn't switch target from non-Hero to Hero until the non-Heroic target dies (credits to Sobb).

  • Photon Cannon [E] incorrecty states that it deals 105 damage per second, due to the nerf from 1.00 to 0.71 Attack Speed.


  • Healing Totem (Level 4)'s Health correctly scales by 4% per Level, not 0.04% like written in Patch Notes.

  • Colossal Totem (Level 7) now extends Earthbind Totem's duration by 50% and increases Earthbind Totem's Health by 50%, but there is no mention about that in Patch Notes.

  • Elemental Conduit (Level 20) does not mention that the small defensive Shield is for Heroes.

  • Pit Fighter (Level 20) does not empower allied Heroes like written in Patch Notes.

Source: Reddit

Edited by Elitesparkle
Updated with new findings.

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