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Zereth Mortis Was in Plain Sight Long Before Patch 9.2

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Content creator MrGM discovered that Zereth Mortis was visible from one of the Sanctum of Domination boss rooms long before Patch 9.2 was even announced.

During the Guardian of the First Ones encounter in the Sanctum of Domination, Zereth Mortis was visible in the distance, it seems. The first image is the Guardian of the First Ones boss room, where you can see Zereth Mortis, the new 9.2 zone, from distance. FFj9c_bWYA4-NvP.jpg

The second image shows the Guardians of the First Ones boss room visible from Zereth Mortis, so vice-versa.


It's really fun to discover these Easter eggs even later in the game!

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I mean we could see it. There is also the mysterious artifact that was giving commands to the guardian which I assume we will interact with in Zereth Mortis proper.

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This is what they said in the 9.2 interview:

For some fun trivia, that I may be spoiling ahead of time, we were really working on foreshadowing the land of Zereth Mortis and what it may look like. In the Sanctum of Domination, you may have noticed the raid boss called the Guardian of the First Ones. The environment that he’s in looks kinda “pulled” into that raid space, so if you look around Zereth Mortis close enough, you might be able to find the place where the Jailer ripped it out from. We were definitely excited to explore this direction as we gave hints to players along the way.

Adventure Guide Description for Guardian:

Pulled by the Jailer's chains from a distant, unknown realm, this malfunctioning guardian seeks to protect the inscrutable knowledge known as "cyphers". It uses the last of its power to obliterate any who would attempt to plunder the secrets of its enigmatic makers. 

There is also this line which plays once you enter the area:

Mysterious Artifact says: Aberrations are attempting to acquire Sepulcher access cyphers. Guardian, you will eradicate them.

After the Guardian fight we also had Bolvar come in to say this:


Bolvar runs in through a death gate.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: Fine work, Maw Walker.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: These devices seem to be pulling other realms into the Maw, as was done to Korthia.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: What else is the Jailer looking for?

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: I fear we may be too late.

Bolvar leaves through the death gate.

Edited by Marick

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      It's back to Mythic+ as we're taking another look at what's been going on over the past two weeks, and it seems the age of Fire has been stopped by a spear-like object, while Warlocks quietly try to take over dungeons as well as raids.
      Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We're also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as 100 and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.
      These past 2 weeks were:
      Fortified, Bolstering, Quaking
      Tyrannical, Sanguine, Storming (and Shrouded)
      All Keys
      95th percentile
      The year of the spear (week?) returns as Survival takes Fire down a peg after the Mage spec climbed back to the top of the rankings and was set to remain there. It didn't go far, however, landing in 2nd with an almost identical score, followed by Destruction which remained in place. Demonology pushed past Windwalker to end right behind Outlaw, while Elemental and Marksmanship closed out the top 10. Arms is losing the struggle it seems, as it drops 4 down into the penultimate spot, only ahead of the perpetually last Assassination, and ahead of Retribution.

      Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
      All Percentiles
      Survival remains strong in the generalist bracket, where it never ceded control to Fire, but that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of movement here. The Warlocks are taking over everywhere it seems, and despite the fact that they can't quite get as high in M+ as they do in raids, they're still moving up and ended up taking 3rd and 4th place over, pushing Outlaw down. Meanwhile Shadow and Maksmanship teamed up to take down Windwalker, with Elemental also moving up and taking Fury down one. Even Affliction makes an appearance just outside the top 10, because there just wasn't enough purple in the upper half of the rankings! The bottom 3 remain the same, as yellow pink and purple are becoming the mainstays of the end of the list.
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      User Interface Updates -- The UI has undergone an art refresh. Customize it with the new Edit Mode! Dragonflight Coming Soon! - November 28 New Talent System - Explore the brand new class and specialization trees and create your own talent build! Here is the implemented splash screen. Courtesy of MrGM. I couldn't make it pop up in the game for some reason.
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      The latest Dragonflight Beta build adds game credits for the Dragonflight expansion.

      If you ever wondered how big the World of Warcraft team is, check out the credits!
      Game Credits
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Franchise General Manager
      John Hight
      Vice President, Development Operations
      Jennifer Lew
      Executive Producer
      Holly Longdale
      Game Director
      Ion Hazzikostas
      Associate Game Directors
      Morgan Day
      Jeremy Feasel
      Production Director
      Patrick Dawson
      Associate Production Directors
      Shani Edwards
      Danielle Engels
      Clayton Stone
      Richard Taylor
      Art Director
      Ely Cannon
      Associate Art Director
      Tina A. Wang
      Technical Director
      Frank Kowalkowski
      Associate Technical Directors
      Paul Watkins
      Darren Williams
      Jared Zondler
      Director of Development Operations
      Jeff Parrott
      Lead Animator
      Andrew Arnett
      Lead Character Artists
      Dusty Nolting
      Kelvin Tan
      Lead Dungeon Artists
      Ryan L. Cooper
      Shem Dawson
      Lead Environment Artist
      Matthew Heyman
      Lead FX Artist
      Sarah Carmody
      Lead Prop Artist
      Jay Hwang
      Lead Technical Artist
      Dan Delapena
      Lead Visual Development Artist
      Gabriel Gonzalez
      Art Manager
      Rachel Myre
      Lead Combat Designer
      Brian Holinka
      Lead Cinematic Narrative Designer
      Terran Gregory
      Lead Content Designer
      Luke Sigmund
      Lead Encounter Designers
      Michael Nuthals
      Matt Villers
      Lead Level Designers
      Julien Tremblay
      Sarah Boulian Verrall
      Lead Narrative Designer
      Steve Danuser
      Lead Quest Designers
      Helen Cheng
      Maria Hamilton
      Lead Rewards Designer
      Phil Zeleski
      Lead UX Designers
      Crash Reed
      Laura Sardinha Kidde
      Design Managers
      Kenny Heater
      Jonathan Moon Shaw
      Lead Automation Engineer
      Craig Steele
      Lead Classic Engineers
      Brian Birmingham
      Ana Resendez
      Lead Engine Engineers
      Ryan Anderson
      John Lytle
      Lead Gameplay Engineers
      Charles Gast
      Patrick Magruder
      Lead Mobile Engineer
      John-Mark Hemphill
      Lead Server Engineers
      Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson
      Matt Bessey
      Kurtis McCathern
      Daniel Story
      Kenneth Williams
      Lead Systems Technology Engineer
      Collin Murray
      Lead Tools Engineers
      John Cash
      Steven Dwyer
      Chris Gearhart
      Lead UI Engineers
      Andy Churchill
      John Mikros
      Engineering Managers
      Derek Reiser
      Sarah Rivera
      Lead Producers
      Tanya Huang
      Alex Klontzas
      Marcus Maczynski
      Jay Maguire
      Christi Nishiyama
      Sound Design Supervisor
      David Rovin
      Additional Leadership
      Chris Robinson
      John Butkus
      Carman Cheung
      Cameron Christianson
      Jason Dickol
      Chelsea Dostert
      Chris Fish
      Caitlin Geels
      Kyle Kenworthy
      Marlowe Lexvold
      Evan Miles
      Ky Nguyen
      John Scharmen
      Jason Zirpolo
      Brand Artist
      Korey Regan
      Character Artists
      Calvin Boice
      Sukjoo Choi
      Bernardo Cristovao
      Antoine Dupuis
      Ariel Fain
      Van Logan Franklin
      Kaylee Gifford
      Cody Harder
      Daniel Hiew
      Hwa Min Jung
      Paul Lam
      Jon McConnell
      Aaron R. W. Morse
      Jay Nam
      Natacha Nielsen
      Lars Robertson
      Josh Shelnutt
      Ancelmo Toledo
      Miles Wadsworth
      Character Outsource Supervisors
      Eric Hart
      Kenny McBride
      Dungeon Outsource Supervisors
      Jessica Dinh
      Liz Waite
      Dungeon Artists
      Jeff Chang
      Dawnson Chen
      Jessica Clarke
      Steve Crow
      Jane DeSiena
      Kaitlyn Firehock
      Bruno Fortuna Parrela
      Michele Hung
      Leigh-Ann Johnson
      Patrick Klisiewicz
      Henry Dacthien Lam
      Andrew Matthews
      Jessica Murphy
      Mohammad Nahas
      Josh Rawlings
      Dyanna Casas Roman
      Sofia Syjuco
      Fanny Vergne
      Jordan Wills
      Kevin Young
      Environment Artists
      Alexis Bierschbach
      Cory Carrilio
      Alexander Creamer
      Jeffrey Duval
      Morgan Hilber
      Amber Hill
      Kelli Hoover
      Jessi Macko
      Kate McKee
      Elliot Picarello
      Gustav Schmidt
      Amy Smith
      FX Artists
      Max Anderson
      Jamal Coleman
      Kali Eve Goss
      Sarah King
      Caitlin Lange
      Katie McAllister
      Justin Peterson
      Ronald Quach
      Gregory Tapper
      Ethan Loren Zink
      Illustration Artist
      Bayard Wu
      Prop Art Supervisor
      Jordan Powers
      Prop Artists
      Peter Burroughs
      Jamie Chang
      Jeffrey Chuang
      Luis Garza
      Niko Gesell
      Mat Kolbeck
      Lizabeth Leers
      Mats Myrvold
      Antonio Neves
      Alexandra Quinby
      Yili Tan
      Technical Artists
      Bonnie Kwon
      Rob McNaughton
      Tommy Rihn
      Trevor Rothman
      Micaela Davi Rubio
      Isaac Shuey
      Ty Viveiros
      UI Artists
      Casey Graham
      Jillian Tipping
      Emmanuel Jr Vasquez
      Xiaodong Xu
      Visual Development Artists
      Maxence Burgel
      Dave Greco
      David Harrington
      Forrest Imel
      Justin Kauffman
      Catarina Pulli
      Lianna Tai
      Additional Art
      Josh Tallman
      Classic Designers
      Dara Diba
      Tim Jones
      Stormr Morgan
      Sterling Rios
      Anthony Trejo
      Kris Zierhut
      Combat Designers
      Daniel Achterman
      Kristin Ashouri
      Graham Berger
      Jared Coulston
      J Gill
      Dan Kramer
      Owen Landgren
      Benjamin Lee
      Jade Martin
      Ryan Masterson
      Rodney Pare
      Alex Ringe
      Heidi Shellenberger
      Alexander Talbott
      Tylor Voydat
      Content Designers
      Justin Z. Bartlett
      Daniel Boisselle
      Brian Dowling
      Olivia Fel
      Paul Kubit
      Evan Lee
      Jake Miller
      Serge Morozov
      Pat Nagle
      Leah Norris
      Emma Rose
      Mike Stout
      Encounter Designers
      Abigail Barber
      Dylan Barker
      Joe Cash
      Stephen Cavallaro
      Andrew De Sousa
      Ken Dilks
      Amber Dyerly
      Paige Hicks
      Ken Huang
      Michael Liang
      Matt Nemiah
      Jonathan Newsham
      Ed Piper
      Taylor Sanders
      Daniel Thomacos
      Allen Vandegrift
      Katrina Yepiz
      Jason Zelechoski
      Level Designers
      Jestry Ahlswede
      Matthew Armstrong
      Sarah Benyona
      Victor Cortis
      Brent Critchfield
      Michael Esten
      Ian Gerdes
      Travis Hickman
      Travis Inman
      Carson Marlow
      Ryan Moore
      Kristy Moret
      Matthew Morris
      Josh Navarro
      Gary Platner
      Rhett Torgoley
      Jacquelyn Washington
      Sara Wons
      Amanda Wood
      Narrative Designers
      Sarah Arellano
      Brian Campbell
      Diandra Lasrado
      Abigail Manuel
      Nick McDowell
      Anne Stickney
      Quest Designers
      Mateusz Albrewczynski
      Josh Augustine
      Katherine Bankson
      Larry Boles
      Jonathan Caraker
      Keith Riley Co
      Sarah Cotner
      Eric Covington
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      Yakir Garavelas
      Laura Griego
      Stephanie Han
      Mark Kelada
      Daniel Marthaler
      Steve Martinez
      Sean McCann
      Alice O'Connell
      Aaron Olson
      Zachariah Owens
      Jake Shillan
      Jennifer Siino
      Noah Smith
      Laura Spreitzer
      Zach Stark
      Lee Thommock
      Elise Valla
      Rachel Vought
      Ellery Wilder
      Jackie Wiley
      Stephanie Yoon
      Rewards Designers
      Justin Cage
      Bret Cocking
      Zed Grably--Shrager
      Alejandro Grossman
      Jeff Grow
      Jeff Hamilton
      Eric Holmberg-Weidler
      Evan Lind
      Tyler Neuhaus
      Patrick Scarborough
      Jonathon Sherwood
      Allison Steele
      Christopher Talbott
      Tyler Youmans
      Technical Designers
      Landon Doi
      Jared Gillis
      Chloe Lister
      Luna Meier
      Peter Nott
      UX Designers
      Nara da Silva
      Joanna Gianulis
      Lillian Lee
      Jeff Liu
      Kristina Miles
      Crystal Tam
      Charlie White
      Additional Design
      Alan Castle
      Audio Software Engineer
      Kelly Michael Fox
      Automation Software Engineers
      Chris Davila
      Jennifer Felton
      Xing Jin
      Matthew Mabrey
      Jeremy Morton
      Almir Sehic
      Classic Engineers
      Claire Cullen
      Matthew Everett
      Daniel Gutierrez
      David Lawrence
      Kyle Long
      Chase Maguire
      Aadarsh Patel
      Elliot Roush
      Daniel Schneider
      Nora Valletta
      Kevin Vigue
      Frank Williams
      Engine Engineers
      Gabriel Belanger
      Joshua Camille
      Paul DeBerry
      Jerry Frazier
      Carl Glave
      Scott Hartin
      Sven Knutson
      Yaohua Ma
      CJ Ordog
      Daniel Pageau
      Max Rahm
      Alexander Sanoja
      Daniel Stephens
      Caroline Sugianto
      Gameplay Engineers
      Emily Berger
      Alex Carpentieri
      James Collins III
      Paden Cross
      Dustin Daon
      Maybri Flores Garcia
      Byron Henze
      Luke Herczeg
      Nathan Hitchcock
      Peter Hodge
      Tim Hume
      Noah Koecher
      Alex Kudebeh
      Christopher MacDonald
      Harry Mao
      Brandon Meesak
      Isaac Redlon
      Jessica Rizzo
      Yuni Zheng
      Mobile Engineers
      Michael Chambers
      Isaac Guan
      Jared Hays
      Tiger Lu
      Pipeline Technical Artists
      Chris Burnett
      Sam Fung
      Andry Jong
      Richard Katz
      Gavyn Thompson
      Server Engineers
      Jose Amador
      Griffin Aswegan
      Dylan Binder
      Chad Catlett
      Alexander Chan
      Joshua Chapman
      Rob Cherry
      Kelly Chun
      Joseph Cochran
      Joel Deaguero
      Emily Doherty
      Ray Fanning
      Chris Feltz
      Kevin Fulkerson
      N. Hajj
      Michael Hampton
      Valerie Hlavinka
      Dusan Jan
      Steven Lashower
      Andrew Mintner
      Isabelle Pettine
      Aimee Pi
      Vinay Sarpeshkar
      Leah Smith
      Matt Wenham
      Systems Technology Engineers
      Adam Batters
      Ryan Hanlon
      Jeff Mears
      Matt Moening
      Stephen Raub
      Scott Stanfield
      R. Blaine Whittle
      Tools Engineers
      Phoebe Babineau
      Ian Combs
      Christopher Beau Cooper
      Michael Eads
      Allan Haywood
      Alyx Indigo
      Jason Johannes
      Manish Kapoor
      Elsbeth Larkin
      Ronald Leask
      Zara Mann
      Christopher Mayer
      Kristy Mayo
      Graham Meulendyks
      Brandon Sanders
      Robert Stivanson
      David Valentine
      Jason Weber
      UI Engineers
      Christopher Benoit
      Nathan Bonfiglio
      Anthony Davis
      Michael De Sousa
      Zo Douglass
      Patrick Elia
      Taylor Garcia
      Robyn Haley
      Aubrie Healy
      Michael Kemski
      Hale Obernolte
      Serban Oprescu
      Valentine Powell
      Ben Slupik
      Additional Engineering
      Arin George
      Alex Nicola
      Devan Oatney
      Orlando Salvatore
      Game Producers
      Kayla Arenas
      Raymond Patrick Bartos
      Kayla Brown
      Linny Cooke Saverline
      Krystel Cooper
      Samuel Cooper
      Keikei Day
      Tom Ellis
      Ofer Estline
      Josh Greenfield
      Kyle Hartline
      Brecken Hipp
      Steven Jaquith
      Chad Jarrett
      Michael Johnstone
      Cinthia Kush
      Angela Li
      Adrienne Lim
      Danforth Lincoln
      Linda Lozano-Wade
      Sydney Olmon
      James Pugh
      Paige Rahm
      JJ Rivera
      Ryan Schwind
      John Shin
      George Velev
      Melissa Wakefield
      Adam Wozniak
      Gayeong Yoo
      Judith Zachariae
      Knowledge Manager
      Emily Donnelly
      Sound Designers
      Philip Eberhart
      David Fries
      Michael Hill
      Andrew Holscher
      Theresa Kim
      Jonas Laster
      Josh Miramontes
      Justin Prymowicz
      Administrative Support
      Rebecca Carmine
      Steven Dowling Jr
      Alexandra Wieting-Lukowski
      Brett Wilcox
      Human Resources
      Debbie Lopez
      Commercial Leader
      Chris Paulson
      Business Operations
      Michael Brewer
      Jennifer Hauer
      Mike Heywood
      Yao Wen Yeo
      Global Consumer Marketing
      Justin Cafiero
      Jessica Downey
      Drew Elliott
      Ariel Hernandez
      Alexander Mangold
      Ajay Ravi
      Matt Small
      Deuta Sulprizio
      Creative Marketing Services
      Ross Donaldson
      Paul Finochio
      Erik Jensen
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      Justin Marcus
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      Robb Steel
      Christopher Taylor
      Liz Work
      Global Publishing
      João de Araujo Neto
      Otis Blum
      Gareth Cales
      Kevin B. Carter
      Brendan Docherty
      Anna Ficek-Madej
      Deirdre Hollis
      Randy Jordan
      Liam Knapp
      Alex Lin
      Syless Necole
      Anthony Neshewat
      Steve Perkins
      Kester Robison
      Bethany Stout
      Danielle Vanderlip
      Public Relations
      Tobias Garsten
      Andrew Meyer
      Aramis Ramirez
      Test Director
      Ron Gray
      Test Manager
      Doug Jacobs
      Test Leads
      Ayoub Azzam
      Toni Conner
      Christopher Ferraro
      Peter Hsu
      Carey Littlefield
      David Quick
      Erik Speeckaert
      Kevin M. Starr
      Kevin Zhao
      Test Analysts
      Sebastian Acosta
      Michael Alcorn
      Leticia Allain
      Ciji Bambrick
      Marlon Barroquillo
      Justice Bentzel
      Nyle Billups
      Ellis Bouvia
      Wesley Broadnax
      Sarah Conway
      Lauren Countess
      Chase Culver
      Nicholas DalSoglio
      Alex deNoyelles
      Corey Dopson
      Tyler Dvorak
      John Ehresmann
      Zach Frame
      Andrew Freeman
      Ryan Galang
      Kelli Greenfield
      Herbert Haneke
      Trevor Hilseth
      Eric Hom
      Justin Hong
      Patrick Horaczek
      Abigail Horn
      Shaobo Hou
      Chris Jacobson
      Dan Johnson
      Dae Kang
      Ashley Kennedy
      Judson Kidde
      Jason K Kwon
      Tyler Lewis
      Parker Lim
      Jean Luis
      Stephen Lutterloh
      Vivian Mai
      Harley Miller
      Natalie Natalino
      Jesica O'Black
      Kevin O'Brien
      Carrie Patterson
      Steve Peñate
      Elissa Pendragon
      Jimmy Phan
      Kimberly Reed
      Steve Rentas
      Cody Rinehart
      Jeremy Rodriquez
      Jesse Ruderman
      Andrew Rumer
      Jordan Schilling
      Xander Shiells
      Matt Shipley
      Justin Sloate
      TJ Snyder
      Nolan Speed
      Francesco Spezzotti
      Adrian TerBorg
      Thomas Teshima
      Perry Tsui
      Chad Wheeldon
      Austin White
      Kea Yonni
      Giovanni Zillinger
      Lead Quality Software Engineer
      Sharif Gaines
      Quality Software Engineers
      Will Burton
      Kevin Hewitt
      Nathan Kilker
      Caleb Rosenquist
      Matthew Salow
      Nicholas Stallings
      Jay Yang
      Project Manager
      Jessica Zhang
      Classic Test Leads
      Ryan Mozena
      Classic Test Analysts
      Cole Andersen
      Morgan Kirkpatrick
      Eric Lanham
      Connor Leger
      Senna Motto
      Gregory Risselada
      Andrew Vassallo
      Additional Development
      Raphael Ahad
      Jinju Bang
      Luke Bradaric
      Ogulcan Buyuksandalyaci
      Johnny Cash
      Cassiel Chadwick
      Julien Chaulot
      Jenny Choi
      Josiah Clark
      Kay Crapoff
      Lottie Dixon
      Lucas Glovas-Kurtz
      Brennen Green
      Seth May
      James McManus
      Byron Miller
      Josh Miller
      Russ Petersen
      Virak Pond-Tor
      Alys Magdalena Portela
      Beatriz Ribeiro dos Santos
      Zachary Sewell
      Tiffany Shen
      Noah Shields
      Molli Shuker
      Paul Sullivan
      Steve Ashley
      Greg Barr
      Lloyd Beaufils
      Jason Beene
      Jerry Behm
      Ben Berens
      Paul Bistoff
      Gabi Boileau
      Marian Bolalek
      Marc Boutin
      Dan Brakeley
      Allison Brown
      Rachel Bussone
      Sung Choi
      Joe Czop
      Garrison Davis
      Kat Dolan
      Justin Emerson
      Charlie Engelhard
      Jack Fader
      Mike Feldman
      Melissa Ferrăo
      Shane Flannigan
      Sarah Francian
      Melissa Frechette
      Aaron Fryman
      Dave Gardner
      Lenny Gingello
      Andrew Gotow
      Becca Gray
      Andrew Griesmann
      Colby Harrison
      Kassidy Helfant
      Alyssa Herman
      Kyle Hickey
      Cassie Hoglund
      Josh Hufton
      Mac Hyman
      Damon Iannuzzelli
      Brett Jackson
      Taylor Kemp
      Cardell Kerr
      Jesse Kurlancheek
      Sarah LeBlanc
      Michelle Lee
      David Lennon
      Keith Leon
      Ryan Maloney
      Leonie Manshanden
      Ian Manzanero
      Bryan Marshall
      Trystan McCourt
      Matt Mees
      Avida Michaud
      Chris Miles
      Bob Moore
      David Morón
      Nick Mudry
      Paul Murray
      Norm Nazaroff
      Jonathan Nickerson
      Manuel Noyola
      Dan Ogles
      Cate Olsen
      Dmitriy Palii
      Adam Pastorello
      Stacey Phillips
      Gwen Powell
      Toby Ragaini
      Lis Rhodes
      Jennie Rizzo
      Sebastian Rodriguez
      Jean Romero
      Robbie Russell
      Gordon Ryan
      Anna Sakoi
      Evan Schmidt
      Josh Sheridan
      Korbin Shuffleton
      Zachary Singer
      Seth Sivak
      Pixie Smolowitz
      John Sullivan
      Celina Tong
      James Van Nuland
      Renato Vogelaar
      Jay Wagner
      Logan Wagoner
      Cauê Waneck
      Caleb Wheeler
      Benny Wilson
      Alex Winkler
      Shawn Witt
      Adolph Wong
      Conn Wong
      Mark Wood
      Ben Wu
      Stef Wu
      Dustin Yost
      Alex Zilbersher
      Senior Vice President, Battle.net & Online Products
      Martin Keely
      Director, Data Platform
      Ben Fox
      Senior Director, Engineering
      John Yaney
      Senior Director, Platform Operations
      Melissa Meyer
      Senior Director, Product Management
      David Howe
      Rance Piatt
      Senior Director, Platform Security
      Matt Wheeler
      Data Platform
      Siddharth Reddy Aerva
      Micheal Clagg
      Itamar Cohen
      AJ Davis
      Aaron Doukas
      Penghao Duan
      George Green
      Hanson Harris
      Paul Hintz
      Jeremy House
      Chiemi Ishikawa
      Shahar Katz
      Eric Kittelson
      David Kuhns
      Brian Leung
      Roberto Liang
      Kenneth Logan
      Darren Norton
      Chris Santiago
      Albert Serrano
      Jared Stark
      Ronald Tice
      Jared Wasserman
      Luke Wilson
      Christina Brooks
      Michelle Chen
      Felix Jung Hwan Choi
      Guillaume Cournoyer
      Aaron Crapo
      Krystina Yitong Diao
      Chris Guimarin
      Jason Hastings
      Hao Yang He
      Thomas Heger
      Diana Hubbard
      Stacey Jae Hee Jang
      Leticia Jones
      Katherine Joplin
      Seonghak Jung
      Justin Lancaster
      Eddie Lee
      Ruchita Lodha
      Kathy Ma
      Alix Nguyen
      Zac Pfaff
      Joe Smiley
      Katherine Titsworth
      Michael Tseng
      Arturo Vargas
      Hansa Wahla
      Norman Ying
      Ricky Yu
      Lance Ahmu
      Tae Hyoung Ahn
      Hanna Alam
      Steven Alfisi
      Tony Allain
      Nathaniel Ballinger
      Cord Bartlett
      Edward Beranek
      Daniel Berman
      Chris Bisbee
      Joey Bleau
      Harrison Booker
      Benjamin Brown
      Nathan Brown
      Joe Broxterman
      James Burroughs
      Joao Calhandro
      Adam Capone
      Alex Cardenas
      Sean Catchpole
      Megan Chang
      Firahs Chebbo
      Justin Chen
      Qi Ming Chen
      Eric Chi
      Seungki Choi
      Phil Clay
      Ada-Claire Cripps
      Andrea Curo
      Austin Davis
      Roz de la Cruz-Ramos
      Tianyi Deng
      Sarah Doebler
      Randal Droher
      David Eckel
      Ayaan Faraz
      Joe Fessler
      Matthew Follett
      Bryan Frederick
      Megan G. Wiz
      Michael Ganzorig
      Jed Gentry
      Russell Glasser
      Eitan Goldshtrom
      Jason Goodrich
      Stephen Gordon
      Dean Grandquist
      Tyler Gregory
      Jason Hannanto
      Adam Harris
      Tyler Hartzheim
      Claire Healy
      Kelly Ho
      James Hugard
      Jasmine Hurst
      James Ives
      Renato Iwashima
      Gary James
      Gareth Jensen
      Arthur Jones
      Wonhee Jung
      Dennis Kim
      Yongbae Kim
      Julie Ko
      Megan Koh
      Matthias Kohler
      Sarma Kolavasi
      Allen Byungsoo Koo
      Brian (Bone Seung) Koo
      David Koontz
      Zachary Lark
      Donald Lawrenz III
      Shawn Le
      Vedran Lebo
      Daesup Lee
      Eunyang Lee
      Ockkyoung Leem
      Spenser Li
      Ben Lilley
      Lulu Liu
      Sanxing Liu
      Mitchell Loftus
      Brendan Loyot
      Giovanni Lu
      Zachary Lumpkins
      J.C. Maddox
      Michael C. Maggio
      Pascha Maisenovich
      Jonathan Manger
      Christopher Matsumoto
      John Matzen
      Tripper McCarthy
      John McCormick
      Nick McKinnon
      Mike McWilliams
      Levi Michaels
      Brian Miyamoto
      Luis Munoz
      Chris Myles
      David Nguyen
      Michael Nguyen
      Andrew Nolan
      Justin O'Dell
      Eli Ofenstein
      Sunanda Omkaram
      Damon Osgood
      Dahmian Owen
      Sangyong Park
      Nicholas Pennock
      Jennifer Peterson
      Ridley Phan Gray
      Antoine Pickett
      James Pool
      Mike Powell
      Carson Powers
      Jerrod Putman
      Faiz Rahman
      Matthew Reddick
      Meriel Regodon
      Oscar Reyes de la Cruz
      Kyle Riccio
      Blake Robbins
      Harry Robbins
      Joshua R. Sanders
      Stephen Santoro
      David Schless
      Vlad Semenov
      Tushar V. Shah
      Aleksei Sharygin
      Hwachul Shin
      Yoseph Solomon
      Jennifer Soltau
      Shashank Soni
      Jeff Steele
      Dan Stromberg
      Taylor Sturtz
      Justin Su
      Fanny Suh
      Sabrina Sukhin
      Jeremy Tebangin
      Bhumika Thakker
      Ed Tischofer
      Masako Toda
      Becky Tomlinson
      Tosho Toshev
      Brandon Treadway
      Elsa Tseng
      Eric Turley
      Patrick Turley
      Andrew van Bindsbergen
      Ryan Vance
      Ali Vatani
      Victor Villa
      Heather Waters
      Daniel A. Weltz
      Scott White Jr
      Taylor White
      Stephen Whiting
      Rick Wildes
      Michael Wolfe
      Jeffrey Wong
      Eric Wu
      Leo Wu
      Melissa Xiong
      Allyson Yamasaki
      Andrew Yang
      Jason Yata
      Casey Yelland
      Serena Young
      Jack Zhang
      Platform Operations
      Brittany Barker
      Heather Chen
      Shannon R. Cooper
      Lusine Davtyan
      Nick Eisele
      Jason Garcia
      Jeremy Hammer
      Sean Hern
      XiaBing (Michelle) Jiang
      Lance Kimberlin
      Michael Kremer
      Alexander Kwamin
      Adam Massey
      Lais Mussarra
      Michael Paglione
      Courtney Parker
      Nilima Rao
      Ryan Thompson
      Vincent Tong
      Terri Wellman
      Product Management
      Jeff Allison
      Samantha Bagwell
      James Bendikas
      Liz Brooks
      Ryan Burgess
      James Cabel-Neil
      Shane Cargilo
      Michelle Caron
      John Carpenter
      Christopher Carty
      Rob Cavanaugh
      Max Chai
      Brian Chung
      Karen Conley
      Korey Connor
      Christopher Evans
      Madison Fichtner
      Caroline Fisher
      Gary Gao
      Frank Gilson
      Michael Gomez
      Karisa Goodell
      Raj Jenveja
      Eddie Kang
      Josh Karuba
      Art Kinsella
      Benjamin Knapp
      Peter Lailer
      Scott Lantz
      Naveen Lather
      Kay Lee
      Wesley Lewis
      David Li
      Jeff Magliola
      Adam McDonald
      David Mertz
      Paul Munn
      Micah Neely
      Zhe Han Neo
      Jennifer Nguyen
      Cynthia Northrup
      Reece Ormond
      Michael Palumbo
      Value Q
      Andrew Ramirez
      Christian Reynolds
      Terra Richardson
      Jeanay Rodriguez
      Jonathan Schollenberger
      Matt Shah
      PJ Singh
      Brian Starkey
      Laura Tran
      Nam Tran
      Stephanie Valle
      Ben Wagner
      Mike Wallis
      Sherry Weng
      Matthew White
      Josh Wing
      Joe Zhou
      Platform Security
      Matthew Adams
      Tyler Baetz
      David Barrick
      Mark Barrios
      Rafael Calvo
      Eric Camadine
      Michael Caron
      James Chao
      Marc Hertogh
      Manuel Hofer
      Jacob T Joyce
      Kurt Kaufmann
      Dongwook Kim
      Skye Knighton
      Steph Krepcio
      Tiffany Layton
      Sirius Lu
      Eric Luxa
      Stephanie Lyon Peters
      Brad Moshenko
      Zach Nelson
      Kyle J Otsu
      David R. Holt IV
      Clint Rice
      Matthew Rice
      Michael Rodriguez
      Matt Spence
      Peter Sutarjo
      J.R. Swendseid
      Kevin Szkudlapski
      Timothy Tash
      Peter Ty
      Sebastiaan Van Doornspeek
      Ismael Villeger
      Emerson Wiley
      Micah L Wilson
      Sophia Worley
      Zhuangyou Xu
      Jack Yang
      Mathew Young
      Vice President & Commercial Leader
      Paw Larsen
      Jon Spector
      Commercial Directors
      Jon Bankard
      Paul Chiang
      Gabe Chua
      Kegan Clark
      Vladimir Coho
      David Cramer
      Aimee Dennett
      Jeremy Gaffney
      Derek Heck
      Josh Kerwin
      Chris McCabe
      Adam Plushner
      Chase Shi
      Austin Walterman
      Community Team
      Tyler Andreala
      Rich Bantegui
      Andy Belford
      Adam Fletcher
      CW Jung
      Jodie Grace McKaughan
      Kurt Ocher
      Celso O'Donnell
      Lana Williams
      Publishing & Product Management Teams
      Abby Albright
      Sherif Disi
      Danielle Garland
      Minshik Kim
      Michal T Leszczynski
      Jonathan Mann
      Patrick Mehta
      Joshua Taber
      Michelle Yang
      Publishing Team
      João S. de Araujo Neto
      Scott Conway
      Brandon Lee
      Abraham Matias
      David H. Park
      Rachel Siteman
      Melissa Smith
      Nicholas Weiss
      Commercial Organization Executive Support
      Missy Hall
      Shablis Kline
      Andrea Rachelle
      Senior Director, Corporate Communications
      Andrew Reynolds
      Senior Director, Global Editorial
      Brad Crawford
      Senior Director, Global Public Relations
      Christy Mina Um
      Global Communications Team
      Claudia Camp
      Eric Elliott
      David Gredell
      Laura Herzberg
      Fabio Lo Zito
      Cynthia Park
      Maxim Samoylenko
      Amelia Savery
      Kevin Scarpati
      Dylan Walker
      Vice President, Development Services
      Ian Clarke
      Development Services Blizzard Academy Management
      Rex Luther
      Development Services Blizzard Academy
      Dani Chang
      Angie Engelbert
      David Tiscareno
      Director, Business Strategy & Analytics
      Maged Fares
      Development Services Business Strategy & Analytics Management
      Aleksej Avdejev
      James Drosche
      Andrew Pace
      Cristiano Pereira
      Megan Reynolds
      Casey Shipp
      Development Services Business Strategy & Analytics
      Ulises Brage
      Daniel Carpenter
      Rafael del Rio Ravassa
      Brian Libby
      Vicky Martín Briasco
      Michael Stokely
      Patrick Wu
      Dylan Zhao
      Development Services Administrative Support
      Kahlen Ryder
      Senior Regional Director, Customer Service, Europe
      Ana Alfageme
      Group Management, Customer Service
      Robert Busch, Wonjae Jeong (Paul), Connie Liao, Erik Lindberg, Pete Mai, Jennifer Ni, Bruce Prescott, Jessica Stone, Fabien Tumminello
      Customer Service Team
      Shayra Adebor, Daniel Ahern, Luca Alesini, Paulo Almeida, Yuber Alter, Mateusz Ezra Altman, Ricardo Amaro, Hyojin An, Romney Anderson Dixon, Neil Anderson, Oksana Andok, David Angus, Pawel Antonik, Frederic Asselberghs, Bruno Assumpcao, Sebastien Avid, Roland Ayliffe, Karim Azman, Younes Baazzi, Maxence Bablon, Jonathan Bach, Anda Badmaev, Francisco Baez, Elif Bagci, Dimitrios Bampanaras, Robert Band, Jesse Barajas, Simon Bargain, David Barlow, Pedro Miguel Barrocas do Cabo, Ruquia Barry, Donovan Bautista, Stefan Belchev, Richard Bennett, Victoria Bennett-Keenan, Mario Berndt, Mateusz Bilski, Nick Blokker, Keith Boardman, Christian Bock, Sviatoslav Bohatykh, Patrick Bohrer, Lorenzo Borgini, Eden Bovi, Alexey Bozhor, Tomaz Braga Schlief, Brian Brennan, Jorge Alexandre Brito, Lucien Bui, Heather Burdett, Peter Burghardt, Crystal Burne, Scott Busbea, Carlos Caballero, Gauthier Cahen, Allan Campbell, Matthew Campbell, Daniela Canoy, Ruben Cardoso, Laura Casariego, Pedro Caseiro, Rodrigo Catarino, Elena Chan, David Chang, Noi Chang, Wayne Chang, Chara Chen, James Chen, Roy Chen, Kyle Chenoweth, Laurent Chevalier, Arnold Chiang, Sammy Chiang, Allen Chiou, Chimin Choi, Ryan Chu, Steven Chu, John Chuang, Elaine Chueh, David Church Rodríguez, Safiatou Cisse, Joanna Clemente, Rita Cocozza, Justine Colson, Arnold Comeau, Carlo Comessatti, Dean Constable, Matteo Core, Antonia Costa, Miguel Costa, Ruslan Covali, Andrew Cox, Baptiste Cronier, Steven Cross, JC Crump, Cody Cubbage, Jason Davenport, Stuart Davis, Rui de Carvalho, Joao Paulo De Castro Bernardo, Juan De Luna, Vania Filipa De Oliveira Mota, Efisio Debenedetti, Aurelien Delmas-Marais, Gregoire Dely, Steven Dickson, Anton Diedul, Andre Domigall, Gareth Donaghey, Bruno Miguel Dos Santos Goncalves, Maria Duarte, Miguel Duarte, Jens Duever, Joshua Eberhart, Jan Ebermann, Patrick Ehlen, Sherief Elmalayaty, Daniel Errington, Alana Estrada Cruz, Vincent Heinrich Fahrenholz, Welington Fernandes, Nelson Miguel Gregório Ferreira, Emily Fetherstone, Eddie Fiege, Cristina Cris Figallo, Michael Flanigen, Elias Flores, Sonia Francisco, Mikeller Franco, Leonardo Fraqueiro, Mauricio Fuentes, Cody Gale, Lennon Garcia Cisneros, Grégory Garcia, Marshall Garcia, Francisco Garriz, Melanie Gauderon, Silvio Geisenhainer, Allison Glass, Levi Godwin, Alex Golds, Manuel Gonzalez Santome, Hernán González, Sébastien Gouaux, Gustavo Graça, Brian Greska, James Griggs, Todd Gropp, Jeanne Grot, Carlos Guerreiro, Déarbhla Guinan, Christian Gülle, Jonathan Hall, David Hammer, Jason Harriett, Michael Hart, Kyle Hawkins, Sandra Heide, Caleb Henderson, Joanna Henson, Francine Hernandez, Mark Hernandez, Florian Hierke, Thomas Hilgers, Lenz Hoch, Amanda Hoffman, Mark A Hoffman, Jinpyo Hong (Rudy), Seungguk Hong, Guus Hoogendoorn, Evan Hsieh, Mark Hsu, Josh Hu, Christopher Huang, Scott Hudson, Jack Hufstedler, Jami Hurst, Bomi Hwang (Bom), Sung Gue Hwang, Yongcheol Hwang, Andre Iria, Maria Ison, Nataliya James, Lefay Jen, Pat Jennings, Jaeyoung Jeon, Jeremiah Johnson, Diana Jojic, Aled Jones, Emma Jones, Filipe Jorge, Luis Juarez Sanchez, Stefan Kaczmarek, Natalia Kalienko, Azad Kdro, Dylon Kempkes, Frank Kendziora, Susanne Kendziora, Damien Kenney, Jon Kenny, Phillip Kerins, Gunars Kessels, Kirill Khranilov, Yongjoon Kim (Joon), Seolah Kim (Kathy), Mangi Kim, Minwoo Kim, Seulki Kim, Mike Kipnis, Justin Kiser, Jan Vincent Kollmann, Yevgen Kondratenko, Leokadiya Konstantinova, Andreas Kordes, Olga Kosenko, Susanne Kovac, Dominik Kreyssing, Patrick Krüger, Jonathan Kulcsar, Myrna Sayuri Kusano, Vadimas Kvetkauskas, Logan La Coss, Verena Labitzke, Diogo Lage, Aaron Langan, Roy Latorre, Janina Laure, Liviu Lazar, Jua Lee (Gylfi), Sungwon Lee (Iris), Sangjin Lee (Mel), Gwanyeol Lee, Joonbin Lee, Soyeon Lee, Youngki Lee, Julia Leitner, Rute Lemos, Andrew Lewis, Gabriel Li, Jerry Liao, Benson Lin, Roger Lin, Aaron Link, Pululu Liu, Adrián Llamas Estévez, Johnny Lo, Joshua Long, Sergio Lopes, Iwona Łucek, Jake Luna, Louis Lux, Christopher Luzynski, Sylvan Lynn, Edward Ma, Michael Ma, Itanaã Machado de Oliveira, David Machado, Gianluca Magnanimi, Joao Maia, Dmitrijs Makarovs, Darren Lee Mangan, Léonard March, Marsel Markanovic, Diana Marques, Joseph Mars, Jason Massalve, Guillaume Maze, John McBurney, Thomas McCandless, Aaron McCorcle, Steve McNamara, Martin Melendez, Dmitry Melnikov, Victor Melo, Patricia Mendes, Oscar Michel, Douglas Midgley, Björn Miller, Jenny Miller, Robert Möckel, Iñigo Moleres, Christophe Monteiro, Daniel Mooney, J.J. Morales, Pedro Morgado, Jonathan Morrissey, Joao Pedro Mota, Robert Mueller, Barry Murphy, Sébastien Musquin, Bianca Mustelier, Valentina Mytnikova, Freddy Nassar, Anna Naumova, Alexander Ion Naya Sánchez, Rodrigo Neves, Paige Nieto, Dima Nikitenko, Evan Normand, Pedro Novelo, Sean Nowlin, André Nunes, Jessica L. Nunn, Brian O'Connor, Yongtaek Oh, Olli Oja, Paul O'Neill, Marco Otto, Lorenzo Pagliacci, Pedro Pardal, Matt Pashia, Jorge Luis Passos, Nolan Patterson, Callie Pelham, Micael Filipe Lourenco Pereira, Nuno Ferro Pereira, Tim Peters, Michail Petriv, Astrid Philip, Serena Pi, Tiago Pinheiro, Helder Pires, Jenn Posey, Carlos Pozo Montero, Austin Purcell, Christopher Purvis, Judith Quera, Frank Quick, Kannan Raju, Brandon Ramsey, Cristian Raschioni, Arsenijs Recs, Francisco Rego, Steffen Reinke, Hugh Rennard, Bruno Ribeiro, David Ribeiro, David Garcez Ribeiro, Vinicius Ribeiro, Eduard Riekstins, Mark Riosasso, Radoslaw Robaczynski, Richard Roberts, Dustin Rockers, JD Rodriguez, Ramon D Rodriguez, Refugio Rodriguez, Justus Rönnau, Henning Røst, Julie Røst, Micaël Roumeas, Iain Rowland, Karine Rubenyan, Fernando Ruiz, Josh Ruland, Jekaterina Rusinova, Christian Rusinque, Nate Ruttinger, Ruslan Saborgalijev, Valeria Sadilova, Emma Sadler, Marco Salemi, Oscar Sandstrom, Guilherme Santos, Luna da Silva Santos, Miren Sarasola Laspiur, Iga Sasiela, Kisten Sauceda, Simon Schertz, Jeremy Schindler, Nico Schroeter, Stephen Sebring, Victor Sefastsson, Nicholas Seigler, Zachary Settle-Craig, Crystal Shelton, Jack Shi, Steven Shoesmith, Juris Silovs, Francisco Manuel Simões Martinho, Sean Sintef, Micheala Sipult, Anastasia Sitnik, Anton Sitnik, Pavel Sklyarov, Missy Smith, Ryin Smith, Sarah Em Smith, Becca Smucker, Marcus Sobral, Jihyen Soh (Natalie), Jon Sommer, Minsung Song (Aven), Mijung Song (Darin), Luis Sonim, Marcello Sousa, Michaël Stahmer, Paul Stapley, Tricia Steensma, Alexander Steuckmann, Alexander Stippekohl, Tobias Stokes, Valentina Strahova, Arthur Su, Jadis Sun, Vitalijus Surovas, Sergiy Sydorenko, Radoslaw Szefler, Aj Taliaferro, Doris Tatzgern, Diogo Guedes Teixeira, Tyler Timmins, Patrick Töwe, Diogo Trindade dos Santos, Ryan Triner, Pei Lun Tsai, Kristin Tsang, Sam Tsang, Daniel Tseng, Salisa Tseng, Hunter Tumey, Mihhail Tun, Tyler Van Natter, Ivan Vasilyev, Jose Vega, Arturas Velutis, Peter Vernon, Ricardo Filipe Vicente de Lima, Luis Vieira, William Vieira, Bruce Wafful, Andy Wang, Terry Wang, Arcy Ward, Elias Warren, Robert Webb, Mario Weissenborn, Thomas Wertnig, Sarah Westerhoff, Renate Weygold, Harald Willems, Cole Williams, Brandon Wilson, Rebecca Wilson, Elaina Windrich, Andrea Wolf, Roland Wolf, Jamie Wolfe, Caroline Wu, Yi-Fang Wu, Kelsi Yang, Stark Yang, Soheon Yeo (Cary), Terry Youngkin, Miseon Yu (Fany), Sebastian Zaebe, Cori Zamora, Adam Zheng, Dio Zheng, Oleksandr Zhevzhyk
      Customer Service Administrative Support
      Anna Ozolina
      Nils Spehr
      Live Operations Leadership, Customer Service
      Blair Kuschel, Andy Maindelle
      Regional Planning and Live Operations, Customer Service
      Sabrina Brogan, Daniel Bromand, Helen Browne, Roxin Chang, Issac Chen, Myeonghun Choi (Jake), Byungkwan Chung (BK), Sungho Eom (Daniel), Dirk Hollis, Wade Hou, Ben Johnson, Ryan Johnston, Hyewon Kim (Carotin), Jaeyeon Kim, Brian Lanahan, John A Lanier, Kyueun Lee (Rain), Jinsu Lee, John Lee, Junhee Lee, Lyn Li, Louis Lu, Chris Müller, Stephen O'Donnell, Robert Read, Evan Repschleger, Martin Riha, Ryan Rodenbaugh, Melody Shih, Joseph Tarman, Ryan Vowler
      Global Customer Service Operations, Product Support
      Charlie Areson, Howard Bishop, Angelo Concepcion, Paul Cox, Blade Marcantel, Nicholas Ray, Sarah Thomas Hamm
      Global Customer Service Operations, Learning and Development
      Tom Edwards, Daniel Healy, Shonda Kenter, Teddy Lin, Adrienne Maines, Jasmine Monteith, Deirdre Perrott, Ryan Wick
      Global Customer Service Operations, Support Information
      Jaehyun Ahn (Jason)
      David Barney
      Preston Cheeks
      Seongyoon Cho
      Maider Ferradas
      Heidi Høibråten
      Serge Olivier
      Mike Tucker
      Kenny Yu
      Director, Service Technologies
      Brian Anger
      Service Technologies Leadership
      Michael Billman, Jim Butcher, Keith Floresca, Ryan Karg, Steven Mitcham, Gilbert Samuelian, Greg Taylor, Andreas Unger, Sofiia Zelenova
      Service Technologies Team
      Brian Abenes, Karim Adala, Marcos Araujo, Sandra Barajas-Norris, Wesley Clark, Austin Cornell, Brett Davis, Alex Devine, Tony Duson, Lucas Goes, Andy Scarlett Goolsby, David Gray, Samuel He, Rolando Hurtado, Jacob Kennedy, Alex Kohn, Natasha Miller, Chris Nunn, Teddy Pao, Sergey Paykov, Steven Pereyda, Dylan Phelps, Michael Quintana, Chad Racine, Donald Rawlings, Brian Rose, Brian Smith, Kenneth Tan, Steven Thacker, Kelly Wilson, Yu Zhao
      Localization Regional Directors
      Mike Hedley
      Joontae Hwang
      Jessie Lin
      Yvonne Shi
      Localization Management
      John Chen
      Akira Kato
      Kyoungho Ko
      Jaeyang Kwak
      Byungwoo Kwon
      Yian Lee
      Emil Lu
      Localization Audio
      Dominick Biava
      Monbaza Chang
      Sarah Lu
      Brett Meyer
      Eunho Shon
      Yu-Hsien Wei
      Zac Zheng
      Localization Engineering
      Ryan Cai
      Julian Liu
      Localization Language Leads
      Aude Callens
      Ricardo Duran
      Alexandra Kudryavtseva
      Localization Language Specialists
      Nanthawan Chalitapanukul
      Calvin Chu
      Anne-Sophie Denglos
      Ting Hao
      Hank Hsu
      Horus Huang
      DongHo Jeong
      June Kim
      Seungsoo Kim
      Hui Kyung
      Ross Lai
      Hawk Li
      Mohan Niu
      Cathy Park
      Seoyeon Park
      Sherry Shen
      Janet Tsai
      Kenneth Tung
      Wango Wang
      Tianqi Yang
      Eric Zhang
      Jimmy Zhang
      Localization Production
      Jamie Cox
      Diego Diaz
      Fred Fleury
      Thomas Flöter
      Carlos García Renta
      Imran Goychayev
      Felice Huang
      Jung Hwan Kim
      Shenshen Liu
      Alexey Pyatikhatka
      Localization Program Management
      Alexander Lyubov
      Localization Project Management
      Arthur Chang
      Dale Chou
      Daniel Huang
      Sangwoo Lee
      Angela Liu
      Nozomi Oshima
      Nicolas Parenti
      Berta Pérez García
      Takayuki Shimbo
      Yannie Zhang
      Localization Quality Assurance
      Jiro Cai
      Thomas Chabrier
      Jenneth Chaovisutikul
      Menghan Chen
      Martin Chung
      Rich Greene
      Jack Guo
      Dorothy Kang
      Dokyu Kim
      Hsing H. Lee
      Hyunjin Lee
      Kyungjoon Lee
      Zhiqiang Li
      Renzo Lobo
      Michael Ma
      Lily Niu
      Heeyoung Park
      Emily Qiao
      Fabián Salas Casillas
      Vincent Tsai
      Wendell Tsai
      Gemma Yang
      Michael Yeh
      Bumsuk Youn
      Leo Yu
      Warcraft Finance Officer
      Simon Flax
      Vice Presidents, Finance
      Kristine Pompeo
      Duke Wong
      Finance Directors
      Sean Culmer
      Brandon Shim
      Lisa Twu
      Vince Xiao
      Finance, Accounting, & Administration Team
      Taylor Barrington
      Morgan Carothers
      Woohyuk Choi
      Faustine Chow
      Jiyoung Chung
      Jamie Crooks
      Derek Davis
      Ivan Luiz de Almeida
      Michelle He
      Annie Huang
      Minkyung Jang
      Josie Jin
      Matt Lee
      Christina Li
      Marie Lin
      Matthew Loh
      Joan Manning
      Sheri Meinburg
      Eric O Hernandez
      Misato Oshima
      Jinwoo Park
      Kelly Rah
      Jessica Ramirez
      Stacye Rodwell
      Mike Rosenberg
      Paul Rubin
      Lindsay Sherwin
      Sherry Shi
      Kelly Shu
      Wendy Sun
      Eric Tamanaha
      Starry Tao
      Christopher Turner-Salhus
      Brandon Vu
      Amanda Whitmus
      Jasmine Ye
      Justin Yi
      Vice President, Global Growth Marketing
      Justin Osborne
      Global Growth Marketing Leadership
      Blair Brzeski
      Katie Bucher
      Noah Eve
      Hamid Qaasim
      Amit Sharma Thongatabam
      Sina Zand
      Kasim Zorlu
      Global Growth Marketing Team
      Jamari Bertram
      Miles Bretall
      Alex Bujold
      Parker Butynski
      David Chang
      Jason Cox
      Jenny Dang
      Melanie de Arakal
      Chris De La Fuente
      Ojas Devanathan
      Koosha Diba
      Denise Do
      Matthew Hass
      Sam Heckman
      Mai Hoang
      Hoon Kim
      Patrick Kim
      Raymond J. Kim
      Daniel Kroko
      Vanessa Lee
      Alyssa Long
      Yao Lu
      Andrew Moy
      Sarina Northway
      Yunis Osman
      Matthew Pier
      Holly Ryborz
      Sofia Somoza
      Anthony Suh
      Melanie Sunga
      Minh-Quan Tran
      Philip Vanichviroon
      Monica Villalonga
      Blake Ward
      Dorothy Wong
      Yiyi Yang
      Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources
      J.D. Roux
      Vice President, Human Resources
      Dina Folkman
      Vesna Penava
      Karen Peterson
      Jennifer Pettit
      Global Rewards Team
      Kristin Finnsson
      May Gu
      Robin Huijsman
      Kim K. Nguyen
      Sandra Prates
      Ken Troy
      Human Resources Team
      Eunice An (Eunyoung)
      Charlotte Bidgood
      Joe Caslin
      Jen Castro
      Alice Chack
      Vidhu Chilumula
      Matthew Elia
      Anita Huang
      Jeffrey Hunter
      Kelly Jones
      Ryan Kim
      Sonia Lefèvre
      Crystal Leung
      Gillian O'Shea
      Claire Pak
      Wenfei Sun
      Lesley Turner
      Tom Twedell
      Angie Vazquez
      Yvonne Zhu
      Talent Acquisition Team
      Ale Alvarez
      Nick Araujo
      Viviana Baldarelli
      Sandy Beardsley
      Jay Camacho
      Molly Camello
      Scott Campbell
      Domingo Carlucci
      Michelle Chau
      Jus Chowdhary
      Lexie Cole
      Jasmine Coppin
      Elaine Dineen
      Matt Duncan
      Vivian Enos
      Michael Fenton
      Dane Hagfeldt
      Nam Han
      Alexander Harrington
      Tiffany Herrington
      Michael Kulak
      Cindy Lee
      Julie Ming
      Julie Montes
      Crystal Mora
      Louis Nunez
      Dylan O'Farrell
      John Parish
      Chantal Partolan
      Jessie Reitz
      Dee Royal
      Stacie Sasaki
      Jaime Silva
      Emma Somers
      Cassie Soto
      Ed Tien
      Jamie Toeg
      Britt Tvenge
      Jessica Vicente
      Astrid Wang
      Jane Wang
      Phillip Williams
      Elizabeth Zavitsanos
      Human Resources Administrative Support
      Rob Cooch
      Jennifer Pryor
      Michael Vergara
      Chief Information Officer, Activision Blizzard
      Danielle Madison
      Executive Assistant, IT
      Nicolette Ciresi
      Vice President, Global IT Enterprise Services
      Eric Kou
      Director, Corporate Applications
      Braulio Estrada
      Corporate Applications Management
      Phil Cleveland
      Cat Fox
      Quentin Giraud
      Dylan Hasselquist
      David Nguyen
      Ben Yessayian
      Corporate Applications Engineering & Application Services
      Jerry Blanco
      Chris Bosman
      Victoria Anne Carlisle
      Jordan Herther
      Tony Lu
      Alexander Martin
      Andrew Newcomb
      Theresa Nguyen
      Rodney Nissen, III
      Michael Prigmore
      Kenny Shiu
      Jay Uttanoor
      Corporate Applications Product Design
      Chad Camara
      Anna Willoughby
      Director, Corporate IT Client Services
      Thi K Nguyen
      Corporate IT Client Services Management
      Christos Cristallides
      Mike Moneymaker
      Josh Tang
      Corporate IT Client Services
      Ernesto Amaya
      Byron Black
      Adam Brown
      Derek Carpenter
      Justin Chen
      Andrew Clisson
      Eoghan Corr
      Jamal Davis
      Kara Dougherty
      Aurelio Espinoza
      Lino Farias
      Evelyn Isaura Flores
      Aaron Clay Gayet
      Jason Hinh
      Stephen Jallins
      Jason Kwan
      Dominic Langrios
      Daeho Lee
      David Lyle
      Sara McMunn
      Elliot Pham
      Dan Puckett
      Nick Schober
      Devin Slayton
      Jose Tadeo
      My-Van Tran
      Jimmy Truong
      Bill Tubbs
      Aaron Uesugi
      Alan Wickersham
      James Wong
      Matthew Yang
      Global IT Enterprise Services Management
      Mike Troutman
      Global IT Enterprise Services
      George Fedoseyev
      Alex Hunter
      Kirk Kenton
      Chris Moore
      Alex Poling
      Patrick Rigby
      Vice President, Global IT Infrastructure & Services
      Cameron Pettie
      Director, Corporate IT Infrastructure
      Mike Pearce
      Corporate IT Infrastructure Management
      Stanley Fu
      Chris Scoggins
      Jamie Stone
      Andrew West
      Corporate IT Infrastructure Engineering
      Chris Anderson
      Ryan Baker
      Victor Cruz
      Andy Lehman
      Jake Millette
      Daniel Morris
      Shaun Rutherford
      Cody Smith
      Steve Sumichrast
      Mitchell Talana
      Brandon Wolslegel
      Director, Network & Datacenter Engineering
      Changkoo Lee
      Data Center Management
      Hung Nguyen
      Data Center Engineering
      I-Ming Chen
      Pete Chung
      Andy Hendrawan
      Seunghwan Lee
      Miranda Ortiz
      Chandler Sun
      Christopher Towne
      David Wareham
      Wenjun Zhu
      Network Engineering Management
      Catalina Cicioiu
      Ba Mai
      Florian Wang
      Network Engineering
      Yunhwan Ahn
      Yonggu Cho
      Paul Davis
      Brian Hill
      Daniel Jeongwan Kim
      EJ Eunjoong Kim
      John K. Lin
      Chengjie Liu
      Téa Manning
      Sean Milligan
      David Rutledge
      Mathew Smiley
      Ryan Sun
      Director, IT PMO
      Bass Shibl
      Program Management Leadership
      Mark Bhataravidhya
      Bethany Protzmann
      Amber Robertson
      Program Management
      Joe Aybar
      David Brown
      Aaron Evans
      Edgar Flores
      Eugene Gravel
      Albert Hwang
      Christopher Lee
      Suzan Mahboob
      Chris McCullough
      Carrie Ni
      Andy Russell
      Calen Stivers
      Technology Procurement Leadership
      Mike Anderson
      Technology Procurement
      Alycia Castillo
      Nick Null
      David Preston
      John Readick
      Desmond Zhang
      Vice President, Global Production IT
      Colin Cashin
      Director, Cloud Engineering
      Matt Eagleson
      Cloud Management
      Abdel Kamel
      Marcin Karpik
      Lynn Li
      Andre Olivo
      James Zhu
      Cloud Engineering
      Tyler Adams
      Tom Anderson
      Scott Chaney
      Christian Clinton
      Jason Crawford
      Daniel Emmons
      Carl Flippin
      Spencer Harmon
      Drew Michaud
      Kevin Musser
      Matthew K Rader
      Kevin Stewart
      Christopher Stone
      Daniel Xu
      Tony Yu
      Senior Director, Global IT Operations Engineering
      Chris Glover
      Associate Director, GNOC Operations
      Matthew McEligot
      Operations Center Management
      Bianca Constantinescu
      Jason Houle
      Matthew McCormack
      Chip Pascoe
      Operations Center
      Anna K Brewer
      Matthew Carcel II
      Tom Corcoran
      Emily Darke
      Stefan Gale
      Andres Ideus
      Jeremy Jackson
      Dan Jeffers
      Sid Joshi
      Nathaniel Kelley
      Clay Kloppenborg
      Vladislav Kollerov
      Jon Larraburu
      Brian Linggadjaja
      Carles Mateo Oliver
      Aaron Mooney
      Gareth Morgan
      Cian O'Brien
      Jonathan Stracker
      Mason Tavenner
      Michela Tigli
      Steven Tran
      Gunnar Voss
      Calvin Wu
      Monitoring & Automation Engineering
      Timothy Hanson
      Nicholas Tolppi
      Service Operations
      William Cooper
      Cameron Pierce
      Technical Writing
      Jessica Rose
      Director, Service Intelligence
      Grant Hogan
      Service Intelligence Analyst
      Wolfgang Kohl
      Service Intelligence Engineering
      Benjamin Yamada
      Director, Site Reliability Engineering
      Clint Schrader
      Site Reliability Engineering Leadership
      Alexander Amerine
      Chadwick Banning
      Tom Butkiewicz
      Josh Kierpiec
      Ryan Kohler
      Zackery Nunez
      Justin Talbott
      Benjamin Williams
      Site Reliability Engineering
      Adam Arredondo
      Ryan Atkins
      Doug Baggett
      Matt Boveri
      Nick Bumgardner
      Mike Carlson
      Brian Cheldelin
      Josh Grancell
      Shrèyas Gunè
      Violet Klorer
      Isaac Llamas Torralba
      Angel Moctezuma
      Ann Moon
      Mike Mulen
      Patrick Nguyen
      Bryan Richardson
      Jerry Royster
      Andy Schott
      Mason Sedlik
      Scott Shamansky
      Brandon Shephard
      Joshua Slater
      Jim Tario
      Paul Walters
      Director, Infrastructure & Database Engineering
      Andy Barcinski
      Database Engineering Management
      David Ashman
      Niru Inaganti
      Kristine Kirchhoff
      Marcus Klemp
      Database Engineering
      Armando Abanilla
      Jean Nicolas Cadet de Fontenay
      Will Gunty
      Ryan Helring
      Rafael Kansy
      Mike Murphy
      Rick Wells
      Brian Wong
      Jaime Wood
      Raymond Yu
      Infrastructure Engineering Management
      James Long
      Xander Niega
      Infrastructure Engineering
      Alex Carder
      Alexander Eagleson
      Sean Kim
      Mark Licata
      Tim Olow
      Eric Peng
      Zachary Peschke
      Alex Tan
      Information Technology Regional Management
      Kangho Lee
      Carrie Ren
      Vice President, Global Insights & Central Business
      Andrew Guerrero
      Senior Director, Global Research and Consumer Insights
      Mike Swiontkowski
      Global Research & Consumer Insights Team
      Elwyn Buan
      Melissa Lee
      Minh Luu
      Pavel Mamaev
      Senior Director, Analytics
      Chris Densmore
      Global Insights Analytics
      Matt Andersen
      Zach Boyer
      David Calica
      Greg Desloge
      Sibyl Dong
      Melanie Follett
      Harrison Froeschke
      Lee Ann Guertin
      Amy Ho
      Avery Hunter
      Brian Kan
      Dabin Lee
      June Leung
      Wendi (Winston) Li
      Cloudy Liu
      Wenwen Liu
      Jonathan Oberto
      Barish Orhon
      Ken Pfeifer
      Ryan Richmond
      David Rivera
      Ben Trautman
      Kevin Wang
      Technical Director
      Jens Fischer
      Global Insights Engineering
      Don Conley
      Alex Makximenko
      Evan Murray
      April Myung
      Dennis Nguyen
      Sean Pfeifer
      Joseph Priest
      Joshua Proffitt
      Taichi Sano
      Alberto Sarubbi
      Sam Segan
      Suzanne Su
      Global Insights Machine Learning & AI
      Chet Gray
      Andy Hierl
      Wayne Yang
      Zhen Zhai
      Global Insights Program Management
      Muyuan Li
      Austin Taylor
      Country Managing Directors
      Peter Dongjin Chun
      Teh Hong Sing
      Vice Presidents, International
      Dan Green
      Alex Olszówka
      Tiffany Steckler
      Regional & Country Publishing Senior Directors & Directors
      Bidam Jang
      Kuran Kapoor
      Cathy Magnien
      Guillaume Maguin
      Eric Oh
      Kyounghwa Park
      Steven Shen
      Rafael Tello-Fournier
      Chase Thomas
      Amanda Wang
      Rafa Zuana
      Regional Publishing Team
      Ines Agbanchenou
      Guido Alves
      Ghassan Burhan
      Debore J.C. Chang
      Yunkwan Cho
      Vaclav Filip
      Antony Han (Jonghoon)
      Laura KJ Huang
      Paul Huang
      Isao Ricky Ishii
      Madoka Ishikawa
      Grace Jang (Eunyeong)
      Jessica Jazic
      Luke Karam
      Donna Kim (Dongwhi)
      Hyungoo Kim (Michael)
      Gilbert Kim
      Cheng Kong
      Jungeun Lee
      May Yan Lee
      Seungbok Lee
      Yunbok Lee
      Seho Lim (Panda)
      Samuel Lim
      Jonathan Murphy
      Jessy Namkoong
      Jieun Ryu
      Jiyong Sim
      Changwoo Son
      Yonghun Song
      Jon Tae (Hyunjun)
      Lance Teo
      Gianluca Tommasone
      Takeru Uemori
      Michael Vousden
      Eric Wu
      Stevenson Xiang
      Terry Yang
      One Yoon
      Daekeun Youn
      Nick Yu
      Regional Publishing Community Team
      Nicolas Borsarini
      Hao Jin
      Chantal Kim
      Sunna Kim
      Jongwon Lee
      Junku Lee
      Makoto Masutani
      Nicholas Ng
      Oscar Salazar
      Eileen Shim
      Bill Vaughan
      Beta Yen
      Regional Web Services
      Lansing Deng
      Regional Events Team
      Mika Sun
      Regional Publishing Operations, Game Project Management
      Phil Chen
      Trevor Chen
      Akira Gu
      Maja Savic
      Ben Wang
      Siyi Xia
      Regional Publishing & Operations Management Administrative Support
      Jane He
      Legal Team
      Jack Anderson
      Andrew Baek
      Amy Cairns
      Vanessa Cordova
      Kevin Crook
      Matteo Cuccodrillo
      Willy Duhen
      Mavis Feasel
      Julia Feng
      Diona Fu
      Chris Garratty
      Divya Gupta
      Laura Horwich
      Jihyun Kim
      Woojeong Kim
      RyangOk Ku
      Shelina Kurwa
      Vincent Law
      Juhui Lee
      Steven Liang
      Claudia Okada
      Tracy Sargent
      Jeonghwan Shim
      Aga Slobodzian
      Shonine Wijayanayake
      Seong Hee Yoon
      Vivian Zhang
      Clio Zhao
      Head of Global Marketing
      Todd Harvey
      Vice President, Creative Marketing Services
      Nikki Scoggins
      Vice President, Global Marketing, Diablo
      Kaleb Ruel
      Vice President, Global Marketing, Overwatch
      Sam Saliba
      Global Consumer Marketing Directors
      David Cushman
      Florence Kamhi
      Daniela Rodriguez
      Global Consumer Marketing Team
      Dana Abeln
      Christian Booth
      Meaghan de Wolf
      Everson Marsh
      Teresa Naff
      Rachel van Essen
      Marcella Ziccarelli
      Creative Marketing Services Leads
      Mike Carrillo
      Julie Kimura
      Mike Norys
      Jens Sjöbergh
      Brandy Stratton
      Creative Marketing Services Team
      Jason Agajanian
      Shelly Amine
      Adrian Archer-Lock
      Alex Barhorst
      Hector Bolanos
      Michael Bryant
      Emily Crosby
      Mary DuPee
      Beni Elgueta
      Kim Hein
      Alyssa Homan
      Dan Joyce
      Emily Knief
      Margaret Lee
      Matt MacNeil
      Justin Marcus
      Rachel Newman
      Sean Ngo
      Dana Nuber
      Joshua Owyang
      Joshua Pletzke
      Ty Rodriguez
      Kate Somers
      Youngjin Song
      Ty Stevens
      Chhun Tang
      Tom Tryon
      Stephen Tu
      Jena Volrath
      BlizzCon Team
      Kiersten Crissman
      David Ortiz
      Daniel Sagun
      Ania Wieteski
      Global Marketing Executive Support
      Joni Rank
      Vice President, Global Quality Assurance
      Wladia Summers
      Business Operations Management
      Erin Wilcox
      Business Operations Team
      Jerome Joseph
      Evie Matavelli
      Kristina Wong
      Data Team Management
      Douglas Hill
      Data Team
      Mark Bergman
      David Keh
      Asher Litwin
      Christine Schaper
      Games User Research Management
      Ian Livingston
      Games User Research Team
      Megan Brodsky
      Dan Brown
      Nikki Crenshaw
      Bryan Da Silva
      Dan Jenrette
      David Kingsbury
      Adam Lobel
      Max Peters
      Zeke Turner
      Katie Westbrook
      Director, Operations
      Chris Clark
      Operations Management
      James Gilbertson
      Luis Rivas
      Rob Rivera
      Albert Yao
      Operations Team
      David Amargo
      Tori Andreas
      Larry Bolden
      Anton Hsin
      Christopher J. Mountain
      Danny H. Nguyen
      Justin HQ Phan
      Leonard Rodriguez
      Anthony Roybal
      Chad Shoemaker
      Andrew Thacker
      Jose Zamora
      Director, Quality Assurance
      Arec Nevers
      Quality Assurance Management
      David Anderson
      Todd Attaway
      Ryan Begnaud
      Vincent Correa
      Ed Hocking
      Ben LeBar
      Jeremy Pretty
      Chet Raghunath
      Anthony Sierra
      Jason Whitney
      Devin Wilson
      Ethan Wolfe
      Arturo Zendrera
      Quality Assurance Team
      Steven Alvarez, Patrick Banta, Ryan Bebee, Charlie Benvenuti, Timothy Biley, Jerome Bonoan, Brian Paul Boswell, Felipe Cabral, Enrique Castro, Bryan Chice, Ben Choi, Donnie Cornwell, Alex Crast, Daniel Dao, Timothy Evans, Panyia Fang, Cory Finnegan, Aldo Flores, Lucas Goodman, Cody Griffith, Greg Hansen, Tim Johnson, Rostin Kohnechi, Joe Lewis, Lakshmi Mahareddy, Trevor Marsano, Zachary McCann, Nic Ming, Tony Misgen, Nathan Mitson, James S. Nelson, Katia Oliveira, Allie Petrequin, Long Phan, Albert Portillo, Timothy Reed, Shaunna Roche, Scott Rofé, Brallan Saucedo, David Scott, James Smith, Karl Standish, Kyle Sullivan, Lyvon Phan Tran, Von Trinks, Ryan Van Natter, Clint Walls, Xinyi Xu, Saar Yaffe
      Quality Assurance Technical Directors
      Branka Billante
      Ken Macalino
      Quality Assurance Core Technologies
      Damien Chow
      Christian Decomain
      Kyle Hoy
      Paul Scaccianoce
      Alex Sparks
      Quality Assurance Administrative Support
      Kaitlyn McCollum
      VP Deputy CISO
      Daniel Hay
      Chief of Staff, InfoSec
      Michael Pham
      Security Technical Delivery Management
      Berni Headd-Williams
      Calvin Salone
      Matt Woodcock
      Risk Management
      Sarah Fongheiser-Jiao
      Lane Krejcik
      Jorge Noyola
      Chris Voss
      Data Protection & Privacy
      Arvin Aragon
      Mustafa Avci
      Prashant Khadke
      Laurent Nguyen
      Bill Preston
      Jannelle Salcido
      Brett Springe
      Kristen Suk
      Identity Services
      Nicolas Calligaro
      Juan Cruz Mora
      Colin Mortimer
      Global Offensive Security
      Brandon Ashworth
      Matias Busco
      Robert Cooper
      Jarrod Coulter
      Thomas Gadola
      Brent Gensemer
      Nicolas Melendez
      Carlos Ortigoza Dempster
      Geoff Scott
      Global Defensive Security
      David Cañizares Ariza
      Gracie Chi
      Steve Crist
      Bradley Fong
      Angel Gallegos
      César García
      Jake Hisel
      Hyunjung Hong
      Kevin Kaminski
      Alex Seunghyun Kim
      Michelle Li
      Albert Morris
      Jeff Nation
      Ash Rhodes
      Pete Salama
      Security Engineering & Architecture
      Andrea Coll Campomanes
      Jochen Juncal
      Michael LeComte
      Gabriel Liñero
      Samuel Nuñez Garcia
      Rick C. Reischman
      Shawn Routhier
      Jeremy Scarbro
      Mike Sconzo
      Insider Threat Engineer
      Tom Sommerfield
      Global Physical Security Management
      Danny Abarca
      Joseph Angulo
      William Carroll
      Erin Cox
      Anthony Garcia
      Danielle Griffith
      Brianna Johnson
      Steve Lee (SungJun)
      Carlos Mendez
      Austin Pruitt
      Audrey Villinger
      Creative Director, Vice President, Story & Franchise Development
      Jeff Chamberlain
      Production Director, Audio
      David Seeholzer
      Music Director
      Derek Duke
      Audio, Music
      Adam Burgess
      Jon Everist
      Leo Kaliski
      Jake Lefkowitz
      Catherine Nguyen
      Ted Reedy
      Glenn Stafford
      Audio, Production
      Dennis Crabtree
      Robby Glade
      Caroline Hernández
      Mike Hoffman
      Liz Lopez
      Carsen Lundgren
      Charlotte Moore
      Paul Poduska
      Amy Ross
      David Tangney
      Joel Taubel
      Lara Tran
      Jorge Velasco
      Senior Casting & Voice Director
      Andrea Toyias
      Audio, Voice Over
      Peter Steinbach
      Supervising Sound Designer, Cinematics
      Paul Menichini
      Audio, Sound Design
      Isaac Hammons
      Brian Johnson
      Erik Magnus
      Nicholas Papaleo
      Lawrence Peacock
      John Thomas
      Production Director, Creative Development & Blizzard Animation
      Phillip Hillenbrand Jr.
      Senior Director, Blizzard Animation
      Steven Chen
      Director of Technology, Blizzard Animation
      Jared Keller
      Blizzard Animation, Show Leadership
      Vincent Aniceto
      Michael Bancroft
      Sarah J. Delahanty
      Joanna Griebel
      Mike Hardison
      Brian Horn
      Lars Jensvold
      Jeramiah Johnson
      Mike Kelleher
      Marc Messenger
      Anna Morgan
      Jake Patton
      Andrew Paules
      Adam Rickabus
      David Satchwell
      Mike Schaffnit
      David J. Stephens
      Taka Yasuda
      Fabio Zungrone
      Blizzard Animation, Leadership
      Ricardo Biriba
      Nicholas Bolden
      Erich Burchfield
      Ly Ha Chung
      Shimon Cohen
      Anthony Eftekhari
      Edwin Fabros
      Jason Fleming
      Joe Frayne
      Ashraf Ghoniem
      Hunter Grant
      Steeg Haskell
      Jim Jiang
      Sheng Jin
      Wayne Kennedy
      Matthew Mead
      Jeremy Nelligan
      Corey Pelton
      Aileen Sévin
      Jon Teer
      Blizzard Animation, Artists
      Jilmar Altamirano
      Brett Angelillis
      Michael Arrevalo
      Jongha Baik
      Becca Baldwin
      Jamir Blanco
      Chris Bostjanick
      Nathan Boyd
      Kevin Bruggeman
      Evan Butler
      Jeremy Butler
      Grady Campbell
      Alex Cazals
      Jorge A. Cereijo-Perez
      Alan Chan
      Grace Chang
      Charles Chi
      Raymond Chih
      Christine Cho
      Craig Chun
      Josh Clos
      Chris Copple
      James Crowson
      Ben Cunningham
      Graham Cunningham
      Cynthia Dickson
      Drew Dobernecker
      Mike Duffy
      Thomas Duong
      Hartwell Durfor
      Morten Enevoldsen
      Bruce Evans
      Stephen Fahey
      Ken Faiman
      Brad Faucheux
      Cat Florez
      Derrick Forkel
      Shuntaro Furukawa
      Robin George
      Scott Giegler
      Chris Goodrich
      Gustavo Groppo
      Scott Gudahl
      Jason Michael Hall
      Aaron Hamman
      Madison Healy
      Tyler Helton
      Meg Higginbotham
      Thuan Ho
      Justin Holt
      Eike Hoppmann
      Shih Chiang Kenny Huang
      Shih-Hao Jason Huang
      Kyle Humphrey
      Willy Hwang
      Atsushi Ikarashi
      Joe Jackman
      Chris Jennings
      Glory Jo
      Jessica Dru Johnson
      Robin Khamsi
      Nayoun Kim Charoenchai
      Eddie Yonghyun Kim
      William Kime-Hunt
      Daniel Kruse
      Alexandre Fornari Kümpel
      Bill La Barge
      Brian Lac
      Mark Lai
      Scott Lange
      Robert Lazzarini
      Hung Le
      Moonsung Lee
      Yeon-Ho Lee
      Shawn Liang
      Bryan Locantore
      Jennifer Luu
      James Ma
      Sean Mack
      MaryAnn Malcomb
      Chris McCormick
      Raymond McLendon
      Pete Megow
      Catalina Montelongo
      Meg Morris
      Max Moseley
      Anushka Nair
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      Anomaly Studio
      Huang Qi Owen Shen Wang Yan
      ArtVostok Studio
      Sidoruk Dmitry Kolenchenko Kirill Zykova Daria Berdashkevich Artem Orlova Julia Klimov Alexey Shchinnikova-Mashkova Evgenia Medelyanov Alexey
      DragonFly Studio
      Alex "Lapalex" Penkov Larisa Kucherenko Svitlana Pysarenko Mariia Hluzdovska Katerina Misevra Elena "Hellstern" Bespalova Evgeniya Udovik Eugene Sarahman Ekaterina Bolshakova Julia Boyarintseva Aleksandr Puhov Eugene “WildCat” Pysarenko Stanislaw Lisowski Damir Saifutdinov Vitaliya Ivakhnenko Evgeny Podloznyy Alina Boiko Anna Vasilyeva Elena Kiseleva Marina Piskunova Oksana Zavgorodnyaya Marina Khvatova Andrii Ivanchuk Anastasiya Isakova Denis Dubanevich Denis Kondratovich Ekaterina Shlepova Anna Lopina Varvara Markovskaia
      Gimbal Zen
      Alvin Bentus Karya Ida Bagus Surya Ardhana Afip Hidayatulloh Syarah Fauziah Yuni Audina Stefi Lestari Reini Jane Wijaya Robert Sunny Jeanne Coritama Cecillia Tedja
      Emrah Elmasli Cengiz J. Adali Alex Alexandrov Jaime Martinez Leonardo Borazio Valentin Perouelle Manuel Castañón Egor Kapustin Yerbol Bulentayev Raphael Masalimov Yuriy Chemezov
      Surfside 3D
      Maksim Gaidei Andrei Kultyshev Dmitry Melsitov Mikhail Izmailov Marina Kozlova Kirill Zverev Anton Ostapenko Ulyana Suldina Denis Konev
      External Art
      David Noren Gimbal Zen Amanda Kadatz Anhelina Cherniak Chris Hayes Jean Harrell Joe Wilson Randell Fain
      Art Direction
      Sam Nielson
      Additional Composers
      Neal Acree David Arkenstone
      M.W. Alexander, Penka Kouneva, and the Composers
      Score Copy and Prep Services
      RPM Seattle Music Preparation
      Recording Studio
      The Simon Leadley Scoring Stage, Trackdown Studios, Hollywood Scoring
      Recording Engineers
      John Kurlander
      Principal Orchestral Sub-Mixes by
      John Kurlander Principal music mixing by the Composers
      Additional Mixing by
      John Rodd
      Featured Musicians
      Pedro Eustache: World Winds
      Choir Performed By
      Synchron Stage Choir
      Choir Recorded At
      Synchron Stage Vienna
      Cinematic Re-Recording Mixers
      Gary Summers Nathan Nance
      Foley Artist
      Gregg Barbanell
      Foley Mixer
      Gary Coppola
      Additional Cinematic Sound Design
      David Farmer
      Additional In-Game Foley
      Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, Blake Wilhoit, Jeffrey Wilhoit
      Additional UK Casting
      Liquid Violet
      Additional Voice Direction
      JB Blanc Kal-El Bogdanove Patrick Seitz Adam Chapman Greg Chun James Thomason
      Dialogue Engineers & Recording
      Studio Pangea L.A. Studios Liquid Violet Sound Lounge Kozmic Sound Dallas Audio Post One Union Recording Studio Bill Corkery Studios Shoe String Studios
      Voice Over Cast
      Aaron Phillips, Abby Craden, Abe Benrubi, Alicyn Packard, Andrew Heyl, Andrew Russell, Anna Koval, Anthony Howell, April Stewart, Arianna Ratner, Armen Taylor, Bethan Dixon Bate, Betheny Zolt, Bronwen Price, Caitlyn Elizabeth, Calvin Joyal, Cameron Folmar, Cara Theobold, Cherise Boothe, Christopher Lee Parson, Claudia Christian, Courtenay Taylor, Daman Mills, Darin De Paul, Dave B. Mitchell, Dave Boat, David Shatraw, David Shaughnessy, Debi Derryberry, Debra Wilson, Dominic Keating, Durshara Kirby, Ed Trotta, Elisa Gabrielli, Eliza Jane Schneider, Elizabeth Price, Fred Tatasciore, Gabe Kunda, Gaille Heidemann, Gemarie Torres, Gideon Emery, Harry Myers, Ike Amadi, Imari Williams, Ini Eno-Amooquaye, Isla Blair, Jamie Jackson, Jamieson Price, Jason Marnocha, JB Blanc, Jenna Willis, Jennifer Hale, Jesse Burch, Joe Ochman, John Behlmann, Karen Strassman, Kay Eluvian, Kayi Ushe, Keston John, Kimberly Brooks, Laila Berzins, Lani Minella, Leila Birch, Leslie Wadsworth, Marin Miller, Martina Laird, Michael-Leon Wooley, Misty Lee, Neve McIntosh, Nika Futterman, Otep Shamaya, Patrick Seitz, Peter Giles, Peter Lurie, Rebecca Lee, Salli Saffioti, Secunda Wood, Simon Templeman, Sumalee Montano, Taliesin Jaffe, Tara Platt, Tara Strong, Ted Evans, Thea Garlid, Tony Amendola, Torian Brackett, Travis Willingham, Victoire Charles, Wendee Lee
      Monster Voice Effects
      Darin De Paul, Dave Boat, Dawn Bennett
      Keywords Studios - Brasil
      Priscila Caiado, Willyam Teixeira, Bernardo Nascimento, Bruna Ravaglio, Adriana Garrido, André Rosa, Bruno Galiza, Carol Baksa, Carol Magalhães, Edmo Suassuna, Felipe Lopes, Flávia Assis, Gabriel Bessa, Gabriel Ninô, Heber Costa, Higor Branco, Ivo Kai, Julia Henriques, João Cappelli, João Souza, Lara Pazinato, Leandro Rainis, Rafael Tota, Makson Lima, Manuela Mesquita, Mariana Barros, Márcio Sguilaro, Michel Teixeira, Orlando Botelho, Renato Hermeto, Raphael Quintão, Rodrigo Santos, Rubens Scharlack, Mariana Claussen, Samantha Ovídio, Thales Miranda, Thais Paiva, Vinícius Franco, Yuri Riccaldone
      Synthesis - A Keywords Studio
      Alessandro Seccafieno, Luca Reynaud, Stefano Battisti, Leonardo Gajo, Andrea Marrella, Alessandro Parotti, Simone Urru, Roberto Seita, Domenico Furchì, Tobias Rennig, Filippo Maria Forte, Michael Celano, Danny Münch, Carolina Lazarte Kaqui, Inigo Luzuriaga, Daniel Hernandez, Mauro Cherubini, Fabio Roveda, Thomas Frers, Elodie Fernando Boronat, Icaro Fernando Polizel, Björn Wetz, Maximo Kank, Paolina Ricciardelli
      Sound in Words
      Guido Zurzolo, Santiago Spataro, Juan Ignacio Manzioni, Lucas Lasagna, Facundo González, Gastón López Rosales, Laura Forte, María Laura Campos, Paula Gürtler, Mercedes Acosta
      Localization Studios
      PTS Group International Company Ltd. LOC3 Ltd Lionbridge International Unlimited Company Around the Word SASU Reiche & Drefs Partnerschaft von Übersetzern Synthesis Global Solutions S.A. Logrus IT DAL LOC MULT SL Keywords International SAS Latis Global Communications Pole To Win International 擎天信使GTXS音樂製作有限公司 Cowbay Entertainment EC Innovations (Shenyang), Inc President Translation Service (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
      Sound in Words
      Federico Meier, René Sagastume, David Tambussi, Dana Taboada, Cristian Latapy, Mauro Aramburu, Patricio Cavallieri, Marcelo Mancuso
      Synthesis – A Keywords Studio
      Leonardo Gajo, Daniele Lanzara, Paolo Lorenzino, Matteo Ormellese, Stefano Santi
      Keywords Studios France
      Anaëlle Derrien, Julien Delvallé, Eléna Champiré, Elsa Platiau, Alexis Hebras, Jean-Philippe Brière, Stéphane Bollaert, Camille Méens, Marc Wehbe, Mathieu Gabella, Yann Lafferrère, Matthieu Colnat
      m&s music Tonstudio
      Michael Torunsky, Folker Seipelt, Aaron Hoffman
      AD: Alfredo Martínez Casting Director: Alfredo Martínez, Rodrigo Martín, Paqui Horcajo Audio Engineers: Rodrigo Robles, Carolina Montagut
      QLOC S.A.
      Ekaterina Shuvalova, Irina Petrosyants, Mikhail Zakharov, Oleg Eremchuk
      Regional Audio Recording Studios
      Studio Maximal Studio Nova Onda LaboPrime Sound in Words Atomic Sound Fennel Media Musai Studio Soundworks Hifi Génie Keywords Studios France m&s music Tonstudio Synthesis Global Solutions S.A Fonema Studio DAL LOC MULT SL GTXS Sound Group Voice 119 Spring Media Triones Penguin
      Voice Over Cast – German
      Aart Vedder, Achim Barrenstein, Achim Buch, Achim Schülke, Alena Üresin, Alexander Beck, Alfredo Sancha Crespo, Alice von Lindenau, Andreas Birkner, Andrea Wolf, Andreas Gröber, Andreas Otto, Andrés Mendez, Andriy Kutsi, Angela Quast, Anke Lanak, Anna Böger, Anna Doll, Anna Katz, Anni Sultany, Antje von der Ahe, Armand Presser, Axel Gottschick, Barbara Pierson, Ben Hessler, Benjamin Stolz, Benni Richter, Bernd Stephan, Bert Stevens, Bertram Hiese, Birte Sieling, Björn Schalla, Bodo Henkel, Carla Becker, Carolin Freund, Carolin Sophie Göbel, Caroline Combrinck, Caroline Hassert, Caroline Kiesewetter, Che Koch, Christian Furrer, Christian Jungwirth, Christian Olah, Christian Rudolf, Christoph Jablonka, Christopher Kussin, Christoph Maasch, Christoph Nolte, Claudia Jacobacci, Corinna Lechler, Cris Peters, Christina Puchiata, Dagmar Dreke, Daniela Bette-Koch, Daniela Thuar, Daniel Radschun, Daniel Wandelt, Deborah Mock, Denis Rühle, Detlef Tams, Dieter Gring, Dina Kürten, Dirk Hardegen, Dirk Ploenissen, Djuwita Müller, Doro Sturz, Dorothea Reinhold, Dustin Peters, Ekkehardt Belle, Elisabeth Leistikow, Ellen Schulz, Eric Asch, Erik Borner, Erik Schaeffler, Eva Maria Damasko, Eva Meininger, Felix Holm, Felix Strüven, Frank Felicetti, Frank Logemann, Gabi Franke, Gabriele Libbach, Gergana Muskalla, Gerhard Fehn, Gerhard Hinze, Gerhard Mohr, Gero Wachholz, Gilles Karolyi, Gisa Bergmann, Gordon Piedesack, Guido Zimmermann, Hanns-Jörg Krumpholz, Hans Bayer, Hans Zwimpfer, Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock, Heiko Grauel, Helen Schilp, Helge Heynold, Helmut Krauss, Helmut Winkelmann, Henry König, Holger Löwenberg, Ingrid El-Sigai, Ines Deinert, Iris Atzwanger, Isabel Berghout, Jan Langer, Jana Rahma, Jo van Nelsen, Joachim Kerzel, Jochen Nötzelmann, Joey Cordevin, Johannes Semm, Jörg Schäfer, Joscha Fischer-Antze, José Rodriguez, Julia Bautz, Juliana Fuhrmann, Jörgen Holdorf, Kai Henrik Möller, Kai Moosmann, Kai Taschner, Karl-Jürgen Sihler, Katalyn Bohn, Katrin von Chamier, Katharina Lichtblau, Kathrin Fiedler, Kathrin Spielvogel, Katja Abt, Katja Straub, Katrin Laksberg, Kerstin Hilbig, Kirstin Hesse, Klaus Dittmann, Klaus Krückemeyer, Konstantina Fourkiotis, Kristina von Weltzien, Kristine Walther, Kurt Spielmann, Lara Trautmann, Laura Cisneros, Lennart Beck, Leyla Trebbien, Lilli Roos, Lilly Volk, Linus Kraus, Lisa Cardinale, Louise Oppenländer, Manuela Bäcker, Marc Iancu, Marc Oliver Schulze, Marco Reinbold, Marco Rosenberg, Marco Schmidt, Mario Grete, Mario Hassert, Marios Morenos, Mark Bremer, Markus Haase, Marlene von Sternburg, Martin Arnhold, Martin Bringmann, Martin Sabel, Martin Schäfer, Martin Schlabs, Matthias Braun, Matthias Keller, Maximilian Sordon, Michael Abendroth, Michael Betz, Michael Bideller, Michael Borgard, Michael Che Koch, Michael Deckner, Michael Heuel, Michael Krüger, Michael Lucke, Michael Torunsky, Michaela Kametz, Monika Müller-Heusch, Moritz Pliquet, Nadine Wöbs, Nick Benjamin, Nicole Engeln, Nils Friedrich, Nils Kreutinger, Nina Amerschläger, Nina Hecklau, Nina Wolf, Ole Jacobsen, Oliver Böttcher, Oliver Krietsch-Matzura, Oliver Preusche, Oliver Wronka, Özgür Karadeniz, Patrick Dollmann, Paula Hans, Paul Übermuth, Peter Bieringer, Peter Dischkow, Peter Lehn, Peter Wenke, Petra Buschkämper, Petra Konradi, Pierre Semmler, Pirrko Cremer, Pit Knorr, Ralf Kellen, Randi Rettel, Renier Baaken, Richard van Weyden, Rita Ringehanu, Robert Kotulla, Robert Missler, Robert Steudtner, Rolf Buschpeter, Ron Matz, Rüdiger Schulzki, Ruth Hamm, Sabina Godec, Sabine Fischer, Sabine König, Sabrina Faber, Sandra Lühr, Sascha Lucke, Sascha Nathan, Sascha Rotermund, Sascha von Zambelly, Saskia Haisch, Sebastian Huther, Sibylle Nicolai, Sonja Stein, Sonngard Dressler, Stefan Müller-Ruppert, Stefan Naas, Stefan Senf, Stefanie Meisenzahl, Steffen Wilhelm, Stephan Becker, Stephan Schleberger, Stéphane Bittoun, Susanne Grawe, Susanne Schäfer, Sven Hasper, Sven Philipp, Sylvia Heid, Sylvie Nogler, Tanja Esche, Tanja Landgraf, Thomas Balou Martin, Thomas Dehler, Thomas Fitschen, Thomas Friebe, Thomas Martin, Tim Kreuer, Tobias Brecklinghaus, Tony Clark, Traudel Sperber, Ulrike Hübschmann, Ulrike Johannson, Ursula Stampfuss, Viktor Malkowski, Walter Jauernich, Wilhelm Steffen, Willi Röbke, Wolff von Lindenau, Wolfgang Berger, Wolfram Fuchs, Yesim Meisheit
      Voice Over Cast – French
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      Voice Over Cast – Italian
      Adele Pellegatta, Alessandra Berardi, Alessandra Felletti, Alessandro Budroni, Alessandro Capra, Alessandro Conte, Alessandro D'Errico, Alessandro Fattori, Alessandro Germano, Alessandro Lussiana, Alessandro Rigotti, Alessandro Zurla, Alex Poli, Alice Bongiorni, Andrea De Nisco, Andrea Failla, Andrea Moretti, Andrea Oldani, Angela Ricciardi, Angiolina Gobbi, Anna Charlotte Barbera, Anna Lana, Annalisa Longo, Antonello Governale, Antonino Saccone, Antonio Paiola, Antonio Palumbo, Arianna Craviotto, Beatrice Caggiula, Bruno Slaviero, Carlo Cosolo, Caterina Rochira, Cesare Rasini, Charlotte Barbera, Chiara Colizzi, Chiara Francese, Chiara Preziosi, Cinzia Massironi, Claudio Beccari, Claudio Moneta, Claudio Ridolfo, Costanzo Doriana, Cristiana Rossi, Cristina Giolitti, Dania Cericola, Daniela Amato, Daniela Fava, Dario Agrillo, Dario Oppido, Davide Albano, Davide Fazio, Davide Solombrino, Diego Baldoin, Diego Sabre, Dimitri Winter, Dodo Versino, Domenico Brioschi, Elda Olivieri, Elena Fiorenza, Elena Gianni, Eleni Molos, Elisabetta Cesone, Elisabetta Spinelli, Emanuela D’Amico, Emanuela Pacotto, Emanuele Fortunati, Emanuele Vezzoli, Esther Ruggiero, Ezio Vivolo, Fabio Gervasi, Federica Valenti, Francesca Tretto, Francesco Cataldo, Francesco Discolo, Francesco Mei, Francesco Meoni, Francesco Rizzi, Gabriele Calindri, Gabriele Vender, Gaetano Lizzio, Gerolamo Alchieri, Gianandrea Muià, Gianluca Iacono, Gianluca Musiu, Gianluca Solombrino, Gianna Gesualdo, Gianni Gaude, Gianni Quillico, Giorgia Locuratolo, Giorgio Bonino, Giorgio Perno, Giulia Maniglio, Giulio Biscardi, Greta Bortolotti, Ilaria Egitto, Ilaria Silvestri, Iolanda Granato, Ivan Andreani, Jacopo Calatroni, Jasmine Laurenti, Jenny De Cesarei, Katia D'Alessio, Katia Sorrentino, Laura Valastro, Lavinia Paladino, Leonardo Gajo, Lorella De Luca, Lorenzo Scattorin, Luca Appetiti, Luca Ghignone, Luca Sandri, Luca Semeraro, Lucia Valenti, Luigi Rosa, Luisa Ziliotto, Maddalena Vadacca, Manuele Durante, Marco Balbi, Marco Morellini, Marco Pagani, Marco Panzanaro, Marina Thovez, Mario Scarabelli, Mario Zucca, Marisa Della Pasqua, Martina Tamburello, Massimiliano Aresu, Massimiliano Lotti, Massimiliano Plinio, Matteo Brusamonti, Matteo De Mojana, Matteo Zanotti, Mattia Bressan, Maurizio Merluzzo, Mavi Felli, Michele Maggiore, Monica Pariante, Nicola Vitiello, Oliviero Cappellini, Oliviero Corbetta, Paola Della Pasqua, Paolo Bessegato, Paolo De Santis, Patrizia Mottola, Patrizia Scianca, Pietro Ubaldi, Rachele Paolelli, Raffaele Fallica, Renata Bertolas, Renzo Ferrini, Riccardo Lombardo, Riccardo Onorato, Riccardo Peroni, Roberto Gessi, Roberto Palermo, Rosa Servidio, Rossana Bassani, Ruggiero Andreozzi, Samuele Torrigiani, Sara Dho, Sara Vitagliano, Serena Clerici, Silvana Fantini, Silvano Piccardi, Silvia Avallone, Silvio Pandolfi, Simona Biasetti, Simone Leonardi, Simone Lupinacci, Stefania Colangelo, Stefania De Peppe, Stefania Patruno, Stefania Rusconi, Stefano Albertini, Stefano Alessandroni, Stefano Pozzi, Stefano Thermes, Tania De Domenico, Tiziana Martello, Tony Sansone, Valentina Framarin, Valentina Pallavicino, Valentina Pollani, Valentina Tarozzi, Valeria Falcinelli, Valerio Amoruso, Veronica Rocca, Virginia Brunetti, Vittorio Bestoso, Walter Rivetti
      Voice Over Cast – Russian
      Aleksandr Borisov, Aleksandr Gavrilin, Aleksandr Khmelnitskii, Aleksandr Khorlin, Aleksandr Noskov, Aleksandr Rezalin, Aleksandr Tsoi, Aleksandra Ostroukhova, Aleksei Dubrovskii, Aleksei Rozin, Aleksei Voitiuk, Alena Falaleeva, Alena Sozinova, Alevtina Danilenko, Alexandr Andrienko, Alexandr Barinov, Alexandr Beliy, Alexandr Bobrovskiy, Alexandr Borisov, Alexandr Chernyavskiy, Alexandr Doronin, Alexandr Dzyuba, Alexandr Gavrilin, Alexandr Golovchanskiy, Alexandr Grishin, Alexandr Gruzdev, Alexandr Khmelnitskiy, Alexandr Khorlin, Alexandr Khoshabaev, Alexandr Khotchenkov, Alexandr Komlev, Alexandr Kovrizhnykh, Alexandr Luchinin, Alexandr Matrosov, Alexandr Noskov, Alexandr Novikov, Alexandr Pakhomov, Alexandr Rakhlenko, Alexandr Rezalin, Alexandr Samoylov, Alexandr Shestopalov, Alexandr Suvorov, Alexandr Taranzhin, Alexandr Tsoy, Alexandr Vdovin, Alexandr Voronov, Alexandr Yatsko, Alexandra Arons, Alexandra Kostinskaya, Alexandra Verkhoshanskaya, Alexey Aptovtsev, Alexey Bagdasarov, Alexey Dubrovskiy, Alexey Kolupkov, Alexey Koval, Alexey Maslov, Alexey Mikhaylov, Alexey Myasnikov, Alexey Rozin, Alexey Ryzhkov, Alexey Shadkhin, Alexey Sokolov, Alexey Voytyuk, Aliya Nasyrova, Anastasiia Besedina, Anastasiia Zharkova, Anastasiya Lapina, Anastasiya Maslova, Anastasiya Prokofyeva, Anastasiya Zharkova, Anatolii Noks, Andrei Lavrov, Andrey Barkhudarov, Andrey Bazhin, Andrey Belyavskiy, Andrey Danilyuk, Andrey Kazantsev, Andrey Kurnosov, Andrey Sipin, Andrey Sokolov, Andrey Sukhov, Andrey Walts, Andrey Yaroslavtsev, Andrey Zaytsev, Anna Kiseleva, Anna Kovaleva, Anna Levina, Anna Moleva, Anton Eldarov, Anton Kolesnikov, Anton Morozov, Anton Naumov, Anton Savenkov, Arman Khachatryan, Artem Kretov, Artem Shtepura, Arthur Bitov, Arthur Ivanov, Arzu Suleimanova, Arzu Suleymanova, Bella Ko, Beso Gataev, Boris Bystrov, Boris Repetur, Boris Shuvalov, Boris Tokarev, Daniil Eldarov, Daniil Shcheblanov, Danila Shcheblanov, Darya Belousova, Darya Frolova, Darya Semenova, Denis Bespalyi, Denis Bgavin, Denis Nadtochiy, Denis Nekrasov, Denis Saraikin, Denis Shvedov, Diana Morozova, Diomid Vinogradov, Dmitry Alekseev, Dmitry Filimonov, Dmitry Krivoshchapov, Dmitry Kurta, Dmitry Polonskiy, Dmitry Polyanovskiy, Dmitry Sidorov, Dmitry Tarnover, Dmitry Yachevskiy, Edgar Malin, Edward Brioni, Edward Dvinskikh, Egor Zhirnov, Ekaterina Afrikantova, Ekaterina Demakova, Ekaterina Kabashova, Ekaterina Khlystova, Ekaterina Kulikova, Ekaterina Miroshnikova, Ekaterina Novoydarskaya, Ekaterina Semenova, Ekaterina Vinogradova, Elena Antipova, Elena Chebaturkina, Elena Ivasishina, Elena Kharitonova, Elena Kishchik, Elena Shestovskaya, Elena Shulman, Elena Soloveva, Elena Solovyova, Elena Stepanova, Elena Svanidze, Elena Terekhova, Elizaveta Klimova, Eugenia Beskorovaynaya, Eugenia Vagan, Eugeniy Khazov, Eugeniy Rubtsov, Eugeniy Sergeev, Eva Finkelshtein, Evgenii Bakalov, Evgenii Khazov, Evgenii Tolokonnikov, Evgeniia Luchnikova, Fedor Sukhov, Feodor Malyshev, Feodor Shuvalov, Feodor Sukhov, Gennadii Novikov, Gennadiy Novikov, Georgiy Martirosyan, German Yukavskiy, Gleb Glushenkov, Gleb Petrov, Grigoriy Dantsiger, Grigoriy Shevchuk, Iaroslav Agekian, Iaroslav Khoroshkov., Igor Balalaev, Igor Staroseltsev, Igor Taradaikin, Igor Tomilov, Ilya Barabanov, Ilya Blednyj, Ilya Ermolov, Ilya Isaev, Ilya Khvostikov, Ilya Krytoyarov, Ilya Slanevskiy, Inga Smetanina, Inna Koroleva, Innokentiy Tarabara, Irina Epifanova, Irina Kireeva, Irina Nizina, Irina Savina, Irina Sushina, Irina Yakovleva, Irina Zheryakova, Irina Zubkova, Iuliia Cherkasova, Iuliia Churakova, Iurii Anpilogov, Ivan Agapov, Ivan Chaban, Ivan Kalinin, Ivan Lakshin, Ivan Litvinov, Ivan Mokhovikov, Ivan Nepomnyashchiy, Ivan Porodnov, Ivan Traore, Ivan Zabelin, Ivan Zharkov, Karina Dymont, Kirill Dmitriev, Kirill Radtsig, Konstantin Elchaninov, Konstantin Karasik, Kseniya Efremova, Larisa Brokhman, Larisa Nekipelova, Leonid Belozorovich, Leonid Zhitkov, Lika Rulla, Lina Ivanova, Liubov Germanova, Liudmila Ilina, Ludmila Pivovarova, Ludmila Shuvalova, Lyubov Germanova, Maksim Kovalevskii, Margarita Bystryakova, Margarita Korsh, Maria Bakina, Maria Borisova, Maria Fortunatova, Maria Ivashchenko, Maria Ovchinnikova, Maria Yanko, Mariia Fortunatova, Marina Gassan, Marina Lisovets, Marina Vorozhishcheva, Maryana Spivak, Maxim Dakhnenko, Maxim Galits, Maxim Kerin, Maxim Kovalevskiy, Maxim Mityashin, Maxim Onishchenko, Maxim Pinsker, Mikhail Belyakovich, Mikhail Beskaravaynyi, Mikhail Danilyuk, Mikhail Georgiu, Mikhail Guldan, Mikhail Shults, Mikhail Sushkov, Mikhail Tikhonov, Natali Starynkevich, Natalia Boiarenok, Natalia Boyarenok, Natalia Cherniavskaia, Natalia Chernyavskaya, Natalia Gracheva, Natalia Grebenkina, Natalia Kolodyazhnaya, Nikita Prozorovskiy, Nikolai Razumenko, Nikolay Bystrov, Nikolay Razumenko, Nona Vinogradova, Oleg Forostenko, Oleg Kamenshchikov, Oleg Kutsenko, Oleg Novikov, Oleg Shcherbinin, Oleg Zima, Olga Abramova, Olga Golovanova, Olga Kovylina, Olga Kuznetsova, Olga Mugrycheva, Olga Mygrycheva, Olga Pletneva, Olga Shorokhova, Olga Zubkova, Olga Zvereva, Pavel Kapitonov, Pavel Kipnis, Pavel Mamonov, Polina Kuzminskaia, Polina Kuzminskaya, Polina Shcherbakova, Prokhor Chekhovskoy, Pyotr Ivashchenko, Pyotr Kovrizhnykh, Pyotr Tobilevich, Radik Mukhametzianov, Radik Mukhametzyanov, Ramilya Iskander, Roman Kuperman, Roman Ladnev, Roman Polyanskiy, Roman Sviridenko, Sergei Annenkov, Sergei Chikhachev, Sergei Iudaev, Sergei Kostylev, Sergei Pinchuk, Sergei Ponomarev, Sergey Borodinov, Sergey Burunov, Sergey Chikhachev, Sergey Chudakov, Sergey Dik, Sergey Gabrielyan, Sergey Kaplunov, Sergey Kazakov, Sergey Kolesnikov, Sergey Kostylev, Sergey Kunitskiy, Sergey Kutasov, Sergey Lavygin, Sergey Neudachin, Sergey Pechenkin, Sergey Pinchuk, Sergey Ponomarev, Sergey Potapov, Sergey Smirnov, Sergey Uskov, Sergey Veshchev, Sergey Yudaev, Stanislav Strelkov, Stanislav Tikunov, Svetlana Bogatskaya, Svetlana Maliukova, Svetlana Malyukova, Svetlana Starikova, Tatiana Bondarenko, Tatyana Shitova, Tatyana Veselkina, Timur Burin, Vadim Maksimov, Vadim Medvedev, Valentina Abramova, Valerii Fedorenko, Valeriy Shalavin, Valeriy Storozhik, Varvara Chaban, Vasilisa Voronina, Vasilisa Zhuravleva, Vasiliy Bochkarev, Vasiliy Dakhnenko, Vasiliy Stonozhenko, Vasiliy Zotov, Veronika Isaeva, Veronika Sarkisova, Viktor Bakin, Viktor Bokhon, Viktor Rudnichenko, Vitaliy Khodin, Vitaliy Petrov, Vladimir Antonik, Vladimir Barkalaia, Vladimir Levashev, Vladimir Nikitin, Vladimir Palianitsa, Vladimir Palyanitsa, Vladimir Rybalchenko, Vladimir Tyagichev, Vladimir Zaytsev, Vladislav Kopp, Vladislav Pogiba, Vladislav Tretiak, Vladislav Tretyak, Vsevolod Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Nikolaev, Yaroslav Khoroshkov, Yuriy Brezhnev, Yuriy Derkach, Yury Anpilogov, Yury Brezhnev, Yury Derkach, Yury Grigorev, Yury Malyarov, Yury Menshagin
      Voice Over Cast - Castilian Spanish
      Abraham Novillo, Alejandra Torray, Adolfo Pastor, Álex Saudinós, Alfredo Martínez, Alma Naranjo, Amalia Cantarero, Álvaro Martín, Álvaro Navarro, Álvaro Reina, Ana de Castro, Ana Esther Alborg, Ana Jiménez, Ana María Marí, Ana Richart, Ana San Millán, Ana Monleón, Ángel Amorós, Arantxa Franco de Sarabia, Ángel Coomonte, Ana Plaza, Ana Valeiras, Ángel Rodríguez, Antonio Abenójar, Antonio Alfonso Hernández, Antonio Cremades, Antonio Domínguez, Antonio Esquivias, Antonio Llano, Antonio Ramírez, Antonio Villar, Arturo López, Aurora González, Beatriz Berciano, Beatriz Llaneza, Begoña Hernando, Carmen Consentino, Carlos López Benedí, Carlos Pérez Lonjas, Carlos Moreno Minguito, Carlos Salamanca, Carlos Ysbert, Carmen Gambín, Carmen Carbajo, Carmen Podio, Carolina Tak, Catherina Martínez, César Díaz, Charo Soria, Chelo Vivares, Chus Gil, Claudio Serrano, David Blanco, David Hernán, Diana Torres, Elena Rey, Elena Ruíz de Velasco, Elsa Pinillos, Emilio García, Emma Cifuentes, Enrique Santarén, Eugenio Barona, Eva Díez, Eva Lorenzo, Félix Alcolea, Felicidad Barrio, Felipe Garrido, Félix Ribalta, Fernando Castro (Nano), Fernando Cordero, Fernando de Luis, Fernando Elegido, Fernando Hernández, Fernando Serna, Fran Jiménez, Gador Martín, Gema Martín, Gloria Núñez, Gustavo Cantolla, Héctor Checa, Inma Gallego, Isabel Donate, Isabel Gaudí, Isatxa Mengibar, Íñigo del Hoyo, Iria Gallardo, Israel de la Rosa, Isabel Fernández Avanthai, Ismael Yagüe, Juan Antonio Sainz de la Maza, Javier Bañas, Javier Gámir, Javier Martínez, Jesús Barreda, Jesús Carrasco, Jorge García Ínsua, Jos Gómez, Jesús Rodríguez (Rolo), Jorge Saudinós, José Ángel Juanes, José Ángel Fuentes, José Escobosa, José Padilla, Joseba Pinela, Josito Núñez, Juan Amador, Juan Carlos Lozano, Juan Luis Rovira, Juan Navarro, Juan Rueda, Juanjo López, Julián Rodríguez, Kenny Roldán, Laura Ramírez, Laura Barriga, Lorena Higuera, Lourdes Montes, Luis Fernando Ríos, Luis Más, Luis Manuel Martín, María Blanco, María Jesús Nieto, María José Maestro, María Luisa Marcel, Maite Mira, Mar Jorcano, Marcos Graña, María Sánchez, Marta Barriuso, Marta Almazán, Marina Romero, Mario Arenas, Marisol Navajo, Marta Gil, Marta Méndez, Mercedes Cepeda, Mercedes Espinosa, Miguel Ángel Pérez, Miguel Ángel Montero, Miguel Campos, Miriam Valencia, Neri Hualde, Nikky García, Olga Cano, Óscar Castellanos, Pablo Alamá, Pablo Calvo, Paco Andrés Valdivia, Paco Vaquero, Patricia Rada, Pedro Arnas, Pilar López, Paqui Horcajo, Pedro Tena, Pepa Agudo, Pepe Carabias, Pilar Coronado, Pilar Martín, Rafael Azcárraga, Rafael de la Rica, Ramón Reparaz, Raquel Cubillo, Richard del Olmo, Roberto Cuadrado, Roberto Encinas, Roberto González, Rosa Vivas, Rocío Megías, Salvador Campoy, Salvador Serrano, Sara Polo, Sergio Liébana, Sonia Esteban, Susana Cantos, Susana Damas, Luis Vicente Ivars (Tente), Txema Moscoso, Verónica Llaneza, Victor Martínez, Vicente Gil, Yolanda Pérez
      Voice Over Cast - Latin American Spanish
      Abdeel Silva, Adrián Wowczuk, Adriana Casas, Alan Kanaan, Alejando Orozco, Alejandro Bono, Alejandro Gómez, Alejandro Graue, Alejandro Mayén, Alejandro Outeyral, Alejandro Scaravelli, Alejandro Villeli, Alexander Páez, Alfonso Obregón, Alfonso Ramírez, Alma de la Rosa, Alma Juárez, Alondra Hidalgo, Álvaro Gómez, Álvaro Pandelo, Anabel Méndez, Analiz Sánchez, Andrea Higa, Andrea Orozco, Andrea S Rigler, Andrea Sala Rigler, Andrés García, Andrés Gutiérrez, Ángeles Lescano, Angélica Vargas, Ariel Abadi, Armando Coria, Armando Duque, Armando Rendís, Arturo Casanova, Arturo Mercado Chacón, Arturo Mercado Jr., Betzabé Jara, Blas García, Bruno Coronel, Camilo Rodríguez, Carla Castañeda, Carlo Vázquez, Carlos Águila, Carlos Celestre, Carlos del Campo, Carlos Jiménez, Carlos Segundo, Carolina Taliberti, Christine Byrd, Circe Luna, Cony Madera, Cristina Hernández, Cynthia Alfonzo, Dafnis Fernández, Daniel Abundis, Daniel Lacy, Daniel Osorio, Dany De Álzaga, Darío Ripoll, David Camarillo, Demian Velazco, Diana Alonso, Diana Pérez, Diego Brizzi, Diego Guerrero, Dilma Gómez, Dulce Guerrero, Edson Matus, Eduardo Fonseca, Eduardo Garza, Eduardo Liñán, Eduardo Tejedo, Elena Ramírez, Elsa Covián, Emilio Guerrero, Emmanuel Bernal, Enrique Cervantes, Enrique Porcellana, Enzo Fortuny, Érica Edwards, Erick Salinas, Ernesto Lezama, Esteban Desco, Ezequiel Romero, Facundo Reyes, Federico LLambí, Fernando Oural, Francisco Colmenero, Gabriel Chávez, Gabriel Pingarrón, Gabriela Olarieta, Gaby Guzmán, Gaby Willer, Gerardo Reyero, Gerardo Vásquez, Germán Fabregat, Gisela Casillas, Gisela Viviano, Gloria Elena Obregón, Guillermo Coria, Guillermo Rojas, Gustavo Bonfigli, Gustavo Dardés, Héctor Miranda, Héctor Moreno, Herman López, Hermes Camelo, Hiromi Hayakawa, Humberto Solórzano, Humberto Vélez, Idzi Dutkiewicz, Irene Guiser, Irina Índigo, Irwin Daayán, Isabel Martiñón, Isabel Romo, Jaime Vega, Javier Carbone, Javier Gómez, Javier Olguín, Jerry Velázquez, Jesse Conde, Jessica Ángeles, Joana Brito, Jocelyn Robles, John Grey Clavijo, Jorge Lapuente, Jorge Ornelas, Jorge Riveros, Jorge Santos, José Arenas, José Luis Orozco, José Manuel Cantor, José Pepe Vilchis, Juan Alfonso Carralero, Juan Carlos Tinoco, Juan Manuel Echave, Julio Roberto Gómez, Kamala Videla, Karin Zavala, Katalina Múzquiz, Kerygma Flores, Laura Ayala, Laura Cassani, Laura Sordi, Laura Torres, Leonardo García, Leto Dugatkin, Lety Amezcua, Leyla Rangel, Liliana Barba, Lorena Muñoz, Loretta Santini, Lourdes Arruti, Love Santini, Lucas Medina, Luciana Falcón, Luis Alfonso Mendoza, Luis Ávila, Luis Daniel Ramírez, Luis Fernando Orozco, Luis H Pazos, Lupita Leal, Luz Mary Baquero, Ma. Fernanda Morales, Magda Giner, Maggie Vera, Majo Pérez, Manuel Campuzano, Manuel Vargas, Mara Brenner, Mara Campanelli, Marcelo Armand, Marcos Abadi, Mariana Correa, Mariana de Iraola, Mariana Martí, Mariana Ortiz, Mario Arvizu, Mario Castañeda, Mario De Candia, Mario Filio, Mario Gutiérrez, Martha G. Rincón, Martín de Renzo, Martín Gopar, Martín Soto, Maru Guzmán, Matías Carossia, Matilde Ávila, Mauricio Pérez, Mayra Arellano, Melissa Gedeón, Miguel Ángel Ghigliazza, Mireya Mendoza, Moisés Iván Mora, Moisés Palacios, Mónica Villaseñor, Nacho Rodríguez, Natalia Bernodat, Nicole Apstein, Noelia Socolovsky, Norma Iturbe, Nuria Dul, Octavio Rojas, Oscar Garibay, Óscar Gómez, Oscar Toledano, Paco Mauri, Patricio Lago, Paula Baldini, Pedro D'Aguillón, Pedro Ruiz, Pepe Toño Macías, Pepe Vilchis, Randolfo Barrionuevo, Raúl Anaya, Raúl Solo, Rebeca Manríquez, Rebeca Patiño, René García, René Sagastume, Ricardo Alanis, Ricardo Méndez, Ricardo Mendoza, Ricardo Rocha, Ricardo Tejedo, Rick Loera, Roberto Carrillo, Roberto Gutiérrez, Roberto Mendiola, Rocío Prado, Rodolfo Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Carralero, Rodrigo Marulanda, Rosa Ángela López, Rossy Aguirre, Rubén Moya, Salvador Reyes, Santos Alberto, Sarah Souza, Sebastián Llapur, Sebastián Rosas, Sergio Bermejo, Sergio Gutiérrez Coto, Sergio Morel, Sigifredo Vega, Silvia Aira, Socorro de la Campa, Solana Pastorino, Susana Alcoba, Susana Moreno, Tere Ibarrola, Tián Brass, Ulises M Zavala, Valeria Gómez, Vicente Moros, Víctor Civeira, Víctor Ugarte, Ximena Viver, Xochitl Ugarte, Yadira Aedo, Yamil Atala, Yamila Garreta
      Voice Over Cast – Brazilian Portuguese
      Adalgisa Pires, Ádel Mercadante, Adna Cruz, Adriana Albuquerque, Adriana Pissardini, Adriana Torres, Agatha Paulita, Agnaldo Ribeiro, Airam Pinheiro, Alessandra Araújo, Alessandra Merz, Alexandre Drummond, Alexandre Maguolo, Alexandre Marconato, Alexandre Moreno, Alexandre Soares, Alfredo Martins, Alfredo Rollo, Aline Ghezzi, Aline Guioli, Aline Malafaia, Amanda Manso, Amazyles Almeida, Ana Elena Bittencourt, Ana Lucia, Ana Lúcia Granjero, Ana Lúcia Menezes, Ana Maria Morais, Ana Paula Martins, Ana Paula Schneider, Anderson Araujo, Anderson Coutinho, André Belizar, André Lemos, André Rinaldi, Andréa Murucci, Andrea Suhett, Andreia Barana, Andrezza Abreu, Angela Bonatti, Angela Couto, Angélica Borges, Angélica Santos, Anne Christine, Antoniela Canto, Antônio de Pádua, Antônio Moreno, Armando Tiraboschi, Beatriz Villa, Beto Vandesteen, Bia Barros, Bia Dellamonica, Bianca da Costa, Bruna Laynes, Bruna Matta, Bruno Carnevali, Bruno Rocha, Bruno Sangregório, Cafi Baloussier, Caio César, Camila Maia, Carina Eiras, Carla Araújo, Carla Dias, Carla Pompílio, Carlos Alberto, Carlos Comério, Carlos Gesteira, Carlos Roberto, Carlos Seidl, Carmem Sheila, Carol Albuquerque, Carol Crespo, Carolina Ruis, Cassia Bisceglia, Cassius Romero, Cecilia Lemes, Cesar Emilio, César Marquetti, César Tunas, Charles Dalla, Charles Emmanuel, Christiane Louise, Christiane Monteiro, Christiano Torreão, Claudia Victoria, Cláudio Galvan, Clécio Souto, Cristiane Monteiro, Dado Monteiro, Dalton Barone, Dani Campos, Daniel Abulafi, Daniel Ávila, Daniel Machline, Daniel Muller, Daniela Campos, Daniela Schmitz, Dário de Castro, Deborah Bapt, Diego Lima, Diego Marques, Dilma Machado, Douglas Guedes, Douglas Monteiro, Duda Espinoza, Duda Ribeiro, Dudu Drummond, Dudu Fevereiro, Duio Botta, Ednaldo Lucena, Eduardo Borgerth, Eduardo Dascar, Élcio Romar, Élcio Sodré, Élida L'Astorina, Enrico Espada, Enzo Danneman, Eri Correa, Érika Menezes, Ettore Zuim, Evie Saide, Fabiana Aveiro, Fábio de Castro, Fabíola Giardino, Fabíola Martins, Fabricio Vila Verde, Faduli Costa, Felipe Albuquerque, Felipe Drummond, Felipe Grinnan, Félix Boisson, Fernanda Baronne, Fernanda Bock, Fernanda Bullara, Fernanda Keller, Fernanda Mammana, Fernando Mendonça, Fernando Peiter, Fernando Peron, Fernando Sierpe, Filipe Albuquerque, Flávia Fontenelle, Flávia Saddy, Flávio Back, Flávio Dias, Flora Paulita, Francisco Bretas, Francisco Júnior, Fred Mascarenhas, Gabriela Bicalho, Gabriela Medeiros, Gil Mesquita, Gilberto Baroli, Gilberto Rocha Júnior, Gilza Mello, Gisa Della Mare, Gisele Vechin, Giulia Morabito, Gizza Machado, Glauco Marques, Guilene Conte, Guilherme Lopes, Guilherme Marques, Gustavo Nader, Gutemberg Barros, Guto Nejaim, Hannah Buttel, Helena Palomanes, Hélio Ribeiro, Hélio Vacari, Henrique Canales, Henrique Neves, Hércules Franco, Iara Riça, Igor Lott, Ilka Pinheiro, Isaac Bardavid, Isaac Schneider, Isabel Sá, Isabel Lira, Isabela Guarnieri, Isabela Lorraine, Isabela Quadros, Isabelle Ricart, Isis Koschdoski, Issac Schinneider, Ivana Domenico, Izabel Lira, Jacqueline Souza, Jaqueline Brandão, Jayme Charlab, Jean Bodin, Jenifer Gouveia, Jéssica Marina, João Cappelli, Jonas Falcão, Jorge Junior, Jorge Lucas, Jorge Vasconcellos, José Augusto Sendim, José Leonardo, José Luiz Barbeito, José Santa Cruz, José Sant'anna, Julia Porto, Julia Ribas, Juliana "Jullie" Vasconcelos, Júlio Cezar, Júlio Chaves, Junior Nanneti, Juraciara Diacovo, Karen Ramalho, Karina Fonseca, Katia Campos, Krysna Dias, Lacarv, Larissa de Lara, Léo Martins, Léo Rabelo, Leonardo Camilo, Leonardo José, Leonel Abrantes, Letícia Celini, Letícia Quinto, Leticia Santos, Lhays Macedo, Lia Mello, Lina Mendes, Lina Rossana, Linn Jardim, Lu Baptista, Lucas Guerra, Luciana Baroli, Luciana Milano, Luciene Adami, Luis Laffey, Luis Manoel, Luis Paulo Valentin, Luisa Palomanes, Luisa Viotti, Luiz Antonio Lobue, Luiz Carlos de Moraes, Luiz Carlos Persy, Luiz Navarro, Luiz Paulo Valentin, Mabel Cezar, Maíra Góes, Maíra Paris, Maite Cunha, Malta Júnior, Manolo Rey, Marcela Duarte, Marcela Tachibana, Marcelo Coutinho, Marcelo Garcia, Marcelo Mattos, Marcelo Pissardini, Marcelo Sandryni, Márcia Coutinho, Márcia Farani, Marcia Martins, Márcia Morelli, Marcia Regina, Márcio Aguena, Márcio Dondi, Marcio Orochi, Marcio Seixas, Márcio Simões, Marco Antonio Abreu, Marco Antônio Abreu, Marco Antônio Costa, Marco Faustino, Marco Moreira, Marco Ribeiro, Marcos Souza, Marcus Jardym, Marcus Júnior, Maria Claudia Oliveira, Maria Helena Pader, Mariana Dondi, Mariana Leblanc, Mariana Torres, Mariangela Cantú, Marina Santana, Marina Wilson, Mário Cardoso, Mario Esteves, Mario Filho, Mário Jorge, Mário Monjardim, Mario Tupinamba, Marisa Leal, Marize Motta, Marlene Costa, Marli Bortoletto, Marly Ribeiro, Martha Cohen, Mateus Perissé, Maurício Berger, Mauro Castro, Mauro Gasperini, Mauro Horta, Mauro Ramos, Mayara Stefane, Mckeidy Lisita, Melise Maia, Milton Levi, Milton Parisi, Miriam Ficher, Mônica Domenechi, Monica Magnani, Mônica Rossi, Monica Toniolo, Morgana Bernabucci, Nádia Carvalho, Nando Lopes, Nando Sierpe, Natali Pazete, Natália Alves, Nica Nogueira, Nina Amorim, Nizo Neto, Orlando Drummond, Orlando Viggiani, Oscar Henriques, Oziel Monteiro, Pablo Argôllo, Pádua Moreira, Pamela Rodrigues, Paola Molinari, Patrícia Elizardo, Patrícia Garcia, Patrícia Scalvi, Paula Jubé, Paula Racy, Paulo Bernardo, Paulo Porto, Paulo Vignolo, Pedro Alves, Pedro Eugênio, Pedro Franco, Penha, Philippe Maia, Pierre Bittencourt, Pietro Mário, Priscila Amorim, Quintiliano, Rafael da Silveira, Rafael Lobo, Rafael Marcondes, Rafael Mendes, Rafael Nasanto, Rafael Pereira, Rafael Procópio, Rafael Rodrigo, Rafael Schubert, Ramon Campos, Raphael Bessa, Raphael Rossatto, Raquel Marinho, Raul Labanca, Rayanne Immediato, Rebeca Joia, Rebeca Modena, Rebeca Zadra, Regina Maia, Reginaldo Primo, Régis Nunes, Reinaldo Gonzaga, Reinaldo Pimenta, Reinaldo Rodrigues, Reinaldo Simões, Reinaldo Vilela, Renan Freitas, Renan Gonçalves, Renan Ribeiro, Renato Hermeto, Renato Rosenberg, Renato Soares, Ricardo Damasceno, Ricardo Juarez, Ricardo Moretti, Ricardo Nakaoka, Ricardo Rossatto, Ricardo Schnetzer, Ricardo Vooght, Rita Ávila, Rita Lopes, Rita Mirone, Roberta Nogueira, Roberto Garcia, Roberto Leite, Roberto Mattar, Roberto Pirillo, Robson Kumode, Robson Richers, Rodrigo Antas, Rodrigo Araújo, Rodrigo Cagiano, Rodrigo Gomes, Rodrigo Horta, Rodrigo Oliveira, Romeu D'angelo, Ronaldo Júlio, Ronalth Abreu, Roney Villela, Rosaly Papadopol, Rosane Corrêa, Sabrina Miragaia, Samir Murad, Santa Cruz, Sara Souza, Sarito Rodrigues, Selma Lopes, Sergio Bom Cabelo, Sérgio Cantú, Sérgio Corsetti, Sérgio Fortuna, Sergio Luiz, Sergio Moreno, Sérgio Muniz, Sérgio Ripper, Sérgio Stern, Shallana Costa, Sheila Dorfman, Sicilia de Brito, Sidney Cesar, Sidney Ferreira, Silvia Goiabeira, Silvia Salusti, Silvia Suzy, Silvio Giraldi, Sonia Schaeffer, Suzete Piloto, Sylvia Salustti, Tábata Portella, Taís Feijó, Tarcisio Pureza, Tatá Guarnieri, Tatiane Keplmair, Teca Pinkovai, Teline Carvalho, Telma Costa, Teresa Cristina, Thais Durães, Thiago Fagundes, Tonia Mesquita, Último de Carvalho, Vagner Santos, Vanderlan Mendes, Vânia Alexandre, Vany Americo, Vany Américo, Veridiana Benassi, Vicente Figueira, Vinicius Franco, Wagner Follare, Wagner Marques, Wagner Santos, Wagner Torres, Waldir Fiori, Waldir Santana, Waldyr Sant'anna, Walmir Barbosa, Wanderlei Gonçalves, Well Aguiar, Wellington Lima, Wirley Contaifer, Ximena Araya, Yuri Calandrino, Yuri Tupper
      Voice Over Cast – Simplified Chinese
      Voice Over Cast – Traditional Chinese
      丘台名、丘梅君、于正昇、于正昌、何志威、佟紹宗、傅其慧、吳愷笛、吳文民、吳東原、 吳貴竹、周寧、夏治世、姜瑰瑾、孟慶府、孫中台、孫德成、孫誠、宋克軍、宋昱璁、崔幗夫、康殿宏、張乃文、張敦喻、張毓棬、張舒婷、張雅婕、張騰、徐偉翔、曹冀魯、李世揚、 李宛鳳、李昀晴、李明幸、李景唐、李涵菲、李直平、李英立、李香生、杜素真、林凱羚、 林沛笭、林筱玲、林美秀、林谷珍、柯至訓、柳超堅、梁剛華、梁興昌、楊凱凱、楊少文、 歐祖豪、汪世瑋、王品超、王家惠、王希華、王瑞芹、王華怡、王辰驊、田志傑、盧敍榮、 石采薇、穆宣名、符爽、胡鎮璽、葉三陽、葉于嘉、蔣篤慧、蔣鐵城、趙華、袁光麟、許雲雲、謝一帆、謝佼娟、賀世芳、賀宇傑、賈文安、連思宇、邰智源、邱佩轝、邱展文、鈕凱暘、 錢欣郁、陳余寬、陳宗岳、陳幼文、陳彥鈞、陳煌典、陳貞伃、陳進益、陶敏嫻、陸玟蓉、 雷碧文、馬伯強、馬君佩、馬國堯、馮友薇、馮嘉德、高銘孝、魏德、魏晶琦、黃天佑、 黃珽筠、黃佳琪、林涵柔、陳世岡、楊詩穎、喬資淯、郭怡心、高芸鑠、吳佳樺、吳柏陞、 鄭仁麗、薛晴、郭雅瑂、陳巧孟、林慕青、賴緯
      Voice Over Cast - Korean
      강구한, 강규리, 강성우, 강수진, 강유경, 강은애, 강시현, 강호철, 고구인, 고성일, 공경은, 공준호, 곽규미, 곽윤상, 구민선, 국승연, 권도일, 권성혁, 권영지, 권영호, 권인지, 권창욱, 권혁수, 길라영, 김관진, 김광국, 김국진, 김기철, 김기현, 김기흥, 김나연, 김나율, 김다올, 김대중, 김도영, 김명준, 김민주, 김보영, 김사라, 김상현, 김서영, 김성연, 김소형, 김수영, 김신우, 김아영, 김연우, 김영선, 김영은, 김영찬, 김용준, 김율, 김은아, 김장, 김정은, 김준, 김지율, 김진홍, 김창열, 김채하, 김필진, 김하영, 김현수, 김현심, 김현욱, 김현지, 김희진, 나인애, 남도형, 남유정, 노민, 류승곤, 류점희, 문관일, 민승우, 민응식, 민지, 박경혜, 박리나, 박만영, 박상훈, 박성영, 박성태, 박신희, 박영재, 박영화, 박요한, 박하진, 방성준, 배정미, 사문영, 사성웅, 서반석, 서원석, 서윤선, 서정익, 석승훈, 성선녀, 성완경, 소연, 소정환, 손선영, 손수호, 손종환, 송준석, 송하림, 시영준, 신범식, 신용우, 심승한, 심정민, 안소이, 안영미, 안용욱, 안장혁, 안효민, 양석정, 양유진, 양정화, 엄상현, 엄현정, 여민정, 여윤미, 오가빈, 오길경, 오인성, 오인실, 원에스더, 원호섭, 위훈, 유동균, 유보라, 유승화, 유해무, 유호한, 윤미나, 윤복성, 윤은서, 윤성혜, 윤여진, 윤용식, 윤호, 은영선, 이계윤, 이광수, 이기호, 이동훈, 이다슬, 이다은, 이명희, 이문희, 이미나, 이미연, 이민규, 이보희, 이봉준, 이상범, 이상헌, 이상훈, 이새아, 이소영, 이소은, 이승행, 이영란, 이영리, 이용신, 이원준, 이윤선, 이인석, 이장우, 이장원, 이재범, 이재용, 이재현, 이종혁, 이주연, 이주창, 이지선, 이철용, 이현, 이현진, 이호산, 이호인, 임경명, 임유진, 임윤선, 임은정, 임정길, 임주현, 임채헌, 장경희, 장광, 장성호, 장승길, 장호비, 전숙경, 전영수, 전진아, 전태열, 전해리, 정남, 정명준, 정미라, 정미숙, 정성훈, 정승욱, 정영웅, 정유미, 정유정, 정의한, 정재헌, 정주원, 정혜원, 정훈석, 조경아, 조경이, 조규준, 조민수, 조연우, 조진숙, 조현정, 주자영, 차명화, 채의진, 천지선, 최낙윤, 최문자, 최석필, 최승훈, 최원형, 최정윤, 최정현, 최준영, 최지훈, 최하나, 최한, 탁원제, 하미경, 한복현, 한상덕, 한신, 한채언, 한호웅, 허예은, 현경수, 홍범기, 홍성헌, 홍승표, 홍진욱, 황일청, 황창영
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      Daniel Alegre
      Brian Kelly
      Bobby Kotick
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