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[Dalaran][A] <We Did The Math> Recruiting for Dragonflight raiding and Mythic+

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We Did The Math. We are a 7+ year old guild was reformed on Dalaran by a group of veteran super best friends and we're always looking for more. We’re recruiting for Dragonflight raiding and Mythic+. We achieved AOTC in all 3 Shadowlands raids and will do the same in Dragonflight.

Faction: Alliance
Server: Dalaran
Raid Time: Tuesday / Wednesday 9pm-11:30pm EST
Current Progression: Prepping for Dragonflight

About us:
We’re a friendly guild made up of veterans and new players who love the game. In addition to raiding we also push Mythic+, achievement hunt and hoard mounts. The culture is the perfect mix of hardcore skills and casual mindset. We ask everyone play their favorite class/spec to the best of their ability and be open to advice when necessary.


  • Growing guild so you will not be ignored, always heard and can always get in M+ and raids (if properly geared).
  • Raid Leads efficiently manage time for maximum pulls/progression on raid nights.
  • Play the class you want, spec you want without getting forced into any meta.
  • Adult/Mature officers avoid drama at all cost, resolving any issues fairly and quickly.


  • You’re not here

Current priority needs are DPS, with off specs for flexibility

  • Priest (Shadow /w healer off-spec)
  • Monk (Mistweaver /w DPS off-spec)
  • Shaman (Restoration/Enhancement)
  • Mages (all specs)
  • Warlock (Demonology/Affliction)
  • Any DPS with Tank off-spec
  • Any Tank with DPS off-spec

Contact us:
Guilds of WoW page
BN: SmytheParker#1326 / Discord DM: Smythe24#6350

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